Time Scale Promotion to Officers in BPS-16 and Above Having Stagnant Posts

Government of the Punjab, Finance Department has issued Notification on 19-04-2019 in connection with Time Scale Promotion to Officers in BPS-16 and Above Having Stagnant Posts. Detail is as under:

1.   The officers / officials who have served for more than 10 years of services in the same scale even if they have opportunity of promotion,  but they are  not promoted due to a few number of posts in the upper tier may  be up-graded to next  scale as personal to them as one time dispensation, subject to the  condition that they possess  good/satisfactory service record.

2.       The officers in BS-16 and above having stagnant posts may also be allowed Time Scale Promotion on completion of 10 years’  satisfactory service twice in their entire service.

          Special thanks to:        

Mr. Qadeer Ahmad

Mr. Zahid Khan

Mr. Naseer Hussain

Mr. Shahid Mahmood

Mr. Waheed Buttar

Mr. Afraz Hamid 


Download in PDF Format Time Scale Promotion Having Promotion Channel+BS-16 and above


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  • Anyone kindly share if there is any notification in this regard that contract period included in time scale promotion.

  • I was appointed on contract basis against a regular seat through PPSC in BS-17 in 2007. Afterwards in 2011 I was regularized on the same scale without any discontinuation of my service. Whether my contract period of service included for time scale promotion. I served 4 years on contract and 8 years on regular basis. According to my Pay slip issued by AG office my length of service is 12 years. Can any one guide me in this regard.

  • Aoa!

    Brothers! I wanted to know whether the post of lecturer BPS-18 in Punjab Universities is Stagnant or not... Rule is that a lecturer in Punjab Universities stays a lecturer if he doesnt do his PhD... If he does PhD, then he is promoted to Asst. Professor after announcement of post and competing with others... Please guide...

  • A govt servent who has served more than 19 years in same scale is not eligible for next scale.Igive the example,a teacher who served in b-14 from 1999 to 2017.punjab govt up graded the teaching scales from1-1-18.now he is in b-15.he can not enjoy the benifitof time scale inspite of his 19 years service in same scale b-14.