News to Increase in salaries upto 35% in Budget 2017-18 by KPK Govt

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News to Increase in salaries upto 35% in Budget 2017-18 by KPK Govt has been published by daily Mashriq dated 01-05-2017. The summary of the same is as under:

The recommendations have been demanded to increase the salaries of the Government Employees upto 35% by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government in the coming budget 2017-18.

There will be upgradation of the employees of BPS-01 to BPS-16 and the salary for these employees will be increased upto 15%.

There are chances to increase more salary for the higher grade employees as they will not get the benefit of upgradation.





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10 thoughts on “News to Increase in salaries upto 35% in Budget 2017-18 by KPK Govt

  1. Head Clerk Mazhar Hussain · Edit

    Up graded as clerical staff in budget 2017-18 but neglected of Head Clerk Post whereas post Head Clerk/Assistant is equal as per Court decision.
    1. LDC (7 to 9), UDC (9 to 11) and Assistant (14 to 16) Assistant for Secretariat/Ministries/ Autonomous Bodies.
    2. LDC (7 to 9), UDC (9 to 11) Head Clerk (ignored from up gradation) in Defence/Employee Lower Formation of the Army which is clearly injustice (in the eye of justice and fundamental rules) / against Court decision 2008.

  2. Market me jo ashiyaa khareedny ki hoti hai uska price tag 1 bps se le kay 22bps tak k liye ek jaisa hota hai cm sahab so insaf ki hakomat me insaf nai nai hai

  3. kpk govt ko health and education department ky ilawa aur depatment nazar nai aty,aur local govt isi govt ki padawar hai but abi tak NC/VCS secretary ki upgradation py siyasat kar rahi hai to khudara isi budget main upgrade kia jaey

  4. Mam is it from a valid source and upgradation ke chances hay ke nahi. .. 2nd those who got benifit from one step upgradation in 2015 will be upgraded again or not?


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