Updates Regarding Group Insurance Benefit on Retirement

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Government of the Punjab, Services & General Administration Department has issued letter on 13-03-2019 in connection with Updates Regarding Group Insurance Benefit on Retirement. Detail is as under:

Please refer meeting date 13.03.2019 on APCA demands regarding the cited subject.

2. Please find enclosed herewith a copy of “Note for the Additional Chief Secretary” forwarded to Secretariat Law & Parliamentary Affairs on the subject matter alongwith the proposed Draft of The Punjab Government Employees Survival Benefit & Group Insurance Act, 2019 for giving the subject benefit to the further retires of Punjab Government, for Information please.

                Special thanks to Mr. Zahid Khan for sending the copy of the letter of Group Insurance Benefit on Retirement.

Group Insurance Benefit on Retirement

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5 thoughts on “Updates Regarding Group Insurance Benefit on Retirement

  1. I retired in 2009 at the age of 60 years. But KP government passed a bill in the assembly which states that group insurance will be given to those employees who retired after 2014. Can you give an expert opinion in my case?

  2. The employees of KPK filed writ Petition No. 1365 P/2013, for grant of group insurance on their retirement. This writ was admired by the High Court Peshawar, then the Govt filed an appeal against this order. The appeal of the Provincial Govt was turned down. Thus the employees of KPK are now entitled to receive group insurance. The copy of Writ Petition and complete copy of the Peshawar High court are not available. The available papers depict that the petition was filed in 2013 on this basis the employees of KPK Govt who retired in 2013 may be benefited from the order. The Federal Govt and other employees were not a party in the case can not cl;aim the benefit. A Federal Govt servant stated to have filed a writ.
    A group of applicants had stated to file suit for contempt of court and also stated that this benefit is available to persons who retire after Nov. 2014

  3. Copy of mere forwarding letter is useless. Copy of the “Note for Additional Chief Secretary” forwarded to Secretary Law is also required to appreciate what has been written / proposed / decided.

    Agha Amir
    [email protected]

  4. ریٹائر شدہ ملازمین کو گروپ انسوریشن میں شامل نہ کرناظلم ہے۔ وہی تو 8 سالوں سےیہ جدوجہد کررہے ہیں۔

  5. یہ تو صرف موجودہ ملازمین کی ریٹائرمنٹ پرفائدہ دے گا۔مگر جو پنشنر آٹھ سالوں سے گروپ انسورینس کی جدوجہد کررہے ہیں وہ تومحروم رہ جائیں گے۔پلیز پہلےریٹائرہوجانےوالے سابقہ ملازمین یعنی پنشنرزکوبھی شامل کریں۔


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