Upgradation School Teachers of the Punjab Government Schools

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Government of the Punjab, Finance Department has issued letter to the District Accounts Officer Gujranwala on 01-01-2018 in connection with Upgradation School Teachers of the Punjab Government Schools. Detail is as under:

Kindly refer to you letter No.DAO/GRW/PR-1/HM/867089, dated 11.11.2017 addressed to Accountant General, Punjab and copy endorsed to this Department, on the subject cited above.

You are informed that all the incumbents of the post of PSTs/ESEs (all categories) will be upgraded from B S-09 TO BS-14 and BS-14 to BS-15 respectively. All the incumbents of the posts of SSTs/SSEs (all categories) will be granted two annual increments w.e.f. 01.01.2018. All the incumbents of the posts of ESTs who are working in BS-15 (Personal) will be upgraded from BS-15 TO BS-16 (PERSONAL) AND THOSE WORKING IN bS-16 (Personal) are entitled to the grant of two annual increments w.e.f. 01.01.1018.

Upgradation School Teachers



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2 thoughts on “Upgradation School Teachers of the Punjab Government Schools

  1. regards
    its very bad governance of Punjab govt.first its very bad decisions about SST teachers that govt of Punjab EST teachers now equal to SST teachers,i ask govt of Punjab,,that what is the difference between est and SST ????
    secondly IT teachers not promoted since a long time ,,,,these are not given science allowance or not in computer allowance ,,,why??
    please convey my message to govt of Punjab….
    1-now according to new policy SSTs should promote in BPS 17 equal to SS. these are two same posts,,,
    2-IT teachers mean computer science teachers .if this should be in science cadre than should be given science allowance other wise should be given computer allowance.
    3-compute teachers should be separate seniority list……
    4-first appointment of computers is in 2008-9 and since 2008-9 they are working in same scale why?


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