Timings for Applying for Appointment under Assistance Package

Government of Pakistan Cabinet Secretariat Establishment Division has already issued Notification No. 4/1/2005-CP-I dated 13-04-2005 in connection with Timings for Applying for Appointment under Assistance Package. Detail is as under:

The undersigned is directed to refer to Establishment Division`s Office Memorandum No. 8/10/2000-CP.l dated 21 March, 2000 (amended from time to time)  on the above subject and to state that the Prime Minister has been pleased to approval substitution of Para 1 (ii) © of the said O.M. with the following:-

“The condition of open advertisement may also be relaxed by the Prime Minister for the purpose of  appointment on one child of a deceased civil servant who dies during service and wife / husband or one child of a serving civil servants who he / she takes retirement from service provided that such special dispensation may be allowed only for  appointment to posts in BS-10 and below:

“Provide further that the window/widower or child of a civil servant who does during service and wife/husband or a child of serving civil servants who becomes “permanently disabled during service”  and he / she  takes retirement from service will have to apply for contract appointment within one year after the death of civil servant of retirement of a permanently disabled civil servant. In case of a minor child of a civil servants, the one year period will start from the date he/she stain the age of 18 years."


Timings for Applying for Appointment under Assistance Package



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  • سر میرے والد صاحب ستمبر21 کو کومہ میں چلے گئے اورستمبر 29 کو ریٹارمنٹ ھوگئی اور 1 اکتوبر کو وفات پاگئے تو ھم اس پیکج میں اتے ھے.

  • As per Federal Govt. Notification, widow or a child of a deceased servant can apply for job till he reaches the maximum of age limit prescribed for that particular post as prescribed in respective rules instead of applying within one year.

  • A.o.a sir yahe to issue hay k mai ny 1 year k period mai appy na ker ska. Ab nadra wale kehte hay k apka time period apply wala guzar gyahay. Iska solution bataien sir.