Notification of Job Description of Lady Health Workers (LHW)

Government of the Punjab, Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department dated 18-02-2019 in connection with Job Description of Lady Health Workers (LHW). Detail is as under:

The job description of Lady Health Workers (LHW), in accordance with the Essential Package of Health Services (EPHS) notified by the Department of Health on 14th February 2014 vide letter as well as mentioned in the approved PC-I of IRMNCH & Nutrition Program is to provide PHC services to the communities in her catchment area. These include:

Job Description of Lady Health Workers

To register all eligible couples for child spacing interventions i.e a man married to a woman of age between 15-49 years, and maintain up to date information of eligible couples and registration of adolescence girls of kachi abadies/Urban slums.

To form woman groups in her area. She will arrange meetings of these woman groups, on forthrightly basis to discuss family planning, immunization, antenatal and postnatal examinations, growth monitoring of children, diarrhea, ARI, iodized salt, tuberculosis, etc. Preferable one  topic will be discussed in one meeting.

She will keep close liaison with influential woman of her area including lady teachers, community midwives, traditional brith attendeants and satisfied clients.

Further details are available at the copy of the Notification. Special thanks to Mr. Zahid Khan for sending the copy of the Notification of Job Description of Lady Health Workers (LHW).