Imposition of Fines on Students in Govt Schools

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Office of the District Education Officer (Male) Peshawar has issued letter on 15-04-2019 in connection with Imposition of Fines on Students in Govt Schools. Detail is as under:

I am to refer to the deputy Commissioner Peshawar Kulli Kacheri dated 2/3/2019 and District Education Officer (Male) Peshawar Kulli Kacheri dated 11/4/2019,

It was observed that most of the parents and students complained that the Govt: school Heads are using imposition of fines on student as a source of income generation for their schools.

   Majority of the students of the govt. Schools belongs to the poor segment of our society and most of the parents are living below the poverty line. The provincial Govt. is heavily subsidization the public education system and spending 23% of his current budget. The main aim of Govt is to facilitate poor students and ensure then at Schools.

  In light of the above you are directed not to impose more than Rs.1/- per day fine on student in case of absence Disciplinary fine may not be more than 10% per student./ You are further directed to return the extra times to the student immediately under intimation to this office before 30/4/2019. Failing which disciplinary action may be initiated under E&D rules 2011. By: Mr. Zahid Khan

Fines on Students in Govt Schools

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