Notification of Establishment Christmas Bazars

Government of the Punjab, Local Government & Community Development Department has issued Notification on 21-12-2018 in connection with Establishment Christmas Bazars. Detail is as under:

                I am directed to enclose herwith a copy of letter dated 17-12-2018 received from Director (Prices), office of the Director General, Industries, Prices, Weights & Measures, Punjab on the subject noted above for necessary action.

                I am further directed to request you to utilize the CCTV cameras, walkthrough gates, metal detectors already available with you during the security arrangements for the Christmas Bazars in coordination with District / Tehsil Administration under your personal supervision and furnish report to this Department.

                Special thanks to Mr. Zahid Khan for sending the copy of the Notification of Establishment Christmas Bazars.

Cheaper Christmas Bazars

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Notification of Establishment Christmas Bazars
Christmas Bazars Pakistan
Cheaper Christmas Bazar

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