Request to Enhance House Rent Allowance for All Govt Employees of Pakistan

House Rent Allowance was enhanced in 2008 for the last time and since then there is no increase in HRA. Pay Scales were revised in 2011 but the HRA was frozen at the stage where the employees were already drawing it on the basis of Pay Scales 2008.

I am here giving the examples of two Pay Scales employees. The employees of BPS-01 & BPS-02 are getting average 1350/- as HRA in big cities and Rs. 900/- in other cities. Is is possible for these employees to hire a house on rent in this small amount?

In the same way the employees of BPS-11 to BPS-13 are getting average 2000/- as HRA in big cities and Rs. 1300/- in other cities.

Can anybody manage a house on rent at this a little amount? The minimum rates for a house to rent in these cities are Rs. 5000/- for a small house. For the purpose of House on Rent these employees are forced to manage the same by cutting the other necessities of daily life.

It is the need of the time that Govt should pity on these employees who are getting House Rent Allowance so that they can manage their rental accommodation easily.

Rental Ceiling for Hiring of Residential Accommodation & HRA

As you know, Rental Ceiling for Hiring of Residential Accommodation has been increased wef 1st October 2014. It was also increased in 2011. Let’s compare the Hiring of Residential Accommodation Rates and House Rent Allowances for the employees.  Just see the chart showing the difference of Rental Ceiling for Hiring of Residential Accommodation & House Rent Allowance.


House Rent Allowance



I have read comments of many persons that the rates of accommodation in big cities where Hiring of Residential Accommodation is admissible are so high. They are right the rates of the same are high but I just ask a question, is there no increase in the rates of House on Rent in other areas? Can these employees manage house on rent in just Rs. 1000/- or 2000/-?

Request to Govt:

It is a big question for the Govt. keeping in view the rates of Houses on rent; the Govt should now enhance the rates of House Rent Allowance for all the citizens of Pakistan.

My Suggestion:

My suggestion is that the Govt should enhance the HRA and the minimum rates of HRA must be Rs. 4000/- per month for the employees of lower grade.

My other suggestion is that Govt should fix the HRA rates on the initial of the basic Pay Scales 2011. If we fix the rates of HRA on the initial of BPS-2011, then the rates of HRA become as under:


BPS Initial Basic Pay 45% HRA 30% HRA
BPS-01 4800 2160 1440
BPS-02 4900 2205 1470
BPS-03 5050 2273 1515
BPS-04 5200 2340 1560
BPS-05 5400 2430 1620
BPS-06 5600 2520 1680
BPS-07 5800 2610 1740
BPS-08 6000 2700 1800
BPS-09 6200 2790 1860
BPS-10 6400 2880 1920
BPS-11 6600 2970 1980
BPS-12 7000 3150 2100
BPS-13 7500 3375 2250
BPS-14 8000 3600 2400
BPS-15 8500 3825 2550
BPS-16 10000 4500 3000
BPS-17 16000 7200 4800
BPS-18 20000 9000 6000
BPS-19 31000 13950 9300
BPS-20 36000 16200 10800
BPS-21 40000 18000 12000
BPS-22 43000 19350 12900


Now it is Your Turn:

Now it is your turn to suggest the Rates of House Rent Allowance.  Just comment below for your proposals.


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84 thoughts on “Request to Enhance House Rent Allowance for All Govt Employees of Pakistan

  1. for employee their is house rent ceiling allowance (house rent subsidy) but on the other hand this is income for owner of the house. in such case question arise here that if Federal Government employee acquire the house of some one else and the amount of house rent subsidy / house rent ceiling allowance credited to the account of the owner of the house then for the employee this will be the subsidy but for the owner this would be the income which is directly coming from his property. so the tax will be charged to the owner of the house or not on account of receiving such amount of house rent subsidy / house rent ceiling allowance?
    any notification regarding that

  2. The request for the enhancement of HRA to the Government employees is very genuine and valid. Since last 10 years employees are getting the same allowance where as rate of rents of houses have increased many times. Government must consider that it is impossible to take a house or even single accommodation in these days on this House Rent. Authorities must considered it on the facts and truth. My proposal is that HRA should be equal to 85% of initial basic pay of employee to meet the expenditure of rental house.

  3. It is my humble request to PM SB; CM SB kpk and finance minister to increase the House rent allowance to a reasonable level. with the help of which one hire a 3 to 4 bed room house which is about Rs 30000 to ,40000/month but on the other hand the house rent allowance of grade 19 officer is 5900/- only

  4. House rent should be increased according to the basic pay at least to a reasonable level that’s st least 30000/- because the house rent of a 19 grade officer is only 5900/- do it is my humble request to PM SB and CM kpk and finance minister SB to consider this matter sympathetically and the house rent allowance to a reasonable level at least 30000/-

  5. Qazi Shabbir Ahmad · Edit

    Lot of different rates of house rent allowances in the Govt: Semi Govt. Autonomous bodies, Corporations and Universities are existing. They have been allowed 100% house rent allowance of their basic pay but the Federal Govt and Provincial Govts have been frozen house rent allowance in 2008. Nine years passed but the employees are suffering badly. Every Finance Minister says that “khazana khali he” but on the other hand the privileged groups are granting huge amounts in their salaries and allowances likes Ministers, Advisors, N.A. and P.A. Members etc. etc. It is proposed that the Prime Minister of Pakistan and Federal Finance Minister to kindly consider this long outstanding issue and adopt one policy through the country.

  6. Respected Madam,
    I have been appointed in Minsitry of Defence on BPS-17 in Jan 2016. Now I want to know that Whether I am eligible for Rental Ceiling allowonce. Kindly guide me about this matter and porvide me the copy of the rule for this said purpose.
    thank you
    Requisition Allowonce

  7. Hello madam
    KIA house rent ceiling sub ki plus Hui hai yah sirf un ki jin logon Kay pass govt house allot nhi huway hain.aur jin KO house alloted hain KIA un logon ki bhi azafa KIA hai

  8. Civil secertariate aur tamam attache departments ke same allowances hone zarori hain iss se mulazein ki apas ki nafratein khatam hongi aur office work thekh chale ga.

  9. Proposed Medical Allowance for Budget 2015-16
    1-5 1200 1500
    6-10 1200 3000
    11-15 1200 3500
    16-19 5000 7000
    20-22 5000 15000

  10. madam i m a new federal govt. f pakistan employ in BPS 17 plz give me information on Mphil allownce as existing in punjab government if hav any information? thanks

  11. Zulfiqar Ali Mari · Edit

    Dear Shumaila, This may be irrelevant to the topic. But i see no confirm option to ask this from any other resource.
    1. Is this a demand/possibility (to merge the allowances in basic n to increase HRA) for federal employees only?
    2. What about the contractual employees such as NPIW-Sindh for getting this benefit?
    3. (The most irrelevant) How long will it take to get our jobs (NPIW-Sindh Employees) regularized?

  12. my suggestion is that Govt. should accomodate those employee who are posted out station by providing House facility or High rate than normal rates and also allow conveyance allowance more as compare to normal rate. because the person who posted out station is suffering to manage the additional residencial expense and conveyance exp from home station to the posted station

  13. madam , upgrdation pr jo pre-mature increment ka notification federal government ki janab sey kia gaya tha wo punjab government ney bhi implement kia hai k nahi????

  14. A.O.A to all,
    Humaray mulk main double standard hay kuch to seeling or kisi or house rent detay hain. kuch to mazay kar rahay hain or kuch bhot muskal say guzara kar rahay hay. Meri tamam employees say guzarash hay k wo sb Government ko is bat par agree karay k wo house rent ki jaga federal employees ki tara seeling kia karay tab hi yeh masla solve ho sakta hay. or Government jitnay Adhoc hain un ko basic main marge karay. Ta k government employees k halat b kuch betar hon. Warna to government salary say to bhot muskal hay guzara………………… Is liey sab employees ak hi apna point of view rakhay k humen government Seeling de na k House Rent.

  15. Dear Madam thanks for nice work for employee. My suggestion is that HRA should be equal to running basic pay. Because its very hard to hire a house in Islamabad city within running HRA.

  16. Syed Zaib Ullah Shah · Edit

    Dear sister I appreciate your sympathetic suggestion, absolutely GOVT should implement this suggestion.

    thanks for supportive suggestion

  17. Muhammad Ahmad Ibad · Edit

    i think that the pay scales should be revised and all the existing adhoc allowances should be merged in basic pay and HRA should be 50% of the revised pa, e.g
    for BPS-16 the initial basic pay and allowances are:
    Basic Pay = Rs.10,000/-
    AR 2010 = Rs.3030/-
    AR 2011 = Rs.909/-
    AR 2012 = Rs.2,000/-
    AR 2013 = Rs.1,000/-
    AR 2014 = Rs.1,000/-
    Total = Rs.17,939/-

    and When Rs.17,939- rounded upto nearest hundred it results Rs.18,000/-
    10% increase in Federal budget 2015-16 = Rs.1800/-
    Rs.18,000/- + Rs.1,800/- = Rs.19,800/- (Rs.19,800/- when rounded upto nearest thousand, results in Rs.20,000/-)
    so the initial basic pay of BPS must be Rs.20,000/- w.e.f 01-07-2014 and 50% HRA in Rs.20,000/- is Rs.10,000/-, hence the HRA for BPS-16 should be Rs.10,000/-

  18. Dear Madam,
    You are absolutely right.HRA should be increased to 45 % of 2011 revised basic pay and it should not be frozen till the prices in the market are not frozen.I am serving as Assistant professor BPS-18.My existing HRA is 3873 where as I am paying 9000/ rent.Can I get a house on rent at the cost of my house rent allowance(Rs. 3873/=)?????

  19. present HRA cannot be justified. it is just enough to hire a single room with attached bath only. house for family cannot be hired in this amount. So, HRA should be given according to market rates.

  20. Asslam-O-Alikum Sis.

    Ye sab batein toh ho gai abb ye bhi discuss kia jaye ke government ko kesay razi kia jaye ya phir force kia jaye aur un tak ye masage ponchay ga kesay???

  21. my suggestion is that house rent should be initial basic pay of every grade.which is as under.
    BPS Initial Basic
    BPS-01 4800
    BPS-02 4900
    BPS-03 5050
    BPS-04 5200
    BPS-05 5400
    BPS-06 5600
    BPS-07 5800
    BPS-08 6000
    BPS-09 6200
    BPS-10 6400
    BPS-11 6600
    BPS-12 7000
    BPS-13 7500
    BPS-14 8000
    BPS-15 8500
    BPS-16 10000
    BPS-17 16000
    BPS-18 20000
    BPS-19 31000
    BPS-20 36000
    BPS-21 40000
    BPS-22 43000 1


  22. Assalam-O-Alaykum Madam

    Madam mujhay BPS-5 say BPS-7 ka selection grade mila
    to us waqt mujhay aik premature increment mila tha or
    jab regular promotion howa (BPS-7 to BPS-7) LDC to UDC
    to us waqt meri fixation same (RS.4500 to Rs.4500) per
    fix kar di gaee, kia mujhey same scale promotion ka
    premature increment milay ga?

  23. 100% agree with u sis..
    house rent should be equal for all employees and that there should be no difference among employees of same scale. and moreover govt should servay for the recent house rents in the country and then fix the ratio in different cities

      1. im agri engineer PBS 17 in Agri engg dptt balochistan, our promotions r on seniority base,my position is 36th out of 220 engineers. Is it legal to promote the engineers on seniority base?

  24. Aslamo Alaikum,

    Medam, Shumaila Kamal, mujhe aap Notification ki copy den jis men Daily Allowance, TA, DA Allowance & Other Allowances hen Govt: of Sindh ka, 2008 ke baad ka ho 2011, 2012 ya 2013 ka ho.


  25. nice efforts madam, thanks for that. ya i agreed that house rent must be equal initial basic pay of 2011. but we can not expect from this govt.

    1. Res Madam nice to read the above article. Good efforts but I would like to add that as a first step the HRA may be @45% of initial pay of respective BPS of 2011 and it may not frozen and may be co-linked with revision of scales. As the current hiring rates are not commensurate with the actual rates of hiring a three/two room house in civil areas. My suggestion is that HRA may always be reviewed on annual basis and in civil the owner used to increase the rent almost after year. But it does not include the Govt Hired/Personal Hired hours which have been contracted with certain terms and conditions. Therefore the above suggestion proposes a mediocre increase and may be considered at appropriate level. Similar revision of BPS is also due in NFY hence HRA may also be revised by the Govt accordingly to minimize the financial hardship of Govt employees.

  26. my suggestion is house rent should be equal to House Assesment allowance or equal to the initial basic pay for all employees.

    i.e for BPS-7 employee, House Rent must be 5800 or high

  27. my request to fellow govt servants is that whenever a govt employee visit section officer of secretariat he has to face easy load culture or speed money culture;kindly take care of govt servant; if we do not take care of each other how we expect govt to give us raise in HRA

  28. Rental ceiling facility/Acquiring of house neither available to punjab govt employees nor to other provincial govts.

    Please visit for latest information and circulars

  29. the house rent on the bases of market rate for every city the rate should be assessed by mechanism on yearly bases and we need medical insurance because every govt employe is disturbed by medical expenses

  30. what is the policy about promotion/up gradation of those employees who have 3rd division qualification at any level? please provide the copy of rules in this regard.

  31. 1-your suggestions are absolutely correct, I think House Rent should have been approved @ 50% of initial Basic of Pay Scales-2011 for all the employees in all over Pakistan.

    2- In some departments Rental Ceiling being paid with salary and it is part of salary but most of the departments paying it directly to the Owner which cause increasing trend of Rent as well as enhance the work of Admin sections and Payment sections (Regarding preparation of Lease agreements/preparation of Rent bills & Cheques.

    3-In the recent Notification of Rental Ceiling two Cities “HYDERABAD & MUZAFFARABAD(AJK) not included whereas some other cities like “FAISALABAD, MULTAN, BAHAWALPUR, GUJRANWALA, SUKKUR, LARKANA, NAWABSHAH, ABOTTABAD, MARDAN, NOSHEHRA (and so many) should have been included in this category.

    4-My proposal is that Rental Ceiling should be the part of salary.

  32. well, suggestions are never bad. But think abt its impact on national exchequer.
    every deptt. has its own special allowances etc. However, i agree that it should be increased to some extent. Atleast, on BPS Scales, 2011

  33. Ms. Shumaila your suggestions are absolutely correct, any of the both suggestions may strongly be recommended to be increased. otherwise, government needed to keep the announced rental ceiling / increased (RC) rates as common house rent (HR) in flat (same level) amount for all the employees in all over Pakistan by avoiding the rental ceiling or any other discrimination.

  34. Respected Madam

    We are agree with you. But ye govt sirf apny aur currept institutions k allowance increase to or skti hy. Kisi dosray servant k munh ka nivala to chheen skti hy but kuch deny k mood mein nhi lgti.

  35. Hiring fixed honi chahiy….islamabad or other stations ka difference ni hona chahiy….
    jo isb mai ni rhty un ky transportation k expense b to brh jaty han…..or phr tym b to ziyada lgta ha any n jany mai…..
    is point p b work krny n sochny ki zaroort ha…


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