Installment of Customized Motorcycles Honda Prider 100CC

Directorate General (Ext) Livestock & Dairy Development Punjab has issued Notification on 14-06-2018 in connection with Installment of Customized Motorcycles Honda Prider 100CC. Detail is as under:

Customized Motorcycles Honda Prider-100 CC were provided to Para Vets of L&DD Department on hire purchase basis for door step service delivery for livestock famers of the province.

It is learnt that some districts are charging price of motorcycle from the alottees. It is intimated that customized accessories on Honda Prider-100 CC are the property of L&DD department However, these motorcycles can be transferred to the alottees after the clearance of instaiments without charging any price of customization.

During 2015-16 the price of one Honda Prider-100 CC motorcycle was Rs.86,000/- and customization price was Rs 8,366/- per unit Whereas during 2016-17 the price of the Honda Prider-100 CC motorcycle became Rs.86,500/- with customization of Rs 8,366/-

Keeping in view, you are advised to charge only actual price of the motorcycle in 36 equal installments against supplies during 2015-16 @ Rs 2389/- per installment per motorcycle per month and Likewise, Rs 2403/- will be charged a monthly installment per motorcycles provided during 2016-17. In case of any excess deposits by the alottees should be adjusted for clearance of the price of motorcycles only. No price of customization/ accessories should be charged from any officer or officials of L&DD: Department.


Motorcycles Honda Prider 100CC


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