What will be the Compensatory Allowance Amount KPK?

Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Finance Department has issued Notification No. KC/FD/SO(FR)/7-20/2015/3318 dated 21-02-2017 in connection with Compensatory Allowance Amount KPK.

The subject of the letter is: Upgradation of class IV and sanction of special compensatory allowance 2015-16

I am directed to refer to the correspondence resting with this department vide your letter No. H-24/ Promotion / Fixation 2015-16/14 dated 21-06-2016 on the subject noted above and to inform that a meeting under the chairmanship of Secretary Finance was held on 31-01-2017 comprising Deputy Accountant General & Accounts Officer of Accountant General Officer as well as other members to discuss the observation made by Accountant General Officer as well as other members to discuss the observation made by Accountant General Officer regarding grant of Compensatory Allowance to the employees of Provincial Government of BPS-16 under this department notification of even No. dated 30-06-2015. On second thoughts it was unanimously decided that the Compensatory Allowance will be granted to all entitled employees on the following rate.

“Difference of Basic Pay of an employees on 02-07-2015 in BPS-16 and next stage in BPS-17 on 01-07-2015 along one premature increment plus difference of House Rent allowance at frozen level”

Further details available at the copy of the Notification of Compensatory Allowance Amount KPK. Special thanks to Mr. Abdur Rahim Khan & Muhammad Afsar for sending the copy of the Notification.


Download Compensatory Allowance Amount KPK in PDF Format


Compensatory Allowance Amount KPK


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12 thoughts on “What will be the Compensatory Allowance Amount KPK?

  1. Asslamo alaikum Madam :- I am working as Computer Operator BPS-16 w.e.f. 29.7.2016 . Am i entitled for compensatory allowance or not . please reply

  2. نعیم الدین قریشی · Edit

    اسلا و علیکم 2012میں سی ٹی سے بذریعہ پبلک سروس کمیشن ایس ایس ٹی پر تقرری ہوئ.کیا میں اس الاونس کا حقدار ہوں یا نہیں

  3. Respected Madam

    I have got one step promotion in Dec 2015 and upgraded from BPS 15 to BPS 16 , then I promoted to SAT(senior Arabic Teacher) in BPS 16 in August 2016. Am I eligible for the above compensatory allowenece?? reply

  4. Aslamoalaikum madam.Am i eligible to get compensatory allowance as i have been promoted to bps 17 on 21st October 2016.while i was in bps 16 from 2012 to 2016.or there is any chance of getting arrear.thanks


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