Enhancement Rental Ceiling for Hiring & House Rent Allowance-Updates

Prime Minister Office, Islamabad has issued letter in connection with Enhancement Rental Ceiling for Hiring & House Rent Allowance-Updates. The subject of the letter is as under:

“Enhancement of Rental Ceiling for Hiring of Private Owned Residential Accommodation” summary of the same letter is as under:

However, keeping in view the genuine need to enhance the rental ceiling for hiring of private accommodation by government servants, the Prime Minster has been pleased to agree In principal to an increase in the curt limits of rental ceilings across all grades by 50 percent.  Furthermore, since the House Rent Allowance remains fixed as a proportion of 2008 pay scales, the Prime Minister, in the interest of equity, has also been pleased to approve in principal the enhancement of House   Rent Allowance by 50 percent t of the current level for all grades.

The Ministry of Housing and Works shall resubmit the summary accordingly.

Special thanks to Syed Muhammad Israr Kakakhel & Sher Muhammad and Muhammad Shahid Nawaz



Expected House Rental Ceiling is as under:



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  • Latest updates regarding increase in house rent ceiling. Summary has been sent to PM office with 50% increase by Min of H&W on 4 April 2018. Final approval will be accorded by PM. Hope for the best.

  • AOA
    Dear Madam when the enhancement in house ceiling will be re-initiated for PM approval any updates. How many it would be increased. Expected as per sources report.

  • CM Punjab Approved Summary of House Rent Allowance Increase All the Punjab Government Servant Notification will be issued within one week.

  • Dear madam.House rent 2008 bps k 30℅milta hy House requisition kon c bps pe mil rahi hy please reply ?

  • Dear madam class4 Ka house rent taqriban 1500 rupai hai . Is mein Kitna izafa hoga 2008 ke 50 persant per.

  • Respected
    jin logon nay hiring k leye apply ni kya hay un key house allownce increase hogi k ni please explain.

  • hiring k bary main clarification dain plz ye kb sy increase ho gi ore es k liye b summary phir put honi ha PM ko ?

  • Fawad hasan fawad k letter ko ghor say parhen, no increase b4 2018 budget in HRA/HR. 2018 june mein to ye hon gay nai, its just a lolly pop.

  • ya manistri k jo ander aty hin in k sat kon sa insaf ho rha hy na pay pakag achi hy or na kui extra allownce plz is k bary my zara sochin plz

  • Dear Shamaila what I understand from the letter is Rental ceiling for private accommodation will take immediately from 01-10-2017.Mohw will resubmit the summary to PM for revision of ceiling for 50%. Which means 50% (Half) of recommendations of Ministry of Fiinance which was 40% means actuall increase for the year 2017 will be 20% of current ceiling & remaining 20% will be included in budget 2018-19 alongwith 50% HR Allowance of initial basic of 2017 Pay Scales.... Do you agree...?????

  • Finance Division ny House rent allowance (scale 2008) k initial pay per freez kya houa hey? jo k employees k sath na insafi or ziaditi hey, jab k kuch departments ko hiring de jarahi hey jisy 2008 k baad 2 time increse kya ja chuka hey, equality or insaaf tu tab ho ga jab saab govt employees ko hiring de jay ya saab ko house rent mujoda pay scale per un freeze dya jaey.

  • Dear Hamara Dept. 17 Grade Walon 2008 Ki Basic Pay Pe 65% H/R Deta Hai.
    9850 Basic Pay Pe 6402 H/R Banta Hai.
    Ab Bata Rahe Ho K 50% Increase Hoga.
    To Muje Ye Clear Kardo K Phir Hamara H/R Kitna Ho Sakta Hai.
    Thank You So Much Dear

  • Is this allowance applicable to all Government employees including Provincial Govt. Employees or is this just for Federal Government Employees.

  • enhancement of above house rent will effected on all federal Civil employees all over the Pakistan or only for Capital cities please give me clarification of above notification thanks.

    • Dear Madam kia ye pore pakistan ke sobon men yaksan too per nafiz-e-amal hoga enhancement rate ya sirf chand makhsoos Capital cities ke liye hoga interior sindh panjab balochistan etc ke liye means ke sab sobon men Nafiz-e-amal hoga. thanks

  • We have our own housing colony but houses are given on seniority basis after 10 to 15 years before that we arehave not given any hiring.
    Plz guid that what we can do?
    I am from POF and have Basic Pay Scales

  • I think these rates will be revised in the Budget 2018-2019.. this is the meaning i get from the letter.. Ministry of housing will resubmit the summary before the next budget.. Dear Shumaila please share you thoughts on this.

  • It means no increase till June 30, 2018. In short the hiring rates will be revised after almost 4 years. Hiring rates if increased 50 %, then actually Govt has increased the rates by almost 33%. By saving one year payment the Govt will announce the huge increase of 50%. This is called Accounting :).

  • Dear 17 Grade Walon Ko 2008 K Pay Scale Pe 6402 rs House Rent Mil Raha Hai
    Ab Un Ko Kitna House Rent Milega
    Clear Kardo.

    • Dear Abdul Qadir BPS-17 ka HRA I think is 4400 some thing, the amount increased will be 50% of the same.

  • What's about news regarding implementation of increase in rental ceiling in next financial year??? Or this news is related to house rent allowance?????

  • Dear shumaila house rent current level per hoga ya phir un freez kr k new basic pay scale per hoga?