Latest Updates Upgradation Computer Operators/DATA Entry Operators

Government of the Punjab, Services and General Administration Department has issued letter on 05-06-2017 to the Special Secretary to Chief Minister Punjab in connection with Latest Updates Upgradation Computer Operators/DATA Entry Operators. Detail is as under:

I am dissected to refer to Chief Minister`s Office letter No.STO/SSCM/CMO/16/QT-47/00093740 dated 03.05.2017 on the subject noted above and of state that enclosed application of Mr. Baber Bashir, President Association of Computer Professionals Punjab was examined has stated that Computer Operators / Data Entry Operators are working in different department efficiently. It has been requested that the post of Computer Operators / Data Entry Operators may also be upgraded in BS-16 on the analogy of up-gradation of the clerical cadre.

It is submitted that in the wake of up-gradation of clerical cadre by Finance Department vide letter dated 04.01.2016, S&GAD is receiving a number of references / application from the employees of different cadres / services for up-gradation of their respective posts However, a Summary for Chief Minister upgrading of various posts was initiated by Finance Department vide Diary No.814 dated 05.05.2017 which was forwarded to Chief Minister`s  Office the Chief Secretary`s office Diary No 642  dated 06.05.2017. The same is still waited.

The report is submitted of kind information please.

Special thanks to Ch Waqas Hassan for sending the copy of the letter regarding Latest Updates Upgradation Computer Operators/DATA Entry Operators.


Latest Updates Upgradation Computer Operators


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9 thoughts on “Latest Updates Upgradation Computer Operators/DATA Entry Operators

  1. ye computers operators punjab waly k sath q ni kuch hota na hi inko utility allowance daty ha or na hi upgradation kr rahy ha , khawateen k bacho k lia day care bi ni ha itni mahangai or day care k izfi expense kaisy puray kary

  2. Hi, i am computer laboratory assistant bps11 initial, in sindh university, my qualification is bs computer science just like, comp operator or data entry operator, we are not upgrading to 16 in next stage?? Why, we are in fucking technical scheme where after each five year 2 grade promotion will be given laboratory assistant last stage is bps15,,,, only as as senior lab assistant, this hell service structure is made, on unequality basis, please burn Sindh uni and make Altaf hussain uni hyderabad sindh, thnx


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