Windup Speech Budget 2017-18 & Salaries of Govt Employees

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I am sharing here the topic of Windup Speech Budget 2017-18 & Salaries of Govt Employees for the information of Govt Employees. Summary is as under:

Before the wind up speech employees expected much from the Government as Senate Committee recommended 20% increase in salaries for the Govt Employees. But the hopes of the employees faded when there was no further increase in salaries except 10% declared in the windup speech.

However there is 400 Rupees more increase in the minimum wages rates for the workers/laborers per month as there minimum salary increased from Rs. 14000/- per month to 15400/- per month instead of 15000/- per month.

So the conclusion of the salaries of Government employees is as under:

Adhoc Relief Allowance 2010 @ 50% is merged into basic pay.

Revised Pay Scale 2017 are introduced.

10% increase on the new basic pay of the pay scales 2017.

Minimum wages raised from Rs. 14000/- to 15400/- per month.

Other announcement in budget 2017 are same.



Windup Speech Budget 2017-18


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2 thoughts on “Windup Speech Budget 2017-18 & Salaries of Govt Employees

  1. It seems in justice. For armed forces 100 percent allowance was merged while for civil class this increase is 50%.

    I think employees should raise voicevfor utilities allowance, free education for children of employees in all education systems at par of armed forces, all other facilities allowed to counter part in other dwpartments , right of housing as in the current rate of hra it is very difficult to hire a house so either government should provide housing facilities on owner ship basis and the hra may be deducted until recovery of invested amount or government should provide housing facilities at their own, the medical insurance may be open in all hospitals so that employs could get better medical facilities, convince allowance may be increased reasonable as allowed to senior officers


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