An Important Notification Regarding Premature Increment on Upgradation of the Post

Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority has issued Notification No. FO(B&F)/10-126/Vol-37/1622-1721 dated 19-02-2014 in connection with clarification regarding Premature Increment on Upgradation of the Post.

Premature Increment on Upgradation of the Post

Finance Division has already issued its clarification regarding Premature Increment on Upgradation. But this notification covers more clarifications about the premature increment on the upgradation of the post of an employee. Some of these clarifications are not covered in the Finance Division Notification.There are 16 clarifications in this Notification. However some important clarifications in this Notification are as under:

An employee while he is working in BPS-15 by virtue of selection grade, his post was upgraded from BPS-11 to BPS-14, whether such employee is entitled for premature increment in BPS-15?

Yes, just like promotion where an employee is already drawing pay in pay scale higher than the pay scale of the post to which he is promoted.

Whether an employee who was already working in higher pay scale by virtue of TSU (Time Scale Upgradation) will be allowed two increments on upgradation of their posts in same scale, as two increments are eligible in case of promotion in the same scale?

No, only one premature increment is eligible on upgradation of such posts.

Whether premature increment is admissible on Time Scale Upgradation (TSU)?

No, premature increment is not admissible on TSU, being not upgraded the post.

The post of Junior Clerk was upgraded from BPS-05 to BPS-07 with effect from 1st July 2007, later on the incumbent was appointed to higher post against direct quota as stenographer grade-II in BPS-12 and further his post was upgraded from BPS-12 to BPS-14, whether such employee will be admissible for two premature increments i.e with effect from 1st July 2007 and 2nd with effect from 23-12-2011 or not?

Yes, provided that such an employee was Junior Clerk on the date of Upgradtion of the same post.


Premature Increment Upgradation


Premature Increment Upgradation 2


Premature Increment Upgradation 3

Premature Increment Upgradation 4

Upgradation of Posts




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25 thoughts on “An Important Notification Regarding Premature Increment on Upgradation of the Post

  1. Dear, my post is upgraded from BS-05 to BS-07 in 1st April 2019 in province, then I joined as a stenotypist in BS-14 in federal department through proper channel on 11th june, 2019. kindly confirm me about these two points.

    1. Am i eligible for premature increment from lower to upper scale.
    2. Am i eligible for annual increment 2019.

  2. Dear mam i was appointed as clerk on 30-4-2004 ,in march 2016 i was appointed as ct teacher bps15 iavail premature, then i was appointed as sst on may 2017 in bps 16 ,so ideserve for one premature or not please send me any notification for this

  3. please send me a letter of Ministry of Finance O.M. No. 893-R3/81 dated 24/10/1981 regarding policy of premature increment , the post of DEO was upgraded in 1998 in PEPCO and the authority has allowed premature increment those official who upgraded on 28-01-2002 or after that date. The authority regret the premature increment those official who have upgraded in 1998 BPS 10 to BPS 12

  4. AOA sir i am going to promote APS BS 16 from the post of Stenotypist BS 14 whether pre mature increment is admissible to me or not?

  5. AOA!
    I am serving in education department as Primary School Teacher (BPS-12) since 2000. I was promoted to the post of Primary School Head Teacher (BPS-15) in May 2015. Now after serving there for two years, I was again promoted to SST (BPS-16) in August 2017. Madam am I eligible for one premature increment.
    If you have any information kindly send it to me.
    I will be thankful

  6. Assalam o Allekum… Mam i was serving in govt department in BPS 11 and was appointed there as on 04-05-2000 but in 2001 i applied through proper channel and got appointed in a BPD-14 in another govt department. i joined there on 27-07-2001.
    my question is am i eligible for premature increment in BPS-14 (appointment in higher scales through proper channel)
    waiting for your early response. Tanveer Malik

  7. Dear,
    I have been appointed as O.A in BS 11 on contract and after that I have been regularised in the same scale. I have applied for.upgradation as O.A in BS 16 but my administration told me that its only.for.those.employees who.are 14. me autonomous body

  8. Dear Shumaila,

    I want to upgrade one contractual post of BPS.18 to19 in my office (autonomous body) along with incumbent possesing10 years exp: in BPS-18, but the salary of incumbent after up gradation decreases after applying new basic of BPS-19. how shall i cover the gape less than new salary.
    there is difference of two increments between both salaries mean old salary in BPS-18 due to increment of 10 years is higher than new salary of BPS-19. when i apply two increments on new salary then both the salaries coincide.could you please guide me so that i may protect the salary of said incumbent. we have fix basic salaries for each scale and does not have stage stable like in Govt.

  9. Assalam.O.Alaikum.
    Dear Shumaila kindly send me the notification of cabinet division regarding the use of Office and homeTelephone Policy for Officers of Grade 17 and above In federal Govt.

  10. Shumaila Sahiba Assalam-O-Alaikum:

    I was promoted in Data Processing Officer BS-16 in April-2011 through DPC by Local Govt. Deptt: Govt. of Sindh,, now I want to know by your good self that when should I apply for upgrade of my post under Sindh Govt. rules I need the notification or any related documents you have regarding that please email. Thanks so much.

  11. salam may fgei may may 2014 ko mtt bps.9 may appoint howa r phr july 2014 ko fgei he mai tugt Bps14 appoint ho gya now i am upgraded as tgt bps16 from joining date kiya mujhy koi premature increament mily ga .plz confirm it r kiya mujhy annually increament mily ga .r konsa plz tell me

  12. salam if u have any info about the pre-mature increment for an employee whose service is less than three years and his post is upgraded

  13. Dear,
    Plz remove too many adds on your website. If these adds are matter in your earning then no problem stay them here. ๐Ÿ™‚


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