Decision of High Court for Nomination in Ph.D in Agriculture Department & Study Leave

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The Lahore High Court Lahore has given its decision on 1st July 2014 in connection with Nomination in Ph.D in Agriculture Department & Study Leave. Some points of the decision are as under: 

Shorn of dispensable details, facts of the case are that Government of the Punjab, Agriculture Department in terms of following criteria, incorporated in letter No. SO (R&E) 3-10/2011 dated 5th July, 2012, nominated the petitioners for Ph.D studies at University of Agriculture Faisalabad and University of Arid Agriculture, Rawalpindi for the year 2012-13:-

  • At least 1st division in M.Sc. or M.Sc.(Hons) with CGPA 2.5 or better.
  • Maximum age limit 45 years.
  • Regular employee of Agriculture Department.
  • 5 years service including contract period in Agriculture Department.
  • Nominations will be made strictly on merit/marks obtained/CGPA in M.Sc/ M.Sc.(Hons).
  • Bio-data, Synopsis and Certificate that no departmental/anti-corruption inquiry is pending against the nominee.
  • Surety Bond to the effect that after completion of Ph.D., the nominee shall serve Agriculture Department at least for five years, failing which he will pay Rs. 10 lac to the Agriculture Department.
  • Study leave will be granted on due basis and remaining period will be considered as without pay.
  • The selected candidates will have to pass tests equivalent to GRE (General) and International GRE (Subject) with at-least 50 % score in each.
  • After completion of admission process, if nominee failed to join the Ph.D. classes for any reason, disciplinary action under rules will be taken against him.

Read the full detail of the decision at the copy of the decision.

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8 thoughts on “Decision of High Court for Nomination in Ph.D in Agriculture Department & Study Leave

  1. Engr. Muhammad Irshad Yehya · Edit

    Assalamualikum Maam,
    I am Lecturer BPS 18 at University of Engineering and Technology Taxila. I have 3 years and 9 month service. I have HEC scholarship to do PhD in France. I have also secured admission in PhD in France.
    My University administration is not approving my Study leave by saying that my service is less than 5 years.
    Kindly tell me based on the above said decision by Court is it possible for me to get study leave.??

  2. Aoa
    Madam I am a lecturer and i did my PhD before two year.I signed surety bond with university to proceed my PhD .
    Now I need NOC to apply other universit because my university not promoting me as Assist Prof. There is any ruling that i can move from one university to other university.

  3. Respected Madam

    I want to get NOC for admission in PhD in Agriculture without getting study leave as University is very near to my research office. Have you any notification regarding this??? I am regular employee and I am served the Department from last 10 years.

  4. AOA
    Madam i have complete my course work. now i want to study leave. would u help me. i have compiete my 5 years as regular in education department.

  5. Respected Madam,
    Thanks for your wondorful effort by developing this great website.

    Study leave is a big issue and many of my fellows who won schoalrships on their own elegibilty and academic credentials, have been brutly denied for study leave by the cruel beaurocracy.
    These peoples are intelligent to win forein funding and will bring advance technology and ideas but the so called study rules are intesively discouraging. The condition of 5 year service is un-necessary, by this time people get aged and lose thrill and enthusiam due to prolonged break in education. Moreover they also loose the funding (millions of rupees) offered by foreign agencies.
    Some one in power may notics it and please quickly allow employees to go for higher studies as soon as they win funding., as it happen in other countries like Bengladesh, Egypt, India etc.

  6. Madam as this high court order . I am the same case in agriculture department. But I dint apply in 2012-13 when this ambiguous order was issued by secretary. Due to the word found ” Pay on due basis and remaining without pay” Now the Court has also pointed out it but again refer to respondent (secretary office) for proper order. But this year July is a month to issue Phd notifications letter Now I am the candidate but Secretary office I think issuing no any letter for the reason of issue as in Court is it ? In this way as Govt employee I am getting passed my age but not getting admission in Phd

  7. AoA
    I am working as Lecturer in FGEI and will complete 5 years service in September 2014. I am also a regular Ph.D scholar and have obtained NOC.

    I want to avail study leave after completion of 5Y service. Am I eligible? if so, how much leave I can avail and with full pay or half pay. What is the proper procedure for it?

    Best regards.


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