Ban on All Kind of Official Tours-Head Travelling Allowance “A03805”

Pakistan Post, Office of the Director General Pakistan Post has issued Notification on 08-04-2019 in connection with Ban on All Kind of Official Tours-Head Travelling Allowance “A03805”. Detail is as under:

In compliance with directive of the Honorable Federal minister for postal Services regarding austerity measures under Head of account Travelling   Allowances “A03805”, the Director General has been pleased to issue the following instructions:

  1. All Kind of tours of officers/ officials are banned with immediate effect till 30th June, 2019.
  2. The Monitoring Teams comprised Officers/ officials constituted at all levels shall cease to the operational active/ hence forth. Tour programs scheduled earlier shall deem to have been cancelled;
  3. The tour meant for attending Courts, setting Audit Paras and reconciliation issues can be under taken after approval from the  concurred competent authorities.  Such an approval should only be accorded under special and unavoidable circumstances.

2.                           The above instructions must be noted for stick compliance by all concerned.

3.                            The receipt of this letter may be acknowledged.

By: Mr. Zahid Khan

Ban on All Kind of Official Tours

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