Revised Assistant Packages for the Families of the FG Employees who die During Service

Government of Pakistan Cabinet Secretariat, Establishment Division has issued Notification No. 8/10/2013-E.2 dated 20-10-2014 in connection with Revised Assistant Packages for the Families of the FG Employees who die During Service.

The amendment/addistions in the following headings has been made vide this Notification:

  • Lump Sum Grant
  • Pension
  • Education
  • Cash Payment in Leiu of Plot of Land
  • Employment
  • Marriage Grant
  • Nomination of an Officer as Counsel
  • Special Lump Sum Grant from Benevolent Fund
  • Monthly Benevolent Grant
  • Pre Requisite for Facilitation of Family of Deceased Govt. Employees
  • GP Fund
  • Payment of Pension through Direct Credit Scheme (DCS)

You can read the details of the same at the copy of the Notification.

Special thanks to:

Mr. Muhammad Arshad

Mr.  Zameer ul Hassan

Mr. Ayaz Ahmad

Mr.  Amin Muhammad

There are many pages in the PDF Format of this Notification.

Download Notification in PDF Assistance Package for families of Government Employees who die in Service


Download Amended Notification of Assistance Package on 22-10-2014


Assistant Package Families



Other pages available in PDF Format: 


Package Families



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127 thoughts on “Revised Assistant Packages for the Families of the FG Employees who die During Service

  1. Is this package covers PTCL employees? The PTCL employees have been declared Autonomous body having major share held by Government of Pakistan by Hon’ble Sindh High Court and even by Supreme Court.

    Plz reply me query.

  2. By the grace of Allah JURIS CORP has been sucessful in getting a decition in favor of clients and Islamabad high court has allowed the assistance package 2014 for details contact Haider Ali

  3. A.A
    Mera father health Dept me as a dispenser FATA KPK me kam kar raha ta.awr uska scala11 ta.awr 23/02/2015 ko fout ho gia ta.ab please ap hama ye bataya k ab ye mera father konsa package me ata ha .Fedral govt me ata ha ya provencial me jo 04/12/2015 ko PM SaHIB NE elan kia.awr konsa package k lia document jama kar daaa.
    Wait for replyyyy

  4. Asalamualikum..
    Dear madam kya ap hmy bata sakti hain ya asistent package jo 8:10:2013 ko issue hua tha is k oder cancle ho gay hain..? Plz ap ki bhtttt mehrbani ho gi hm bht paryshani m hain jaldi bata den. Ap ki bhtt mehrbani ho gi. Thankss alott

  5. Asalam u alikum Dear Madam Mery Walid sb 20/10/2015 ko foat howy hian.federal servent ty….during dervices un ki death howe hy….un ky department wale keh rahy hain k financial assistane ky notification jo k 20/10/2014 ko howy ty wo orders cancel ho gy hian….kya ye baat correct hy?ager app k pas cancellation k orders hain to kindly send kr dain…….app ki mehrobani ho gi…..Thank Alot ALLAH Pak app ko es kaam ki jazza dian………..Ameeeeeeeeen

    1. Dear Irshad Ghani Khan the orders are not cancelled but the orders have been held in abeyance and new notification is expected soon. However you can get the benefits according to previous orders of 2006.

  6. Dear Madam,
    Can you please mail me a copy of notification regarding assistance package issued vide OU No 8/1/2011-E.2 dated 3 Nov 2011.
    Regards & Thanks

  7. Dear madam,kindly tell does the autonomous bodies dept cover the same facility,i have heard they wont get the same package..i draw the same pay as other FG officers my dept is evacuee trust property board Govt of Pakistan pls reply in detail thanking u in anticipation

  8. Plz help me a FG employee has been died in 10/2005 is his widow eligible for a contract employment of 2 years? Tell me about any relevant ltr or policy of Govt of Pakistan….??

  9. A.A dear Madam,
    now what will be the date of implementation of this revised assistant package ???
    because according to notification implementation date was 15-06-2013.

  10. AOA plz anyone tell me what is latest news for assistant new package for on duty service? my father had been died on 19 november 2013, now a days we have need for mony. either this news is correct or wrong regarding this package??

          1. Thankyou soo much for your kind effort shomaila,I really want to know that such procedures can take how much time?because such families are in real need

  11. My Wife was hired on 1 Dec 2010 through FPSC and performed duties at FG Girls high school 22 No. Chungi Rawalpindi Cantt under FGEI Directorate. She died on 8th Jan 2015 after completing 4 yrs service. Which type of benefits her family entitled by Govt.


  12. Dear Madam,
    Nice to see your efforts…

    In notification related to Death during service by PM; Free education to one child up to the age of 18.
    Can you please arrange notification i.e. notification issued in 2007 by Ministry of Education; OM No F.15-10/2005 OS dated 1st Aug 2007

  13. aoa, i m zulfiqar. the husband of my sister has died on 20-02-2014 but the case of death claim submitted my sister is still pending with the local govt deptt of federal government. pl help us for finalization of the case. thanx

    1. zulfiqar ali malik · Edit

      aoa, i m Zulfiqar Ali Malik, i m still waiting for your response regarding my question of dated February 24, 2015, pl respond and also update the status of the committee constituted by the PM to revise the said package.


  14. Dear Ma’am,
    I really appreciate your efforts regarding your this piece of work, may Allah reward for you this. Dear Shumaila Kamal my father was federal government employe, he died on 10th Oct 2013, while on service, i have submitted application for grant of this package in my father’s department two months before, but i havent receive any notification till yet. I myself was appointed in the department in deceased seat on two years contract basis, and i am desperately waiting for my regularisation order and other incentives of this package. Please can you tell me when will government issue the revised edition of the said package and till when will I get the all incentives.
    Mohsin khan

      1. Thanks alot for the concern dear, i have followed you on facebook as well, kindly update your wall when the revised package is generated. May Allah reward you for all what you do for all government servants.

  15. Khuda raha Ishaq daar sarkari mulazims ka khilaf q ha. Iss ko kisi ka ehsaas q ni ha. srf apni jaibain barney ki fiqr ha. lakhon logoon ki badduain lain gay. agr inno na assistance package kaam kia. ya to elaan hi na kartay.
    hum kia expect karin. meray father ki death hoe ha. nw when new announcement will come?

  16. Dear Madam,

    I appreciate your efforts for doing a good job.

    Mam, I belongs to Sindh Province.
    I have some confusion about this notification that is it only for federal govt. employees or also for all provincial employees. Because I am listening that it is only for federal govt. employees not for other provincial employees. also listen that if provincial Govt. issue this revised letter then effective date must be changed like 214-15 not from said date 15-06-2013.
    Kindly let me clear about this? or if you have any knowledge about Sindh govt. notification pls share.

    1. Dear Junaid
      This notification has been issued by Estb.Div. All the 5 provincial govt hope that they will adopt the notification as early as possible.

      1. Dear Shahid,

        We will hope that the same notification will be issued but until their is no hope of any notification regarding the same as Estb Div. issued.

  17. Dear madam,
    I am thankful to u for clarification of my query. in your website urdu newspaper news from Mr Haider.Nasim already uploded in your website. All the points have been cleared. In the news paper clearly mentioned by the reporter Civilian grant or security related grants those are different.

  18. in this order right side matter mentioned security related cases

    kindly confirm, me security related means security persons or civilian the grant of benefits for normal and secuty related are differenet in the Memorandum

  19. Respected Madam I am serving as Commerce Instructor (H.S.T) BS-19 (Non Gazetted)
    kindly inform the procedure of promotion from non gazetted to gazetted. thx

  20. Dear Shumaila, Kya punjab government ye notification issue kray gi to ye apply bhi 15-06-2013 se hoga jaisa ke uper wala federal employees ke liye hai? Ya wo kisi aur date se apply hoga?
    My father (provincial servant) died at 31 July 2014. Kia kuch chances hain ke hum is package ke liye apply kar saken ge?

  21. Mam.. I am serving in Audit and Accounts Department. I was appear in exam which is required for promotion by our department. After passing exam I attended Graduation Ceremony. Please tell me the rule under which I am entitle for TD/DA as same is admissible in Army side.Thanx

  22. MY uncle died last weak.he was serving as sub-inspector in karachi place please tell me how much compensation and pension will his family get?

  23. Dear Sir,
    you need a lots of regards for this humble effort being untiringly done on daily basis.
    I want to ask that has Punjab Government also announced such package(assistance package for families of government employees) for Punjab Government employees)?

    will appreciate your response


    Dr. Rafiq

  24. Suppose when an employee died, his children were studying at very nominal cost lets say Rs.200/- per month, but after his death, the children were admitted in very expensive schools (like Grammer, Bacon) where per month cost is around 50,000/-. so will they be entitled for Rs.50,000/- p.m., pl clarify?

  25. thanks for such a dedicated efforts to inform others. salute to the efforts. may i know weather this package will be in addition to routine pension/gratutity, gli etc.thanks

  26. Dear i want to ask can widow get encashment as she will receive pension as full pay. Is this case will process by pension department or Pension Cell. As during service death means person was getting salary and now his widow will get it.
    kia ab widow ko group insurance milay gi k ni or benevolent fund ki monthy grant milay gi k ni.

      1. A.o.a ma app sa ya pochna chahta hn k during service death ki waja sa ab widow pension full pay ki tarah draw karay gi. kia ab ossay encashment milay gi k ni. or group insurance or benevolent fund sa payment ho gi k ni in addition to assistance package. or BF ki monthly grant milay gi k ni. ab widow superannuation k baad pension par jaey gi tu ab widow ka case pension cell ma deal ho ga. ya pay section ma.
        please email me on
        [email protected]

        1. Dear Adnan the widow will get all benefits as well as pension and gratuity. Pension Case will be dealt by pension department and some benefits will be dealt by Accounts Office and some by the Group Insurance & Benevolent Fund department. Just contact the office concerned where the employee work for details.

  27. Dear Ma’am,

    First of all, I appreciate your efforts to make extremely important notifications and some of the clarifications readily available at one place for the employees working in Government Sector. Secondly, particularly this notification apparently seems very attractive. However, the noobs like me need some help in completely understanding what it exactly means. I’d be grateful if you may guide me in an imaginary case that I try to draw below:
    For instance, if a person, who is working in BPS-16 in some Federal Government Institution, dies for some reason during his service, what exactly his family will get out of this “Assistance Package”? I presume that his family will, probably, get the following.

    1. His widow will get Rs. 2.5 Million as a Lump Sum Grant immediately after the approval of the concerned authority. Right?
    2. Say, he was drawing a monthly salary of Rs. 25,000 in his life, so after his death, his widow will keep receiving the same amount (including time to time increments etc) till the deceased employee’s age of superannuation. Right?
    3. After the age of superannuation, the widow will receive the full pension. What I want to ask, will she also be eligible to get the amount of gratuity?
    4. His children will get free education upto higher level including tuition fee, Books, living allowances etc. What will his widow need to do for getting all this stuff from government?
    5. His widow will receive Rs. 5 Million in lieu of plot of land immediately after his death. Right?
    6. If the widow is a “Graduate”, she will be employed in BPS-14 after his death. Right? If yes, then will she keep receiving his salary that I mentioned in point # 2?
    7. His widow will get Payable amount of GP Fund + 30% Bonus of the payable amount. Right?

    1. Dear Kamran Your Points 1, 2, 5, 7 are all right.
      Point 6- She will get new salary according to her BPS as fresh employee.
      Point 3- She will get pension as well as gratuity.
      Point 4- She must apply for this through the department.

  28. i want to know the permanent job for one person in deceased family is applicable to as in old package there is contract for 02 years. contract is awarded in July 2014. can we apply or refer to new package for regular appointment?

  29. let me put in-front of you two scenario, what will be your opinion?

    1)if a person passed away in december 2013, but his case already decided on older Assistance package. will his heirs benefited with newer provisions/amendments comes in this recent package?

    2? A person died in 2007. but due to some reason unexplained, his case never opened/decided. his heirs approached court of law and court verdict came in favour of heirs in oct 2014. will his heirs benefited with older package or newer.

    waiting for your expert advice?

  30. My father was a school teacher in Punjab and he passed away March 22, 2012 and his some of cases (group insurance etc) is still pending due to corrupt system. Will we get any benefit from this legislation.

  31. what about the Monthly Benevolent Grant of the deceased employees who were getting this grant before june, 2013. will it be increased or remain same??

      1. let me clarify, for in service death(normal) it will remain same however for security related death it will be increased as per PM latest directive. a special lump sum grant is also applicable to security related death.

    1. for employees working in federal autonomous bodies, the said package is applicable to those who adopted Basic Pay scale(BPS) in toto & off course subject to approval of Board of directors.

      1. Thanks God Govt has created history for the family and children of Deceased employees. Hope the family of Supdt Amin(late) Fin Div (Reg Wg) may get all these benefits. Allah Us ko Mughferat nasib karay. Ameen


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