Notification of Revised Rates Advances KPK (Motorcycle, House Building, Bicycle, Motorcar)

Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Finance Department has issued No.3-E(F/L)FD/2017/VoI-VI dated 15-02-2018 in connection with Revised Rates Advances KPK (Motorcycle, House Building, Bicycle, Motorcar). Detail is as under:

In partial modification of this Department Circular issued vide No.BO(F/L)FD/3/2005/Vol-lll(A) dated 18.04.2006 Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is pleased to enhance the loans & advances and extend the facility to the Provincial Government employees upto BPS-17  & above on account of Building Advance, Motor Car Advance Motorcycle Advance and Bicycle through Benevolent Fund Cell   From the financial Year 2018-19 as detail given below:-


    S.No.           Types of Advance  Existing facility to BS-1 to BS-15 Extended upto BS-17 and enhanced
       1 House Building Advance                       Rs.124,000                 Rs,250,000
       2 Motor cycle Scooter  Advance                        Rs.39,00                 Rs,80,000
        3 Bicycle                          Rs.4,000                   Rs, 8,000.


Other terms & condition any procedure will remain the same earlier issued and circulated.

It has further been decided to introduce Motor Car Advance to the officers (BS-17) and above with the following eligibility and recovery criteria:-


     S.No.   Types of Advance   Amount Recovery  Eligibility
        1 Motor Car Advance   Rs.200,000 Rs.3334/- PM in 60 equal installments without any break. In case default in repayment after 5 Years interest @ General Provident Fund will be charged. BS-17 and above. Minimum 5 Years service with age less than 55 Years.



The procedure applicable for the Motorcycle/Scooter Advance will also be adopted for the Motor Car Advance.


Revised Rates Advances KPK



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