Clarifications Regarding Upgradation of Superintendent of Federal Govt

Government of the Pakistan, Finance Division has issued Notification No. F.No.1 (3) R-I/2010 dated 20-01-2015 in connection with Clarifications Regarding Upgradation of Superintendent of Federal Govt from BPS-16 to BPS-17.

In this regard various queries arrised have been clarified as under:


S. No Query Raised Clarification
1 Whether the policy of grant of BPS-17 to the Superintendent is also applicable to the contract Superintendent. No, they are not eligible for the for BPS-17
2 Whether the Superintendents who have been granted one time BPS-17 are entitled for the telephone facility of office, residence, and mobile? No, they are not entitled for the same facility.
3 TA/DA  & any other perks/previleges commensurate to BPS-17 officers of Federal Government Normal TA/DA rules shall apply
4 Whether usual annual increment will be admissible to to the presently working Superintendents who have been allowed higher time scale BPS-17 and were eligible for the same prior to grant of higher time scale i.e BPS-17 or the option under Finance Division O.M dated 14-10-1975 would be required for re-fixation of pay on 1st December 2014? Yes, they are entitled to exercise option in terms of Finance Division O.M dated 14-10-1975/FR-22 for refixation of pay after availing annual incremnent due on 1st December in previous scale.
5 The Superintendent who are proceeding on retirement before 30th November and are eligible for the annual increment for pension purpose will get the benefit of increment in BPS-17 toward pension? No, however they are eligible for annual increment in the scale in which they were holding prior to grant of time scale (BPS-17)  and have completed 6 months service in the year of retirement in the light of Finance Division’s O.M. No.3(20)R-2/98 dated 08-09-1990.
6 Whether grant of premature increment, rental ceiling and medical allowance in BPS-17 are eligible to the Superintendents? No
7 Whether Senior Private Secretary BPS-19 and Superintendents BPS-17 are allowed the benefits of telephone ceiling of BPS-19/17 etc. No


Special thanks to Mr. Muhammad Tauqeer  &  Mr. Javed Akhtar for sending the copy of the Notification.

Read the Notification in PDF Format: Clarifications Regarding Upgradation of Superintendent of Federal Govt




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  • Dear Galaxy World Admin,
    I had retired as a supd on 19-9-14. i was to move my case for the upgradation in BPS-17, i want clarification about applicability of pension benefits/Increment of BPS-17. i also thank full to you if you share the Finance Division's Notification O.M. No 3(20)R-2/98 dated 08-09-1990.
    M thank full to you for this kindness.

  • it is good news for all sudpt FST has issued a judgment on 30.3.2016 in favour of supdt for grant of all allowances/ perk and privilege of B-17 to all the supdt.w.e.f. 10.9.14 . I hope that ministry of finance will issued order very soon.

    congratulations to all supdt.

  • I would like to know that can you please confirm that what the federal govt policy for upgradation of an Accounts Officer(deputationist) bps-16 to 17 (MEPCO)

  • Kya accounts officer BS 16 jo k special pay Rs 100 nai le rhy...wo b scale 17 pe upgrade huy hain ?

  • I am stenographer in Drug Court Bahawalpur Punjab any information regarding up-gradation of this post. I am working in lower pay scale-14 than that of other courts.

    • Dear Muhammad Imran u can appeal to ur department for the upgradation of ur post to BPS-16 as the stenographer is other departments is in BPS-16.

  • no increases house rent and medical allw. allowed by the finance div but I hope that case in process in the IHC inshaallah positive decision will be received as early as possible. all the allowances and others benefits Of B-17 will be entitled for all supdt.

  • AA. Madam we are anxiously waiting the Notification of Punjab Govt. regarding Supdt. As all the Provinces have upgraded the post but in Punjab the same is still pending.