Upgradation of Assistant from BPS-14 to BPS-16 Decision of FST

The Federal Service Tribunal Islamabad has issued its detailed decision on 12th February 2015 in connection with Upgradation of Assistant from BPS-14 to BPS-16.

The FST has directed to decide the appeals of the applicants within a period of two months. The base of the decision is that Stenographers and Senior Auditors were in the same scale as the Assistants prior to the upgradation of Stenographers and Senior Auditors. The Stenographers and Senior Auditors have already been upgraded but the Assistants are still in BPS-14. The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has already upgraded the post of Assistant from BPS-14 to BPS-16.




Latest Updates of Upgradation of Assistant from BPS-14 to BPS-16

Latest Updates of Upgradation of Assistant from BPS-14 to BPS-16 as on 27-05-2015 are as under:

Decision on the case of Upgradation of Assistant from BPS-14 to BPS-16 has already been issued on 10th February 2015 by the FST in favour of the Assistants. The FST has already directed to the concerned that the same upgradation be done within 2 months. But after a lapse of three months period the Notification of Upgradation of Assistants has not been issued. Mr. Abdul Ghafoor and others have again appealed in the FST for the implementation of the decision of the FST. In this regard the Notices have been issued to the concerned.



Latest Updates of the case of Upgradation of Assistants from BPS-14 to BPS-16


The recent hearing of the case of Upgradation of Assistants from BPS-14 to BPS-16 was 17th June 2015.  With the consultation of Law Division, Finance Division submitted its report. The law division is in favour of the Upgradation of Assistants from BPS-14 to BPS-16. The summary of the same has been submitted to the PM for approval. Next date of hearing has been fixed on 17-07-2015. Pray for the best.

Next Date of Hearing of the case of Upgradation of Assistants

Next date of hearing of the case of Assistant from BPS-14 to BPS-16 is 31-08-2015. Pray for the best.


Next Date of Hearing of the case


19-10-2015 is the next date of hearing of Assistants upgradation case.


Next Date of Hearing of the case of Asstt Upgradation:

Next date of hearing has been fixed on 27-01-2016.

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  • Can i get any NEWS about up-gradation of Research Assistant BPS-10 and BPS-12 working under federal government departments, As some departments are allowing BPS-14 to research assistants working under federal as well as in provincial governments.
    Please update me also that whether Research assistants are included in Assistant that upgraded to BPS-14 or BPS-16?

  • Sir plz tell me if we are applying in specific department. For job like court where there is not age relaxtion .I have to given age relaxtion for specofic aaply.and how much. Age relaxtion year.and in my name in govt of sindh

  • respectd sir/mam

    pls let us know that all clerical staff have been promoted to bps 18 and their service in bps.16 and other are counted in their lenghth of service as 50% in bps 16 and below bps 16 as one third but when we technical staff highly qulified MSC submitted our case for up graduation to count the services of our bps 16 as 50% they did refused and told that it is in the case in promotion and no in up gradation
    pls sir/madom if any euilencies of promotion and up graduation that to solve our case

  • dear sir/ mam

    we have a problem here in UET Peshawar and other sister university that we are highly qualified MSC in the relevant field has no promotion and up gradation rule.
    they told that your case is up-gradation and has no promtion.
    pls let us guide that if any deciosn that show that up gradation and promotion be treated equal.
    we want to claime the bps 16 scale service benifite and to be counted in bps as half of 16 and others

  • AOA i hope u all are fine and well. dear friends i am woking as IT ASST(BPS-14) in combined Military Hospital. there are different rumors about upgradation of Assistant from 14 to 16.
    1 : Sir why the notification letter are not dispatch to all departments??? .
    2 : The Decision has been changed or unchanged about upgrdation??
    3 : Someone told me that the upgradation of of UDC and LDC letter has been reached to their departments but there is nothing mention about upgradation of Assistant>
    4: some people are saying that only HEAD-CLERKS and Assistant will be upgraded. NOT IT ASSISTANT...??
    Kindly clarify each point please.
    (if u can kindly email the answer at Jawadkht@gmail.com)

    your kind reply will be highly appreciated..


    • that was not notification only office memorandum addressed to Secretary Establishment Division.

  • Please, can you tell me about the up gradation of Assistant, UDC, LDC`s announced in budget 2016-17 notification were issued or not. ?????????????

  • mam, i want to ask you about up gradation of junior clerk in province of Sindh because there is no any thing clarify about up gradation in budget 2016

  • Aoa sir I want to ask an.important issue
    Sir I was appointed as jr.clerk in 2003 in.S&GAD and then promotes as sr.clerk on 2007 on regular basis then I appointed in.special branch punjab as DATA ENTRY OPERATOR BS-11 on contract basis on 24.11.2011 and in april 2015' I applied for the post of steno typist bs.14 in federal govt department through proper channel mean while I appointed in session court as stenographer in Bs.16 and after working 8 month.in.session court I.appointed as steno typist in Federal government for which.I.had obtained NOC from special branch.now.I.have been relieve d from session court and joined federal government the post in.lower grade now my question.is that weather I.am.entitled for pay protection and whether my 13 years service will.count

  • Sir library assistant ka 11 to 14 q nahin howa jbkh qualification MLIS min nay ki hoi hay From Muhammad Khalil library Assistant

  • technical scales were superior than clerical scales due to their skills higher qualifications for example

  • Sir Hamare kpo BPS 12 upgradtion ka case be hum ne supreme court me jeta he 11 to 16 ka kiya huwa

  • Please tell me about up gradation of Cashier in federal government whether cashier posts will be up graded or not.

  • InshAallah all Assistants / Statistical Assistants etc. in BPS 14 upgraded in BPS 16 , in Budget .....

  • Sir, kya stenotypist/graphers ki b upgradation ho gi? Q k Assistant pehly 11 my tha ab 14 my phr 16 my ho rha hy.

  • A.o.A. Medum .
    Assistant ke up gradation Jo Punjab me bps.14 sey bps.16 me hoi hay us me 2010 ka 50% same rahy ga ya bps 16 ka new fix ho ga.
    plz. reply. Thanks.

  • Please inform me about any information abou aspos bps 14 to 16 please I am Assistant Superintendent bps 14

  • I have been promoted from bps 16 to 17 on 15 December 2015 what will be my pay of 17 grade

    November 2015 pay drawn
    Basic pay 18085
    Medical 3750
    Conveyance 5000
    House rent 2727
    AR 2010 3265
    AR 2013 1400
    AR 2014 1400
    AR 2015 1334

  • meri appointment 22 october 2015 ko as an assistant bps 14 me federal department me hui hai, tou mujhy upgration k baad bps-15 millay ga ya bps-16 millay ga?

  • please tell me the stage of pay in BS-16 at which I will be fixed. I was head Clerk BS-15 at 25th stage i.e Rs.33610/- on 01-01-2016 at time of up-gradation of clerical staff by Govt. of the Punjab. weather because of same pay stage in BS-16, I will be awarded an additional increment or not?

  • suna ha FST ne Govt ko ijazat da di ha 1st July se upgradation ki, phr un ka kya bnay ga jo log lamby arsy se case me ha

  • What about latest hearing on 27.01.2016 of Assistant Up gradation..........................The Fed Govt doesn't follow FST orders, it is only possible on strike.........................All Provinces upgraded post, then wait for what of Fed

  • Sir jin logon ne apply kia hua hai Assistant bps 14 ki job k liye wo jb select jon ge tu kya wo bho 16 scale me jaein ge???

    • Yes, Usama all Ministerial caders of Federal Govt. will be upgraded accordingly. Post up-gradation means all existing and new entrants will be upgraded.

      • Kindly confirm that people having 1 year or less experience will also be upgraded.bcz I am working as data base assistant as bps 14????

    • Today i again confirmed from FST authorities as we are are in neighbourhood of FST. They confirmed that court has decided the case, detail decision is being write up now a days. Insha Allah Govt. will issue necessary orders as directed by FST.

  • Can any one please tell me kaya army k civil employee b upgrade hon gy. I m I.T assistant in bps 14.

  • On 27-01-2016.
    Congratulations to all Federal Employees, FST has announced its decision and directed the concerned to immediately implement the up-gradation of Assistant as per analogy of Punjab, KPK.

  • Through some reliable source, i came to know that next date of hearing is fixed on 27-01-16, durning last hearing some positive news came from Govt. side. Hope for best and pray to Allah.... Thanks

  • Respected Medem.
    plez. share latest updates of clerical upgradation in federal on 13 jan. hearing.

  • dear mam please update the position of upgradation of assistant about hearing on 13-1-2016 in FST.

  • Please intimate what achievements are being made for the up-gradation of Head Clerks serving in Federal govt departments. Waiting.

  • Mam G AOA,
    I am Working as a Store keeper in a university BPS-14 and have almost ten year service. According to recently up gradation of clerical staff we r also deserving but Govt is unable to pay attention and scale16, How we can file our case in court ?

  • hi i am working as Senior Assistant BPS-15 in Election Commission of Pakistan is there any up gradation news for said scale?????

  • Are you sure. On what grounds and lastest progress plez. Further where from you captured this topclass info.

  • Up-Gradation of Assistant to BPS-16 will be made from the date of Judgement given by F.S.T from the date when first judgement was given.

    cell NO. 0312 7420209.

  • Ma'am I want to appreciate you for your valuable work and hope the same spirit in future I am Assistant in federal Govt. Employee and waiting for the notification of Up-gradation of Assistant. God Bless U more.

  • madam kindly let me know whether any notification has been issue for up gradation of assistants or not.when it wil be issue as aps and stenos notifications have already been issue and get are enjoying fianancial benefits since a long time y not assistant r v step sons of govt it is purely 100% injustice with all assistants.all of us and finance div is to think about it.

  • please tell me when in wapda /discos commercial assistant / audit assistant/ accounts assistant will upgraded in scale no.16 from scale no.14.

  • Dear Sir
     It is submitted that Federal Service Tribunal Islamabad Issued a Judgement regarding Up gradation of LDC, UDC vide No.4627 dated 04 May 2015,.The FST directed to Finance Division and Establishment Division to take necessary/appropriate steps to finalize the matter by removing of disparity in the pay scale LDC, UDC which has occurred among the similar posts of different organization of the Federal Government in the light of constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan vide article No.25(1) read with the article 38 also states that the disparity of pay scales of various classess of Pakistan must be resolved.It is mentioned here that the matter of disparity was the post of  Junior auditor / LDC and Senior Auditor and Assistant  were same before 2007 later on Junior auditor and Senior Auditor ware upgrated in 2010, with back benefit with effect from 2005 and occurred the disparity among the similar posts LDC UDC of Federal Govt have challenged the matter of discrimination  in FST and above mentioned decision out come in this regard .According to Judgement FST has directed to concerned authority to upgrade the post of LDC UDC like Auditor ie with back benefit 2005 while Prime Minister approved the summery totally against the spirit of FST decision  with effect from 1st july 2016 . You are  therefore requested to kindly fight for implementation of FST Judgement letter and spirit ie 2005 as given to the Junior auditor senior auditors

  • Federal Service Tribunal has directed to Finance Division and Establishment Division vide Judgement No. 427 dated 04 May 2015 to take necessary/appropriate steps to finalize the matter by removing the disparity in the pay scale of LDC UDC which has occurred among the similar posts of different organization of the Federal Government of Pakistan. The constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan vide Article No. 25(1) read with the article 38 .The Govt of Pakistan may kindly be implemented the FST decision letter and spirit and upgrated the clerical posts like auditors with effect from 2005.

  • Madem Shumaila i want to know some difficulties about para-26 of the summary approved by the P.M. dully endorsed by the Law. what is the proposal made at para-26? if available may please be share with us, I shall be very thankful to you. The above query is for the upgradation for the post of LDC,UDC and Assistant of the Federal Government.

  • Federal Service Tribunal has already been issued the Judgement regarding upgradation of clerical posts in which FST directed to Finance Division and Establishment Division to remove the disparity and LDC UDC and Assistant should be upgraded like Auditor with effect from 2005 .Now Govt of Pakistan may kindly be implemented the court orders letter and spirit and upgrade like auditor with effect from 2005 with back date benifites

  • It is submitted that Junior Auditors and Senior Auditors Of Federal Govt up gradated With back benefits in 2010 with effect from 2005 and now Prime Minister of Pakistan approved the summery of LDC UDC and Assistant with effect from 2016 while before 2007 Junior Auditor and LDC Assistant and Senior Auditor were same why the auditors upgraded with effect from 2005 and clerical posts withe effect from 2016 this discriminatory with the employees.We are requested to Federal Govt to that LDC UDC and Assistant may kindly be upgraded like auditor with effect from 2005.

  • Dear Madam
    I want to bring you kind notice on the news published in the Rawalpindi Jang dated 22.11.2015 regarding "PM sign the summary of up-gradation of the posts of LDC/UDC and Assistant for BPS-11,14,16 respective. Kindly use their resources and confirm / authenticity of this news from concern Ministry. I shall remain thankful to you.

    Best Regards
    Farooq Dar

  • Mohtarab janab Head of FST dear sir ap se guzarish hai k upgradation ki implementation date pr thora sa nzar sani farmayen

    1. ya to date of registration of case se is ko implement hona chahiye
    2. ya phir Prime Minister Order ki date se implement hona chiye

    agr faisla k din se implementation hoti hai to wo log jo is muddat main retire ho jaen ge un k haqooq ki pamali hogi is wja se ap se guzarish hai k in logon k haqooq ka khayal rkha jaye our ye log jo salon saal gov ki mulazmat krte rhe hian bina upgrade howe retire ho jaen ge to un k sath na insafi hogi mere chand dost ahbab b is zumray main ate hain kun wo june main retire ho rhe hian is liye upgradation ki implementation purani dates main honi chahiye ya to ap log jb case file hoa the us date ko kr den ya phir jb PM sahib ne Order kiye the us Date ko kr den Ap ki meharbani hogi

  • PM has approved the summary regarding upgradation of ministerial posts i.e LDC, UDC & Assistants but sorry to say that it's a time scale upgradation. There will be no substantive benefit to the clerical staff bcoz it will be just like move over and the employees will get the next above stage in the upgraded scales. No premature increment will be awarded to them. There will be no increase in house rent, conveyance allowance, medical allowance, TA/DA, Rental Ceilings and other entitlements. They can not enjoy the entitlements of upgradaed scales as they will be originally in their previous scale. You can not expect anything positive in favor of govt employees from current govt. The court decision was to upgrade these posts as par like Accounts/Audit cadre but the current approval of PM is totally against the spirit of court decision as disparity between the cadre still prevails. I think that we will have to consult courts again to get upgradation.

    • It is submitted that Prime Minister approved the summery of the upgradation of Federal Govt clerical post with effect from 2016, why not approved the summery with effect from 2005 as th post of Junior Auditors and Senior Auditors where upgrated with back benefits on 2010 with effect from 2005 while LDC and Junior Auditors were same before 2007 this is discriminatory with the employees we should must go to court of law for the discriminate

  • Aslam Shahzad Assistant Directorate General of Special Education under the Capital Administration & Development Division, Federal Government of Pakistan, Islamabad (Pakistan)

  • Congratulations to all my brothers and sisters. Thanks to almighty Allah. The Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, on 21st of November, 2015 has approved by signing the Summary sent to him for the upgradation of the posts of LDC's(from BPS-07 to BPS-11), UDC's(from BPS-09 to BPS-14), Assistants(from BPS-14 to BPS-16) and Office Superintendents(from BPS-16 to BPS-17). The same will be implemented on 1st of July, 2016. (MUHAMMAD HAMOODUR REHMAN, Contact No. 03321599856, M/o. National Food Security and Research, Department of Animal Quarantine, Islamabad)

    • aoa sir
      weather same decision is applicable for computer assistants working under ministry of Defense?
      kindly acknowledge me ?

    • Junior Auditor and Senior Auditors were upgraded in 2010 with back benefits with effect from 2005 while the post of junior Auditor and LDC same Senior Auditor and Assistant was same before 2007 .The upgradation of clerical posts should be with effect from 2005 like Auditors

  • can FST take any so moto action for the other categories of Federal govt servents as store side staff and supervisory staff who have no right to appeal in the court for upgradation. my personal view is that scales/grades may be granted adjusted on educational/technical qualification. its awful for a graduate worker to serve under matriculate clerk/supervisor. some one to think on this who may be answerable some day some where.

  • Today Summary approved regarding upgradation of Assistant, UDC and LDC from BS-14 to BS-16, BS-09 to BS-11 and BS-07 to BS-09 respectively but the issue is to see whether it will be implemented from 1st Jan, 2016 or 1st July,2016......................

  • Hi mam I am Munir memon from Larkana, I am working as Assistant BPS-14 in Zakat department. I want to know abut our upgradation in 16. Is it in movement /process? and where is our summary reached and when it will be announced? please give me updates thanks.

  • a.o.a.

    Madam up gradation k baray mein kia up dates hein please iss baray mein boht saray log iss web pe sawal kr chukey hein lekin ab tk koi information nahi hey na govt ki taraf se & na hi APCA ki taf se plz ap kay pass koi khabr ho tu share krain ya koi khabr nahi hy tu bhi plz batain.

  • Mubarak Ho AJK walon k liay, lakin hamari qismat kb jagain gy yaar???
    pata 19 Oct ko case k samat thaa uska b abi tak kuch pata ni chala, Any body have any information,plz

  • aoa all, i am from kashmir yahan ajk main all assistants 14 say 16 main ja chukay hain...federal ko bhi chahya k ASAP hamain b 16 main kia jaey

  • Aoa when notification issued for upgradation of assistant Bs 14 to 16 in punjab govt n from which date it will implement?

  • Dear Pakistani Nationals,


    If you wants to wast your life you join Pakistan Air Force as a civilians employee. If you do not believe you join PAF than experience you I am right.

  • Dear Ms. Shumaila..

    I have come to know that HEC has announced that any private affiliated college and sub-campus of any university cannot offer the M.Phil programme, but it can be only in the Main campuses. I want to ask you have you got any information or notification of such sort.


  • may i know that how can it is implemented on the other assistants like library assistants bps-14, because i am working as library assistant bps-14 in health department multan... wd dual masters degree holder(MA. Library and information Sciences and M.A Political Sciences). in health depart there is no service structure of library assistants and librarians also.........

  • I need copy of the Notification of the grant of pre-mature increment to the employees of the Punjab Government on their up-gradation issued by the FINANCE DEPARTMENT. Please provide the same at the earliest as i have to file a WRIT PETITION in the LHC for compliance of the same.

    Looking forward for an early response,,,,,

    Raza M Haroon.

  • Assalam o Alaikum, Ap ki bepanha koshishain han hum govt mulazmin k lia Allah Pak apko Ajr e Azeem Atta farmain tammam staff ki tammam jaiz preshanian Allah Pak apne gheb k khazane Se puri fermain Aameen Assistant ki updradation ki update kia h please inform to all concerned Allah Hafiz

  • Dear friend Shumaila please send me the Notification issued by Finance Department Govt. of Sinsh up-gradation Cleric and BPS- 01 to BPS-04 issued dated 17/08/2007

  • Plz inform me when the up gradation of Office Assistants will b done from where it will b applicable i mean w.e.f..

      • Dear Sister Shumaila,
        If the Government do not implement on the decision of FST for upgradation of Assistant BS 14 to 16 then what FST can do in its response? please give us your perception in this regard.........

          • Respected Sister Shumaila, How can Federal Service Tribunal get implementation of its decision about Assistant. What is the power of FST? If the government refuses to implement then what will happen?

  • Dear madam, my concern is this that kpk has upgraded the assistants. What about punjab govt. I m a punjab govt employee. Is it possible to get a decision from court in my favor to get bs-16. Currently i m working as an Accountant BS-14. I mean agar men court jaun to kia mujhay iska koi benefit ho ga ya nahi. I need your precious opinion pls. Thankyou

    • Altaf Rehman sab I deem it wise to agree. Your question is absolutely right? contempt of court should not be only for common people.

  • Asslam o Alaukum, Assitance ki upgradation ki update kia h or revised pay scale 2015 ku progress please info, Allah Pak apko ajre azeem atta farmae Ameen

    • Salam Muhtamim sahb.. sbi jo ap upgradation ki bat kr raha hy us UDC/LDC ki kia scale zer ghor hy? any information plz.

    • Muhtamim Shah brother ap ko ye bi pata hogi ki Asst, UDC and LDC kis scale me upgrade hongay, please

    • thanks brother. agar apki news sahi ha to iska matlab k khushi ki news jald arhi ha inshaallah.
      wese ap finance division ma ho to ap se authenticated news to koi nai de skta. plz keep updating. thanks alot.

    • Great news. what are the proposed pay scales which have been concurred by Law Division? Whether it is grant of time scale or up gradation? And where is the summary now .. Please update if possible.

  • Madam there is any news about the up-gradation of Data Entry Operator(BPS-12) of federal as well as provinces employees?

  • Madam,do you have any news about the up-gradation of Assistant in Sindh province?thanks.

  • Islamabad: 27th May, 2015

    As per some sources "the summary of up-gradation of Assistant’s now reach in the Law Division”.

    After the approval of Secretary Establishment Division (also added LDC’s and UDC,s) the summary send to Prime Minister and Prime Minister send the case to Law Division FOR CONCURRENCE.

    Insha'Allah it will be done soon.

    On the other side Mr.Abdul Ghafoor Javed & Mr. Sajid etc filed a case in FST for Implementation of judgment DATED 10-02-2015 for Up-Gradation of Assistant BS-14 TO BS-16, notice issued to all respondent and court fixed the next date of hearing on 17-06-2015

    • Dear Brother,
      kia ye such hay District Government k under kaam krny waly departments for example Finance, Revenue, Information Technology, aur Education etc ky Assistant ki Upgradation nhi ho gi..................aur iss ki itlaaq sirf chand makhsoos department tak mehdood ho ga.............Please send us proper information............on sunflowersppn@gmail.com or itdpakpattan@gmail.com

    • Salam muhtamim broder .as u r from finance division.kindly update me on pm assistance package which is held in abehaynce.i have hears tht it is in finance division rite now

      • Bilal, please visit Establishment Division`s website wherein clarification has been uploaded. It has been clarified that since pm assistance package 2014 has been held in abeyance, all cases may be decided in the light of Assistance Package 2006. Now, cases can be processed according to previous package.
        Thanks Muhtamim for updates. Efforts are appreciable.

    • Bhai ye govt wese itni achi to nai k chupke se hmai scale dede or charcha na kre. Matlab agar aisa hona hota to govt APCA or Doosri tanzeemo ko strikes na krne deti or unhe btaya jata k scale milenge apko is budget pr.
      Lekin aisi koi news nai or mulazim bar bar court jarhe han

      • Dear Ahsun Shah, may Finance Division may hi Assistant ho aor ye mujay Establishment Division say pta chla hai.
        aor apki baat bi tek hai k itni assaani say up-gradation nhi karingay lakin already kpk,baluchistan etc nay Assistant ki up-gradation ki hay. to ab ye mjbori say up-gradation karingay.

    • Dear Hajira Begum there is no exact date. I hope there are chances in the coming budget.

  • Medam please is there any rule or notification about relaxation in age to a Federal government employee in ppsc. thanks.

    • Punjab Age relaxation rules 1976 provide age relaxation to govt employees. In that provision word Government employees is written. I personally inquired from PPSC information officer he told that PPSC only grants age relaxation to those federal employees who are applying for PMS exam. Government in punjab age relaxation means Punjab Govt. So FG employees are not entitled such facility he further informed

  • Respected Madam. please tell me weather the PPSC. give relaxation in upper age limit to a federal government employee or not ? thanks

  • Respected Mam have any news about the up gradation of assistant in this budget. any information about the previous adhoc relief allowances marge or not

      • AOA,

        Most Respected Mam Have Any Good News About the Up gradation of Assistants In New Budget. if Any May kindly be update me. thanks

  • summary of assistant was approved by pm but stolen by finance minister. He is rubbing the signatures. Just on lighter side. Keep tight your shuolders.

    • dear jabir how can you say that he hid the summary and trying to rub the signature. have you any authentic news.... plz

      • me ne tu TANZIA bat ki thi qk n leage govt employees specialy lower grades ko kuch nai deti but hopfull positive news there may be in upcoming budget

  • Respected sir, have u any news about the gradation of Assistant BPS 14 to 16?

  • Dear Madam,
    Salam I am Assistant reinstated in Establishment Division in Feb.2011.
    My appointment was on 1989 in peoples program and it is 2nd time I reinstated.Can you please guide me what benefits will be given to me on retirement.Is any up date of up gradation of Assistant notification.

    Thanks & Best Regards
    Nawab Ali

  • Dear Madam recently i m selected as Sub-Accountant (BPS 14) in Finance Dept KPK. Now Please Let me know how much time it will take to promote BPS 16 and to which scale Sub-Accountants are upgraded. Please also tell me about the starting salary of this post.

    I will be very thankful

  • Thanks Madam for useful information. I shall be grateful for your valuable input if you can provide details of allownces admissable to lecturer BS-17 including adhocs separately for the purpos of comparison with existing allowances.

  • AoA. Dear madam have u any latest news about the up-gradation of Assistant?

  • Madam please guide me about starting salary of lecturer BS-17 in punjab including all allowances. Adhocs will be admissible? Is there any option of hired accommodation option like fedral employee? I am federal Govt employee Bs-16 (8 years service). Intended to compete lecturer jobs recently announced by PPSC.

    • Dear Jabir it is estimated 39000/- Adhoc Allowances are admissible. You are not entitled for hiring.

  • Please let me know the prescribed time for submission of retirement TA in Federal Government.

    Thanks & regards,

    Rafique ahmed Khan

  • Any body on this forum can update regarding section officer promotional exam i.e, its advertisement and revised syllabus

  • Dear ShumailaKamal, I have no updates about the up-gradation of Assistant. As soon as I know that, I shall share the same with you. Hope for the best . Plz don't try this at home , school or any where else. Be safe.

  • up-gradation of Assistant from BS-14 to BS-16. The summary is prepared by Establishment Division and hopefully will be approved by the Prime Minister in this week.
    one time grant to all Assistant BS-16. Initial BS-15 will be given to Assistant. In future 3 years satisfactory service as Assistant in BS-15 will be given BS-16.
    hope for the best.

  • Mam, rumors are pouring in frequently that establishment divn. has approved the proposal for upgradation of federal govt. clerical staff on 24/27-04-2015. Assistants will be upgraded to BPS-15, UDC to BPS-11 and LDC to BPS-09. And it is being hoped that final notification would be issued by Finance Division within current week. Is there any confirmation from any source?

    thanking in anticipation.

    • Dear Qaisar Shakeel main nain yeh rumour nahin suni. As soon as i get the confirm updates I ll share.

  • Dear sister r u have any updates about the upgradation of clerical staff because the punjab govt also ordered that the summary will be submitted in the cm office information within ten days.

  • mam thank for reply any news for revised pay scale in the forthcoming budget 2015-16

  • Respected Madam
    Is there any possibility for senior assistant post?or the matter left abeyance looking for kind reply''.

    Senior Assistant.03007808845

  • AOA respected madam thanks for your reply, but my question is that that, notification which was issued by the government of balochistan regarding up gradation of assistant from b14 to b16 only for secretariat employees not for the attached department if i personally go to court of law it would not be effective so it is collective issue so will the APCA leaders will peruse this case in court of law. do you have any information in this regard or the attached department employees will remain in b15 thanks

    • Dear Fazal it is the duty of the APCA leaders to notice this discrimination and raise voice.

  • aoa madam. the balochistan govt has upgraded the post assistant from b14 to b16 for secretariat and some other department but for attached departments the post of assistant is upgraded to b-14 to b15. dear madam how in one province two notifications issued. so you people are working on this serious issue or this disparity of rights prevails.

    • Dear Fazal you can appeal for the BPS-16 alongwith the copy of the Secretariat Notification.

  • Asslam o alaikum
    dear madam any news upgradation of assistant time frame of FST has been completed.

      • Aoa mam ktny % chance hn k notification ajaye ga humain to nai lgta k nawaz govt aisa hny de g aur is k ilawa suna ha is dafa b ye 10% hi pay increase kr rahy hn kindly tell me about that.
        Furthermore do u have any news about da upgradation of pay scales this year?

  • AOA Hru aj 14 April ko Assistant BPS-14 ka up gradation ka suna tha .......kya he koi news update

  • mam the last date of 12th April, 2015 to implementation the decision of the upgradation for the post of assistant is expire now, any news regarding implementation of the decision of Fst by the Establishment Division as well as finance Division, please.

  • AoA. 2 months deadline will be completing on 12Apr Sunday. Hopefully notification will be issued on 13 April, Monday, Insha Allah.... Amen.

    • Dear rabia sabir still no news as soon as i get the updates I ll share the same at this website.

  • dear mam kya ye notification back date sy ho. or kya ye posibble ha k ye govt is py impeliment kry gi

  • Ma'am I want to appreciate you for your valueable work and hope the same spirit in future.
    I am Assistant in Federal Govt and waiting for the notification of upgradation. ;-)

    • Thanks Dear Malik Nadeem for appreciating mine efforts. I ll share the updates in this regard soon.

  • Upgradation of Assistant to BS-16 will be made from the date of Judgement given by FST, from the date when first judgment was given or immediate effect?

  • Thanx for ur valuable guidance. will u be kind enough to provide a copy of notification blocking the back dated promotion issued, in 2003(perhaps). May we challenge this amendment, which is against the right of civil servants because it stopped/delayed the timely consideration for promotion.Further, if any instruction / notification for immediate consideration of next incumbent for promotion, exist, please email.

      • Ok. If ur goodself have any reference number or any information about
        such like letter or direction (timely holding of DPC)?

  • AOA Madam:-
    I am serving as a Engineer Supervisor in special Communication Organization(SCO) which working under Minister of defense and Ministry of IT.recent court decision about upgradation of Supervisor in GHQ BS-11 to Bs-16. Is this decision implement on My Organization or Not? My Organization also working under GHQ.Please Guide

  • aslam walekum
    i win my promotion case from labor court but management is not implementation.further court fixed contempt on management.but now management is using delay tactice. please give advise me.

  • Dear Madam Shumaila, you are giving very remarkable services for govt employees, we were also fed.govt employees but after the 18th amendment we are in buffer zone,neither provincial govt listening our concern nor the fed govt taking serious efforts regarding our legislation in order to absorption in respective province .. Do you have any information regarding the matter? plz update. thanks and regards

  • Ms. Shumaila! your efforts are praiseworthy. Congratulations to Assistants and salute to the leaders of the movement.

    May Allah bless all of us.

  • Decesion mai court na sirf itna kaha hai ka phala departmental apeal par 2 month mai faisla karai Court na kahi nahi kaha ka 2 month ma notification nikalo it is not in favour it will linger on the matter

  • My basic pay 26000, age 55 years, service 30 years, BPS-16, Federal govt employees. Pl tell me pension and commutation, thanx

  • Dear Shumaila Kamal kia FST kee decision Assistant kae favour main hae yaa nahin, agar hae to notifcation kb niklagaa.

  • basic pay 26000, D o Birth 20-03-1961, date of enrollment 05-02-1986, Deptt Air Headquarters Islamabad . pl tell me my pension and cummutation

  • i m stenotypist (grade 14) present basic pay is 24470 and am drawing pay 43589 after deduction as per rules. Now i hv this month promoted to the rank of APS (Asstt Private Secretary) grade-16 in a federal govt department islamabad. I would like to ask about my new fixation of basic pay and total net pay and if i hv to plan for retirement, pl tell my pension and commutation, thnx

    • Dear Khalid ur pay will be fixed as Rs. 26000/-. The new allowances depends on ur previous allowances. For pension plz email me ur total service, age, basic pay department etc.

  • mam, there was a case in FST about upgradation of clerical staff i.e UDC, LDC etc which was reserved for decision... Do u have any informaton?