News to Increase in salaries upto 35% in Budget 2017-18 by KPK Govt

News to Increase in salaries upto 35% in Budget 2017-18 by KPK Govt has been published by daily Mashriq dated 01-05-2017. The summary of the same is as under:

The recommendations have been demanded to increase the salaries of the Government Employees upto 35% by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government in the coming budget 2017-18.

There will be upgradation of the employees of BPS-01 to BPS-16 and the salary for these employees will be increased upto 15%.

There are chances to increase more salary for the higher grade employees as they will not get the benefit of upgradation.





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  • Upgradation:
    Up graded as clerical staff in budget 2017-18 but neglected of Head Clerk Post whereas post Head Clerk/Assistant is equal as per Court decision.
    1. LDC (7 to 9), UDC (9 to 11) and Assistant (14 to 16) Assistant for Secretariat/Ministries/ Autonomous Bodies.
    2. LDC (7 to 9), UDC (9 to 11) Head Clerk (ignored from up gradation) in Defence/Employee Lower Formation of the Army which is clearly injustice (in the eye of justice and fundamental rules) / against Court decision 2008.

  • We demads that Scales Armed Forces JCOs/Soldiers are also to be upgraded as per Federal and Provencial Civilians Employees.

  • Asalam O alikum Any confirm information regarding NTS teacher Regularization in recent budget 2017

  • Market me jo ashiyaa khareedny ki hoti hai uska price tag 1 bps se le kay 22bps tak k liye ek jaisa hota hai cm sahab so insaf ki hakomat me insaf nai nai hai

  • Kpk Buduget kab pesh honay ja raha hai
    ....plz do inform... waiting for ur kind response.....

  • kpk govt ko health and education department ky ilawa aur depatment nazar nai aty,aur local govt isi govt ki padawar hai but abi tak NC/VCS secretary ki upgradation py siyasat kar rahi hai to khudara isi budget main upgrade kia jaey

  • Mam is it from a valid source and upgradation ke chances hay ke nahi. .. 2nd those who got benifit from one step upgradation in 2015 will be upgraded again or not?

  • Madam kya kpk teachers kai scale upgradation ka kuch imkan hay i.e pst from 12 to 14 and ct from 15 to 16