Anomaly of Medical Allowance-Minimum 1200/- Per Month

Government of Pakistan Finance Division has issued Notification No. F.No.1(4)Imp/2014-216 dated 04-03-2015 in connection with Anomaly of Medical Allowance for the Federal Govt employees. The summary of Anomaly of Medical Allowance-Minimum 1200/- Per Month is as under:

Anomaly of Medical Allowance-Minimum 1200/- Per Month

It is to mention here that the Medical Allowance had been increased from Rs. 1000/- per month to Rs. 1200/- per month for the employees of BPS-01 to BPS-15 with effect from 01-07-2014. But the Medical Allowance for the employees of BPS-16 and above remained the same without any change. Many employees of BPS-16 are getting Medical Allowance nbetween Rs. 1000/- and Rs. 1200/- per month. Now these employees will get minimum Rs. 1200/- per month as Medical Allowance with effect from 01-07-2014.


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  • salam mam
    my grade is 17 and m getting 1478/- medical allowance. i need some clarification wheather this increase would b applicable to me?

  • Salam mam my grade is 17 and getting 1478 (fixed) medical allowance, wat about this removel of anomaly in my case?

  • AoA Dear!

    I am getting Rs. 1000/- as MA what will effect of this on me. will i get Rs.1200/- or same 1000/-

    • Dear Obaid Ullah Punjab Govt has not yet issued the same and hope soon it will be issued.

  • I was serving as CT teacher in B 15 till 31-3-2014 and then joined PHE deptt in B16 through proper channel. Now I get adhoc all 2010 @50%, adh. All 2011@15% and med. All Rs. 2610, Rs 783 and Rs 1000respectively. These are the allownces which I got in B15. The auditor of DAO office says these are freeze. On the other hand fresh appointees in B16 get Rs 3030, Rs909 and Rs909 respectively. Pls help

    • Dear Obaid Ullah u r eligible for the allowances that the fresh employee gets. Punjab Govt has already clarified the same.

  • what is Rule 38 and what is its role in service brief in detail. Can a employ of FG transfer from one province to other get his seniority as he has in his parent unit or otherwise

  • District bahawalnagar mein account officer nay abi tak 1000 rupee nai kiya to 1200 kaisay karay ga, hamein abi tk 909 rupee mil raha hai

  • Mam ye btae k ye Kya Jo Punjab Govt k employees hain Grade 16 k jo May 2011 may appoint hue thy kya un ko b 1200 mile ga?