Notification of Clarification of Grant of BPS-17 to Superintendent and Others

Government of the Punjab, Finance Department has issued Notification No. FD.PC.14-19/2014 dated 19-05-2014 in connection with Clarification of Grant of BPS-17 to Superintendent and Others.

I am directed to refer to this Department’s Notification bearing even number dated 4th March 2015 and to state that a question has arisen about beneficiaries of Para 5 of the notification ibid.

It is clarified that only those incumbents are beneficiaries of Para 5 of this Department’s notification of the dated 04-03-2015who fulfill the following conditions:

  • The incumbents were promoted from the cadre posts of Superintendents.
  • They supervise the work of one or more Superintendents in the organization.
  • The posts of such incumbents presently carry BPS-16 plus Rs. 100/- as Special Pay.

The incumbents who did not fulfill the above conditions will not be considered/included in the list of beneficiaries of BPS-17 as allowed in Finance Department’s Notification of the dated 04-03-2015.

Special Thanks to Magnificent Romeo for sending the copy of the Notification of Clarification of Grant of BPS-17 to Superintendent and Others.


Clarification Upgradation Superintendents


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34 thoughts on “Notification of Clarification of Grant of BPS-17 to Superintendent and Others

  1. Dear Mam
    i am presently working as an Accounts Officer in BS-16 in Social Welfare Department. i promoted from Accountant (BS-13) as per our present Rules. According to previous Rules of our Department Superintendent (BS-16) got promotion as an Accounts Officer (BS-16 +100 Special Pay). my question is that if we promoted from Accountant BS-13 to Accounts Officer (BS-16) are we eligible for the up gradation in BS-17?

  2. Dear Madam:
    I am working as Accounts Officer in BS-16 in GDA since 14 years. I have not promoted due to non availability of seat. I am not taking special pay of Rs.100/- as mentioned in notification. So let me know that, am I not eligible for upgradation in BS-17 nor I am poromoted. Where should I go ?

  3. Ch. Muhammad Arif · Edit

    Madam, Aslam o elaikam
    May Allah Almighty bless you.
    I have been office Superintendent in District Judiciary, Punjab since 15.10.1987. I was granted BS.17 as selection grade w.e.f 9.5.1994 and the post of Superintendent in District Judiciary was upgraded in BS.17 in October, 2014………Right from 9.5.1994 I have been in BS.17, either in the capacity of Selection grade (from 9.5.1994 to September, 2014) Or on Regular basis since October, 2014 onward. In this way I have served about 23 years in same scale BS.17.
    My question is as to whether I am eligible for BS.18 in any way. The post of Office Superintendent in District Judiciary is filled by selection on merit from the clerical staff and stenographers.The incumbents of this post have no further promotion. The post is stagnant.
    contact number 03006824729 03355252441
    Please guide

  4. There are 12 posts of assistant of various branches whom nomenclature was changed as supertendent by tehsil council,Okara when I am working agaist the post of office sperintendent. Kindly guide whether I am eligible to get bs-17

  5. Respected madam either seniority of upgraded supetintendents shall be msintained in bps 17 or not if yes I need supporting document/order/notification any else proof.
    Kindly help it matter of our sevice career. Kindly send such info on my email plz plz madam

  6. It is stated that I am working as Accounts Officer BS-16 in TEVTA and not drawing Rs. 100 as special pay now what’s happens after clarification?

  7. Sir I am working as AdmnOfficer – BS-16 and I was also promoted as Admn Officer from amoungst Assistant in March 2014. The querry is that whether according to clarified Notification I am eligible for grant of BS-17 being as Admn Officer.

    1. Dear Malik Ansar Admin Officer is already in BPS-17 if ur post not upgraded then you should appeal to ur department. The Supdt is upgraded to AO. How it is possible that Supdt is in BPS-17 and AO in BPS-16?

      1. It is submitted that in our department the nomenclature of the post of Superintendent was got changed as Admin Officer BS-16 in the year 2001 with the approval of competent authority. Kindly guide us that whether notification issued by Finance Department Government of the Punjab regarding Up -gradation of the post of Superintendent BS-17 is applicable upon our department employees i.e. Admin Officer or according to recent clarification we are not eligible for the same.

  8. M. javed khan CT BS 15 Education dept · Edit

    dear madam. Kpk govt has all set to upgrade govt employees from bps 1 up to bps 15. Besides it also hints at showering lucrative packages to emplyees of bps 17 and above. The only neglected segment is govt servant of bps 16. Kindly let us know what guilt ve we comitted so that we repent on it and beg pardon for the same thanx

  9. i m Aurangzeb working as store superientendent BPS 16 in punjab university.
    our designation fall under this calarification notice
    whats ur opinion and advice for me.
    In punjab university no any more designated superintendents here suprientendent designation not used just admin officer work equal to suprientendent.
    plz give me any suggestion what i can do for this and how i can got this scale.

  10. mahem jab pahly notification ma admin officer mention tha jab k admin officer ki post supridant say above hoti hay auger post admin officer ho but 1000 na dia ja reha ho then how it would be justfy that supridant permoted in bps 17 and admit officer may not be permoted in bps 17.


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