Pension & Commute Calculation Along with Increases in Pension during Various Years

Now you can do Pension & Commute Calculation with MS Excel Sheet easily in just few seconds. The main feature of this formula is that it includes all the increases of pension during the year 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 as well as the Medical Allowance. You have to just enter your basic pay, total length of service and the age rate that is given there in the table too. I will illustrate all about Calculation of Pension & Commute in the given four simple steps:

Step One: Basic Pay

Enter Your Basic Pay that you last drawn (Also add Senior Post Allowance, Personal Pay, and Usual Increment (If any) Usual Increment is allowed if you retired on or after 1st June.

Step Two: Calculate Your Total Length of Service

If the service is 6 months or more than a full year then one year will be added in it (Don’t Enter more than 30 if the service exceeds 30 years). For example if your service is 27 years, 6 months and 2 days then your service will be counted as 28 years.

Step Three: Age Rate

See the Table for Age Rate (If the age is even a single day more than a full year then the next year will be taken for age rate.

Step Four: Ardali Allowance

Enter the Ardali Allowance (if any) for the employees of BPS-20 and above. This is all that you would have to do. Just see, your pension and commute have been calculated automatically. (This post has been delivered by Mr. Saeed Ahmad).

Calculation on and after to 01-07-2014:

Download Pension Calculation Sheet after 01-07-2014

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  • salam madam........if a person going on retirement on 1o.11.2017 in bps 15 [due to promotion] as PSHT edu,kpk......will he be given annual increment and premture or not,..he was promoted to bps 14 in august 2014.....plz.

  • میڈم ! السلام علیکم میں آپ کی درازی۶ عمر ، صحت اور خوش گوار زندگی کے لیے دعا گو ہوں۔ میڈم میری ڈیٹ آف جوائننگ 93-03-17 ہے اور ڈیٹ آف برتھ 1958-11-19 ہے 2018-11-17 کو گریڈ 18 بیسک پے 79890 ریٹائر ہوجاؤں گا۔ازراہِ کرم بتادیجیے کہ میری پنشن کیا ہوگی؟ کمیوٹیشن کیا بنے گی؟ اورکیش ان لیومنٹ کی مد کیا ملے گا؟ میڈم میں آپ کی بے پناہ مصروفیات سے کچھ وقت لے کر اِن باتوں سے آگہی چاہتا ہوں تاکہ بچوں کے لیے کچھ پلان کرسکوں۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ امید ہے جواب سے مایوس نہیں کریں گی۔ شکیل احمد خان

    • میڈم آج تین دن ہوگئے محوِ انتظار ہوں کہ آپ 10 جنوری کے سوال کا جواب دیں گی ۔ شاید مصروفیت مانع ہو مگر میڈم پلیز وقت ملنے پر آپ پر میرے سوال کا جواب ضرور دیں ۔ میرے ساتھ کئی دوسرے کولیگ بھی آپ کے جواب کے منتظر ہیں ۔ اُنھیں بھی آگاہی ملے گی ۔ اور اِس ویب سائٹ کے دیگر زائرین بھی آپ کی دی ہوئی معلومات سے فائدہ اُٹھائیں گے۔ شکریہ ۔ ۔ ۔ ۔ ۔ ۔ ۔ ۔ ۔

  • service above 30 B/salary Rs...68885/= DORmt...31=01=2016 please calculate my commutation amount and net Pension .

  • AOA. Dear madam! Plz tell me..... 25 years 06 months service will be counted as 26 years or 25 years for the purpose of calculation of pension. Thanks.

  • Aslam o Elekum Madam,
    my name is nadir ali from district dadu.
    madm mera Q? ap se h k jo ap ne pension calculator m
    1.7.1986 increase 4.50%
    1.7.1987 increase 4.00%
    1.7.1988 increase 7.00%
    1.7.1990 increase 5.00%
    increase add ki hen ap ne yeh gross pension p add ki heen, yeh tu net pension p lagee gi,
    2sra Q? 1.7.1990 ki increase ap ne 5.00% lgaie he, yeh tu 10.00% lagae gi.
    mehrbani kr k mujhe brief kreen....

  • Aslam O Elekum,
    Dear Madam,
    My name is Nadir Ali from Distt: Dadu
    madam mera Q? yeh h k ap ne jo pension calculator bnaya he us me mujhe thori confusion ho rhi he, wef:
    01.07.1986 increase 4.50%
    01.07.1987 increase 4.00%
    01.07.1988 increase 7.00%
    01.07.1990 increase 5.00%
    madam, yeh jo ap ne increase pension calculator men add ki hen yeh tu ap ne GROSS Pension p Lgaie hen, yeh tu net pension p lagee gi,
    2sra Q? 01.07.1990 ki increase ap ne 5% dali he?
    1990 ki tu 10% he.
    mehrbani kr k ap thora brief kreen thx to lot...

  • Practical piece , I was enlightened by the information . Does anyone know where my assistant could possibly get a sample permit search example to fill in ?

  • How to calculate age rate and Communte Factor?

    My Basic pay is 26950+this year increment (2695)=29645
    My Birth day is= 01.01.1965
    I am Retiring on= 30.09.2016
    My appointment date= 01.01.1990

    What will be the amount of Commute and monthly pension amount after retirement?

  • Dear please calculate my pension and commutation. My particular as under
    Dob . 25. 2. 1965
    D. Of appointment 1. 10. 1084
    Date of retirement as leave encashment. 31. 12. 2016
    Basic pay scale 9
    Basic pay 26330

  • Hi Dear,

    Can you please elaborate that in 1986, Army way of calculation of pension was different than Civilian



  • Ma'm, Hope you doing well.
    I am going to retire in July 1st 2015. My basic pay at retirement will be 35600, D.O.B is 16.05.1963 and joining govt service date is 07.02.1987.
    Can you pl calculate my commute and pension for me.

  • Dear Madam,

    I m on LPR. My particulars are as under. Plz calculate my commutation & monthly net (take home) pension:

    Date of Birth: 30.11.1961
    Date of Appointment: 29.04.1985
    Date of Retirement: 01.08.2016 (my LPR will end on 31.07.2016)
    Basic Pay: Rs. 33,250/- (At the time of Retirement i.e. 01.08.2016)
    Pay Scale: 14


  • My name is Abdul Sattar Arain.
    Date of Birth 3/8/1973
    Date of Joining : 12/2/1990
    Date of Retirement 15/2/2005
    My Pension at the time of retirement Rs. 2500 (Full Pension not commuted)
    My Current Pension is Rs. 12000/- (after increase from 2005 to 2015)
    Completing 26 year of my service on 11/2/2016
    Please tell me amount of my commutation.


  • DOB 3/4/1969
    BASIC PAY 47511
    Date of service 17/1/1987

    what will be commutation and monthly pension after 27 years of service.

  • Aoa sister u r doing good job for employees plaz tell me my net pension and commute my Basic pay 22865 + pp 990+ this year pp 495=total 24350 service 25 years dob 18;6;1971 d of appiontment 12;5;1990 d of retirement 30:9:2015 p scale 9

    • Dear Sher ahmed, Plz email all these details to Mr. Amir Agha whose contact detail is available at my website under the heading "CONTACT US" Thanks

  • A.o.A Thanks madam and my Email is
    Plz provide full pension detail
    Date of Birth 29-05-1957
    Date of Appt 23-11-1976
    Date of Death During Service 09-06-2014
    last Basic Pay 24400
    Total service 37y 06m 16days
    BPS 16

  • A.O.A Medam mery father ki death during service 09-06-2014 ko hoi thi un ki D.O.B 29-05-1957 D.Appt 23-11-1976 r wo BPS 16 Basic pay 24400 thi tu ye bataye k meri mother ki pension kitne ho gi r commutation kitna ho ga Q k abi tk pension nhi hoi so plz ansr zarur dyna

    • Dear Aun, Plz email all these details to Mr. Amir Agha whose contact detail is available at my website under the heading "CONTACT US" Thanks

  • قابل صد احترام محترمہ شمائلہ کمال صاحبہ السلام علیکم:
    اگر 1993-3-17 کو سروس جوائن کی ہو اور2018-11-17 کو 25 سال کی مدت ملازمت ہواور ریٹائرمنٹ کے وقت عمر 60 سال ہو اور گریڈ 18 اور بنیادی تنخواہ اُس وقت 50ہزار ہوتو ازراہِ کرم بتائیے کہ کمیوٹیشن اور پنش کیا بنے گی ۔ امید ہے جواب سے مطلع فرمائیں گی ۔ شکریہ اِس کے علاوہ لیو انکیشمنٹ کیا بنے گا ازراہِ کرم اِس کے بارے میں بھی بتائیے گا جبکہ کوئی لونگ لیو پوری سروس میں نہ لی ہو

    • Dear Shakil the estimated value will be as under:
      Commute 1515557.75
      Net Pension 40765.54

      • قابلِ صداحترام محترمہ شمائلہ کمال صاحبہ السلام علیکم : جواب کے لیے تہہ دل سے شکرگزار ہوں ۔ میڈم پلیز لیو ان کیش منٹ کی رقم سے بھی مطلع فرمادیجیے کہ وہ کتنی بنتی ہے ۔اور کیا ایک سال کی تنخواہ مع تمام الاؤنسز ملتی ہے یا صرف بیسک ؟ اللہ تعالیٰ آپ کی خدمات کو شرفِ قبول فرمائے ، بلاشبہ آپ سرکاری ملازمین کی آگہی کے لیے گراں قدر خدمات انجام دے رہی ہیں ۔ اللہ تعالیٰ آپ کو خوش رکھے۔

        • Dear Shakil Ahmed Khan leave encashment main sirf Basic Pay shamil hay aour yeh 365 days leave in credit ki soorat main 12 months ki milay gi.

  • i retired on medical ground in A catagoery 80% my BPS-09 , DOB-11-09-1988 ,DOJ -31-03-2008 DOR- 16-04-15 Basic pay was 8000 plz calculate pension and commute for me.i m waiting plz mail me

    • #Yasir Hayat
      bro...ap se kuch zarori malomat karni hy
      Aap plz mujy apna email address ya koi or rabity ka ka nmbr dy
      regards Hayat Khan

  • Please calculate the pension with detail.
    Date of birth 12-05-1955
    Date of appointment 07-09-1995
    Date of retirement 11-05-2015
    Total service 20 years
    Basic Pay 25,200/-
    BPS 16
    Deptt Military Lands & Cantonments

  • Dear my Principal retired at 20 years service in BPS-16, age 60. his basic pay is Rs.25200/-. What will be Pension/Commutation. Secondly kia unko encashment 06 month/ 01 year ka mille ga. Leave account me 406 leave credit me hen.

    • Dear Najeen unko 365 days ki leave encashment milay gi. For pension and commute calculation plz provide the following information:
      Total Service at the time of retirement
      Total Age at the time of retirement
      Date of Retirement
      Basic Pay


  • Dear Madam,

    am really surprised looking your website for pension calculations and other problems. It was a big problem for employees to know the calculations. you solved the problem and this is a "sadqa Jaria" all peoples will wish you while benefiting from this. I once again appreciate your this activity. May ALLAH bless you and always sprinkle countless blessing on you and your family.

    Madam I have a question. Please try to answer me. I would like to know that I joined a federal govt service in 21 Sep, 2000 and on 31st May 2009 (after almost 9 years) our department restructured by the govt and our scales converted from BPS to SPS. initially the service was pensionable but now we have no pension benefit. Please let me know am I eligible for pension having 9 years service? Best regards

    • Dear Mahboob, thanks for appreciating mine efforts for the employees. Dear just email to Mr. Amir Agha for the details of pension. You can see his contact detail at this site under the heading "Contact Us".

  • Dear Miss, my brother is law was a High Secondary School teacher in Punjab. He died during his job on 20.08.2013, he was teacher from 1997 on temporary basis and in 2009 he was confirmed. Can you please guide me about how much service is required to take pension? Your earlier response will highly be appreciated.

    • Dear Asif as a general minimum 9 years and half years service is necessary but I have heard that is has been reduced to 5 years yet i failed to get the Notification of 5 years service. It is better you consult the account/pension cell for full details.

  • my date of superannuation retirement i.e. 29.08.2014.
    when I will be able to get double pension (20____)

  • date of birth 13/08/ of 1st appointment ,,,,1/07/1976.
    Basic pay at 1/12/2013 is 21000. how mush pension ptc teacher,,,kindly juldy my e mail this is all about my father agr kul purso tk nai btaya to pta nai mera kia hal kury ga,,,,cell 03329303169 just for immidiate reply

    • Dear Ahmad ud din u did not mentioned the Pay Scale Number, Plz mention the same alongwith total service Thanks

        • Dear Ahmad Ud Din for pension as the stage of pay u mentioned is not exists in BPS-09 there fore I asked for you for the exact pay scale number. Plz email me the correct information Thanks

  • It is in reality a nice and helpful piece of information. I'm
    glad that you just shared this helpful information with us.

    Please stay us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  • Dear I want retirement at 25 years in BPS 18. My basic pay will be Rs.56000/=, at next birth day my age will be 52 years, What will be my Net Pension and Commutation?

    • Dear Riaz Ahmad ur pension & Commute will be as under:
      Commute 2333086.00
      Net Pension 41313.70

  • madam agr koi 10000 basic pay pr retired hota hy us ki service 29 years hoti hy aur age 48 year to uski monthly pension kitni bny gi plz bta dain

  • As salaam u alaikum , Madam this my pension decrease withou any intimation from cmp lahore or from NBP a list sent by cmp lahor to the bank NBP in which the many pensioners effected . my previous. pension i am getting Rs 9767/= after as per list pension raised from list that is 9879/= the raised difference only net Rs 112/= now please help me where mistake done by my side or the bank side i dont know about this . if you ask any question i will send u by email . thats it

    • Dear Pervez it is better you send via email the scanned copy of the pages related to pension of ur pension book as well as the letter of the detail of pension at the time of retirement.

  • Dear Sister & colleagues

    Hope you all would be fine and doing great guns. I want to ask a question from Miss. Shumaila that she has developed wonderful ready to cook recipe for us and by this way one can check his pension/gratuity in blink of a second but I need clarification that pension so given as a result in the last column whether it is inclusive of medical allowance or without medical allowance, thanks a lot.

    My regards.


    • Dear Shehzad thanks for ur appreciating towards mine efforts. Dear the net pension in the last columns includes all the increases of pension during various years as well as the Medical Allowance.

  • Dear Madam,

    I would like to know federal government rules for calculation of proportionate pension. Pension to be share by two or more departments. With kind regards.

    • Dear Abdul Haleem I am working on this topic and soon u ll see the post at mine site. Thanks

  • Dear Madam

    Assalam u allaikum

    A few correction to be made your chart Medical Allowance admissible on Net Pension plus increase of 01.07.2010


  • Dear Sister,

    Hope you would in best of your health and spirits. I owe to thank you for your splendid work and help extended to almost all the govt employees. We thank you once again. Keep your work going as you are helping millions and taking their prayers in return.

    My sincere regards.

  • thanks for information,now your pension and commutation is is simple and useful,it is a goodwork I personaly admire your honest strugle.

  • Salam,

    What is the Pensionable Service? Is it 10 Years regular Qualifying Service as a Permanent Employee.

    I am asking for the reason that For Long Term Advances i have heard minimum 10 years regular qualifying service as a Permanent Employee ..


  • Madam!Mn ne aap ka pension &commutation formula apply krtay huway calculation ki h,mgr es mein thhora difference aa raha h.i,e pay Rs.63000/-PM length of service 30 yrs .12,3719
    Gross pension Rs.44100/- 65%=28665/- 35%=15435/- commutation=2291523/ net pension (including increases ,2010,2011.2012,2013,Rs.21375/48) = Rs.50040/48 + Medical Allowance 20% on net pension =5733/ Total Rs.55773 jb aap k formula k mutabiq net pension Rs.62550/61 h.please inform me why this difference accures. I,ll be oblige.

    • Dear Iftikhar Now again calculate the same I have checked it and made necessary amendments. Now it is 100% accurate as i checked it from the Pension slip of an employee.


  • Medical Allowance admissible on Net Pension plus increase of 01.07.2010, after that it remain same ..... and Medical Allowance for BPS-16 and above is 20%


    Sr Auditor/ Pension Section
    DA PPO Lahore

  • Medical Allowance admissible on Net Pension plus increase of 01.07.2010, after that it remain same ..... and Medical Allowance for BPS-16 and above is 20%

  • Dear Madam

    Assalam u allaikum

    Masha Allah ap ne bhot accha pension / comuted ka excal farmula dya he samj lain ap ne samundar ko kozey me band kar dya sab khuch teak he sir medical allowance me ghalti he kyun ke medical allowance retired personnel ko 30-06-2011 (01-07-2010) ke izafe tak he bane ga ap se guzarish he is me durastagi kar ke dobara farmula jari kari

    allah ap ko ajjar de