Clarification Time Scale Promotion BPS-05 to BPS-15 Punjab Govt Employees

Government of the Punjab, Finance Department has issued Notification on 25-10-2017 in connection with Clarification Time Scale Promotion BPS-05 to BPS-15 Punjab Govt Employees. Detail is as under:

Will the Section Officer (Welfare-ll), Government of the Punjab, S&GA Department, kindly refer to his letter NO.SOW-l(S&GAD)6-63/2010 dated 21.08.2017 on the subject noted above?

  1. Finance Department observes as under:-
Sr.No. Question submitted by S&GAD Views of FD
i. Those regular employees (appointed on contract basis & later on regularized) would be allowed time scale promotion on completion of 10 years of regular service or otherwise? FD has allowed time scale promotion to those employees who have rendered 10 years` regular service only. But those who have already been allowed more than one time promotion are not covered in the existing policy.
ii. Is there need for issuance of formal orders for allowing time scale promotion or mere entries in service books to this effect are sufficient? Mere entries in the service books, duly authenticated by AG Punjab / DAO are enough as already clarified vide point (iii) of this Department`s clarification NO.FD.PC_14/77-P-IV(APCA/08)(Provl.) dated 09.08.2016 (copy enclosed).
iii. Whether DPC is a pre-requisite for granting time scale promotion to the employees in BS-5 to BS-15? DPC is not required in the ambit of FD`s Notification dated 26.07.2017.

  1. Further action may be taken accordingly.

Special thanks to Mr. Naseer for sending the copy of the letter of Clarification Time Scale Promotion BPS-05 to BPS-15 Punjab Govt Employees.

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  • I am appointed as a junior Hostel Superintendent BS-6 on 27-10-1984. In 1990 promoted in BS11 after this promotion no further promotion. can i get time scale w.e.f? It is necessary to get permission to my department or it is enough vide fd notification it is not necessary to get permission to department only entry on service book and send to AG Office.

  • i am a store keeper BS-6 w.e.f. 1988 TO DATE no any promotion ply tell me time sacle promotion is allow ?

  • A.A
    Is BPS-16 include in this letter , because the first letter in this regard mentioned BPS-5 to BPS-16.......?