Notification of Upgradation Various Posts wef 01-07-2007 by Local Government

Government of the Punjab, Local Government & Community Development Department has issued Notification on 18-01-2019 in connection with Upgradation Various Posts. Summary is as under:

NO.SO-ADMN-II(LG)9-354/2011(A):- In pursuance of approval   of Chief Minister and concurrence of the Finance Department, sanction is hereby accorded for the up-gradation of the following posts as personal to the present incumbents in relaxation of ban on up-gradation of posts subject to the condition that the additional financial liability will be borne by the demanded from the Government in this regard:-

Sr. Nomenclature of the post Existing B.P.S. Upgraded w.e.f. 01-07-2007 in BPS Up-graded w.e.f. 01-01-2016 in BPS
1 Typist-cum-Clerk, Typist, License Clerk, Tax Clerk, Water Rate/Water Supply Clerk, Vernacular/Accounts Clerk, Store Clerk/Keeper, Bill Clerk, Cashier, Court Clerk, Record Keeper, Dispatch  Clerk, Reader Clerk, General Clerk, Booking Clerk, Log Book Clerk, Library Clerk, Reader Ijlas, Establishment Clerk, Rent Clerk, Disposal Clerk, Audit Clerk, Sub-Divisional Clerk.  05 07 11
2Octrol Inspector, Bus Stand Inspector, Tax Inspector, Goods Exit Tax Inspector, Rent Inspector, Inspector The-Bazari, Water Rate Inspector, Light Inspector. 06/07/08/09 11 14
3Assistant Taxation Officer, Assistant Octrol Superintendent. 11 14 16
4Tax Superintendent, The-Bazari Superintendents, Building Superintendent, Garage Superintendent, Water Disposal Superintendent etc. 10/11/12/13/14/15/16 16 17

                Special thanks to Mr. Zahid Khan, Mr. Brave Ali & Mr. Usman Gujjar for sensing the copy of the Notification of Upgradation Various Posts wef 01-07-2007 by Local Government.

Upgradation Various Posts
Upgradation Various Posts wef 01-07-2007

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