NBP Interest Rate for Advance Salary Loan

I am today giving you the information about the Interest Rate for the Advance Salary Loan for the Employees. The Interest rate for NBP as on 11-09-2013 is 19% which is the lowest as compared to all the other banks. These interest rates are variable from time to time. National Bank of Pakistan grants Advance Salary Loan from a period of 01 year to 05 years. You can calculate yourself the amount of interest and all other details of loan with the help of Advance Salary Loan Calculator whose detail I have already given you in my previous posts. I will show you here some calculations on the base of 19% interest rate. Note these are all rough calculations; there may be variation according to the bank policies.

Loan Amount (Rs.) Loan Period in Years Monthly Installment(Rs.) Total Interest (Rs.)
100,000 1 Year 9215.66 10587.89
100,000 2 Years 5040.86 20980.68
100,000 3 Years 3665.60 31961.67
100,000 4 Years 2990.01 43520.57
100,000 5 Years 2594.06 55643.31

Loan Amount (Rs.) Loan Period in Years Monthly Installment(Rs.) Total Interest (Rs.)
200,000 1 Year 18431.32 21175.79
200,000 2 Years 10081.72 41961.36
200,000 3 Years 7331.20 63923.34
200,000 4 Years 5980.02 87041.13
200,000 5 Years 5188.11 111286.61

Loan Amount (Rs.) Loan Period in Years Monthly Installment(Rs.) Total Interest (Rs.)
300,000 1 Year 27646.97 31763.68
300,000 2 Years 15122.59 62942.04
300,000 3 Years 10996.81 95885.02
300,000 4 Years 8970.04 130561.70
300,000 5 Years 7782.17 166929.92

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  • 19% of 100,000 is 19,000 but in the given chart it is 10,587.89...
    Is there any other method of calculating the markup rate?

  • salamm
    plzz mujhy bata saktey he ke me ak lakh 10 sall ke lee rakhwaoo tuu kitna munafa miley ga?
    ya koi polcy hoo

  • Aslamualeikum i want to take 12 lacs for 1.5 year period what is the payment schedule and interest rate for me. And i can calculate by calculator given above but it is not working.

  • aoa
    madam i am nadra employee BPS 9 i want to take 500000 for 2 years what will b sheduled payent and intrest

  • Aoa dear shumaila kamal. I worked in private sector. My M.S is 25000. Can I get this loan. I registered in E.O.B.I. urgent reply please.

  • I want to get advance salary loan Rs: 3,0000 for 5year plz sent me 19% interest detail and monthly installments.

  • Aslmo alekum i want to get lawn Rs'500000 what will be schedule payment for 5years
    my monthly salary is 32000.i m a govt teacher ..pleas reply

  • i have availed loan Facility. ...but now i want to pay back in first year....can you please guide. .any penalty or early payment charges ...w.r.t first year

  • Hi, I Asad Javed , searving in cmh rwp as stat clark (bps7) i want to get 20 salrya advance from NBP. Curant salry is 18000. Please tell me interest and return shadule.
    Dear shumila kamal Must reply.

  • A.O.A, I am Federal Govt. Employee, I want to get loan of rupees 350,000/- please let me know, what I have to do, or need to arrange to make it process

  • i have read all information. My Question is that this Mark-up or Interest Rate 19% is Sood and if not kindly attach your Fatwa from authenticated Ulemas. thx

  • Aoa,sir mein 350000 loan lana chhahta hon mein govt employee hon tu mujhe kitna interest pay krna parhe ga aur monthly kitni installment ho gi

  • sir i am a government employees i want a lone of 3 lack how many interest 3 lack in three years

  • Dear miss shumaila kamal...
    Me govt servant hon or meri service abhi 2.5 year hui he...kia mjhy loan mil sakta he...

  • If I submit 5 Million to your bank for 3 years than per month how much I get interest from your bank?plz send me the details by email

  • Salam....i wana morgage a home cost Rs.6000000.please tell me the requirments and monthly instalnent with interst.

  • on what amount of salary nbp grant loan. if my salary is rs. 20,000/- so what amount of loan nbp sanction me. pls reply

  • I m not the account holder of NBP.but still I want a loan of 150000 for on year.can I take the loan.if yes
    What will b the procedure and return charges

  • ma na 200000/- ka advance salary loan liya ha agar ma aik saal ka ander ander 100000/- cash wapas kr do tu mujay kia fiada ho ga

  • Mere bhai 590000 loan advance salary lia aur 10 installment paid ker di hai mere pass 400000 arrange kia hai ta k principal amount mai adjust ho jae please guide us.

  • i want to get loan from nbp rs 350000. what will be my schedule payment and how much interest i will pay to nbp in 5 years. please guide me.......thanks

  • Sir I am Naeem Iqbal and employee of sindh Judicial Department at District Badin. I was applied for advance salary amount of Rs.800000/-, since one moth ago, but till today my advance salary file could not be received from concerned region Hyderabad sindh. I am ill due to kidney problem I wants to operation, but non availability of expenses.Two time Region branch return file create so many Objections, that's are concerned Bank mistake. So Please taken personally efforts for sanction of my advance salary loan. My contact No. 03332523292

  • i am government employee and i want to get Loan(Advance salary) Rs.500,000. for 3 years.
    rate they offered ?
    process time ? i need on urgent bases (10 to 15 days)
    early payment option ?

    kindly answer me above question ASAP.

  • Dear Madam...
    Thanks for quick response about my salary advance request.
    Now Kindly send me a copy of Islamabad High Court decision regarding promotion of civil servants working in NADRA. It is also requested that the Motorway officials have the permission to take participation in S.O Exam through FPSC. Reference regarding S.O exams also required.
    Thanking you....


  • i want to get loan from NBP Rs 200,000 .what will be my schedule payment and how much interest i will pay to NBP in 2 Years.

    Must reply.

  • I want to get salary advance from NBP upto Rs. 800,000/- what will be my schedule payment and how much interest I will pay to NBP in 5 years....Plz guide me....

    • Dear Zulfiqar Mushi if the interest rate is 19% then ur monthly installment will be Rs. 20752/- and total interest will be Rs. 445,146/-

  • i want to get loan from nbp rs 150000. what will be my schedule payment and how much interest i will pay to nbp 3 and 5 year

    • Dear Atif Butt, the monthly installment will be Rs. 3891 and the interest amount will be Rs. 83464/- if the interest rate is 19%.

  • i want to get loan from nbp rs 200000. what will be my schedule payment and how much interest i will pay to nbp in 5 years.

    plz reply

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