Upgradation Various Cadres in Pakistan Post Office Department

Office of the Director General Pakistan Post Islamabad has issued letter regarding Upgradation Various Cadres in Pakistan Post Office Department. Detail is as under:

Reference: Your office letter No. 9(2)/DG-VI/MSW/2012 dated 04-07-2018,

It is intimated that data / information on Paras (ii), (iii) & (iv) as referred is your above referred letter has been prepared. However, information on Para(i) is under preparation and will be made ready within three days. Accordingly, the preparation data/information is sent herewith as detailed below: –

(i).       List of Pasts (Proposed to be upgraded) duly updated in the light upgraded of posts recommended by the Establishment Division vide O.M. No. 8/22/2010-R- 1/9-6 dated 22.05-2018 is enclosed as Annexure-A.

(ii).       Information pertaining to the feeding & promotional posts for each designation been incorporated in the proposed list of Posts required to upgraded is enclosed as Annexure-B,

(iii).     The petitions were converted into representation deemed to be pend before the respondent No 2 (Director General) by the Islamabad High Court vide judgment dated 09-03-2017, In light of Court Directions a personal hearing was graded to the appellants by the worthy Director General, Accordingly, a complete summary has been communicated to Establishment Division through Ministry of Postal Service Islamabad for further necessary action. Annexure-C.

Special thanks to Mr. Inayatullah Khan for sending the copy of the letter of Upgradation Various Cadres in Pakistan Post Office Department.


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Upgradation Posts Pakistan Post Office Department


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