Notification of Eligibility of Time Scale for Pensionery Benefits-Balochistan

Government of Balochistan, Finance Department has issued Notification on 01-02-2019 in connection with Eligibility of Time Scale for Pensionery Benefits. Detail is as under:

In supercession of all previous letters and advice issued (from time to time) regarding the subject matter and to clarify that the benefit of Time Scale was extended within aim to provide financial benefit to the employees during service, with has been misinterpreted thereby inadvertently extended the time scale benefit for pensioner benefits which is absolutely against the spirit of the Time Scale Promotion Policy.

2.     It has been observed with grave concern that the annual pension liability is growing exponentially due to calculation of pension on the basis of Time Scale Policy, under which neither intended nor permissible. In fact, the Government of Balochistan had granted the incentive of Time Scale to the teaching staff and some other categories from time to time, which is purely a financial benefit, during service, and cannot be construed for calculation of pensioner benefits on Time Scale.

3.   Above in view, it is therefore, advised that the cases of pension of all the Time Scale holders may be processed on substantive / original grade, with immediate effect.

            Special thanks to Mr. Zahid Khan for sensing the copy of the Notification of Eligibility of Time Scale for Pensionery Benefits.

Time Scale for Pensionery Benefits

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