Clarification Time Scale Promotion of Employees of BPS-05 to BPS-16

Government of the Punjab, Finance Department has issued Notification on 04-04-2016 in connection with Clarification Time Scale Promotion of Employees of BPS-05 to BPS-16.

According to this Notification, I am directed to refer to this Department’s Notification of even No dated 04-01-2016 and to state that the Notification dated 04-01-2016 is equally applicable to all employees in the Punjab (technical/non-technical) which are isolated/stagnant (have no promotion channel) including the surplus employees, posted in different Govt Departments, District Field Offices and Attached Departments under section 9 of the Punjab Civil Servants Act. 1974.

Surplus employees will be allowed time scale promotion keeping in view of their total service in one scale including the service prior to their being rendered surplus.

Special thanks to Mr. Brave Ali for sending the copy of the Notification of Clarification Time Scale Promotion of Employees of BPS-05 to BPS-16.



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  • Sir
    I am telephone operater .hamara scale kun upgrade nhi hua ha.hamara kia qasoor tha.hamara kb ho ga scale upgrade tell me

  • I am working in a punjab government department since 1995 and about to get promotion in scale from 14 to 16 but I dont have completed my ACR's /PER's since then particularly from the period of 1995 to 2000 because all the reporting and counter signing officers has been passed away and their successors dont bother to complete my ACR's for their predeccessors . Please let me know what should I do ? and is there any law or precedence to submit my last 5 or 10 years ACR's rather than previous 22 years? Hope for an urgent and valid advice from you. Thanks.

  • A A i request to competeime scale in authority to implement this me scale in federal government too

  • A.O.A.

    Thanx for your response .I can understand. Yes you are right any person can reply who understand the question and help others.

  • A.O.A.

    i am sorry bt ye kehma paray ga k ap ye website band kyon nahi kr detay kunkay ap nay kisi swal ka jawab tu dena nahi hy. jaisay kay yahan 5 logon ne sawal kiye lakin jawab ek bhi nahi. afsos hy. thanx.

    • Dear farhat I always try to reply but due to some some "Masroofiat" i am unable to reply all. I suggest the other employees that they can reply too each others comments.

  • Please mujhy is clarification k mutaliq guide line dy
    Mai computer operator hoon health department mei or mera scale 12 hai
    Bps 10780 hai
    11-12-2006 joining date hai

  • a.o.a.

    my question is same as shaheen. An employee is serving since 1988 and have still not promoted, although his promotion channel (for men ) is there but promotion channel for the same post ( for women) is not there in the service rules frame. can be granted the time scale promotion or not.

    if you like please answer this question.

  • madam please demonstrate me the option entry and oblige.
    pay on 30.6.2015 B-2 Rs. 7790 pm
    pay revised and post upgraded to B-4 from 1.7.2015

  • An employee who is serving since 1992 and have still could not be promoted, although his promotion channel is there in the service rules frame for that department, can be granted the Time Scale Promotion or not