Rationalization of Ministerial Staff in Punjab Education Department

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Government of the Punjab School Education Department has Notification No. SO (SE-III) 5-49/2013 dated 10-06-2014 in connection with Rationalization of ministerial staff in Punjab Education Department.

Sanctioned posts of ministerial staff have become uneven due to decrease or increase in enrollment of student in schools with the passage of time. The rationalization staff of ministerial staff is required of proper utilization of human resources for creating child friendly atmosphere and in the public interest. The objective of rationalization as under:-

  1. Shifting of surplus staff to the schools deficient in staff.
  2. Address complaints regarding shortage of staff
  3. Ensuring child friendly atmosphere without extra financial burden

This post has been delivered by Mr. Muhammad Awais.


Rationalization Clerical Staff



Rationalization Ministrial Staff




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