Notification of M.Phil Allowance to Agriculture (Ext.) Department

Government of the Punjab, Agriculture Department has issued Notification No. SO(A.II)11-2/2013 dated 07-03-2016 in connection with Notification of M.Phil Allowance to Agriculture (Ext.) Department.

According to this Notification, in pursuance of the circular letter of Finance Department dated 1st April 2013, and in the light of the decision of Higher Education Commission, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad contained in its letter dated 27-05-2013, I, Muhammad Shehryar Sultan, Secretary Agriculture/Competent Authority grant M.Phil Allowance @ 50% of the Ph.D Allowance per month to the following 254 officers of Agriculture Department, Extension & Adaptive Research Wing as under:

  • With effect from 01-04-2013 to those who were selected prior to this date.
  • From the date of assuming charge who were given appointment after 01-04-2013.

List of the officers attached. (full list will be available soon)


Special thanks to Mr. Akran Gujjar for sending the copy of the Notification of M.Phil Allowance to Agriculture (Ext.) Department.





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  • Kindly attach full copy of this letter in pdf format.
    in which he granted the M.phil allowance to 254 officers.

  • Federal govt. Na sirf Mphil walo ko 25% allowance dia ha. Eq walo ko ni dia. Ksi na court ma writ ki ha is decision k khilaf ya ni??

  • Aoa.I have applied for M.phil allowance in mianwali education department.they are asking me to submit a new notification copy alongwith case file in which decision taking authority has been given to the respective heads of the institutions.kindly provide me a notification copy and also make me clear that allowance is either 5000 or 2500

    • Dear zahid khan, M.Phil Allowance is Rs. 5000/- per month for Punjab Govt Employees.