Latest Updates Increase Salary Budget 2019-20 for Government Employees

I am sharing the news latest updates increase salary in Budget 2019-20 for the Government employees of Pakistan. Detail is as under:

Latest Updates Increase Salary Budget 2019-20 According to Daily Dunya Newspaper

According to the Daily Dunya Newspaper dated 30th May 2019, the proposal of granting 20% increase in salaries for the Govt employees have been initially rejected. Now there is only 10% dearness allowance and utility allowance proposal.

Final Approval of Increase in Salary in Budget 2019-20

The final approval of the same will be granted in the 11th June Federal Cabinet meeting in the presidency of the Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Date of Announcement of Punjab Govt Budget 2019-20

According to the Dunya Newspaper dated 30-05-2019, the Punjab Govt will announce Budget 2019-20 on 14th June 2019.

Latest Updates Increase Salary
Punjab Budget 2019-20

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11 thoughts on “Latest Updates Increase Salary Budget 2019-20 for Government Employees

  1. The rupee has devalued about 40% so it means if u have 100000 then actually u have 60000 and Rs.40000 u have lost due to devaluation. Increase must be 50% on running pay so the price hike and devaluation may be adjusted otherwise, there is cluster bombs in shape of duties, taxes in new budget. Every item of daily usage in General Store has been taxed about 7% in addition to already implemented taxes. After this budget there shall be only Roads and Awam to crush out these puppets who cant deliver and were dying to be in Govt. Go Imran Goooooooo........ Love you Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.

  2. i can not understand why all government increase salary of government employ, is others population has not Pakistani? in private sector after the retirement EOBI given now 6500 but in government empoly got 50000 as pention, this is not right in madian riast.

    Hope fully the PTI government look this matter and diferance between government empoly and private section will be reduce

  3. میری طرف سے السلام علیکم۔۔۔ مجھے صرف اتنی سمجھ آ چکی ہے کہ یہ پاکستان۔۔۔ برصغیر میں ایک ایسا خطہ ہے۔۔ جو امیروں کے لیے عیاشی کی جگہ۔۔ انگریزوں کے لیے ایسی جگ جہاں وہ جب چایہں آ جا سکیں بلا روک ٹوک۔۔ پاکستان ایک ایسی جگہ جہاں حکمرانوں کی شاہ خرچیں غریبوں کا خون نچوڑ کر ادا کی جاتی ہیں۔۔۔ اگر یہ واقعی ریاست مدینہ بنانا چاہتے ہیں تو سب سے پہلے جو یہ تنخواہوں کا فرق ہے یہ تو کم کرو۔۔ ریاست مدینہ میں ایک خلیفیہ وقت کا وظیفہ اتنا جتنا مزدور کا۔۔۔ کیا ہمارے بچے بچے نہیں۔کیا ہمارا جی نہیں چاہتا کہ ہمارے بچے اچھا پہنیں۔۔ اچھے سکولوں میں جائیں۔ اچھے گھروں میں رہیں۔ اچھا کھائیں۔۔


  5. 50000 salary per 5000 nahi barhta mohtram Hamesha izafa apki basic pay per hota ha jo k 50000 salary wale ki maximim 20 se 25000 hoti ha uspe izafa hoga na k total pe

  6. Sarkari Mulazim jo k 1 sy 16 Grade tak hota hy uska family background bahut ghareeb hota or ye Govt in becharon ka phely hi RIYASAT E MADINA men her chiz ko IMF k hathon dao pech py laga mehngi kr k in Mulazimo ka khon chos choki hy baqi ab rahi sahi kasar ab nikaly gi budget men in py TAX thok k. 10% adoc sy kya banta aik aam.mulazim ki 1000 sy 1500 Salary barhni kya ye in k sath Zaydati ni hy.
    sharm aani chaye 10% ka agr Govt soch rahi hy kam az kam 30% adoc daina chaye in halaat men Govt ko.
    kya RIYASAT E MADINA k hami KHAN Sb ny kbi nichly level k ghareeb mulazim ki aj tak koi khabar li hy k uski life es Govt k dor men kesy guzar rahi hy.
    ALLAH Pak in ko hidayat dy.

  7. Expect 10% only
    Here is formula how much your salary will increase
    50 thousand salary
    10 % increase = 5000
    Tax slab being restored of 2018
    So total tax will be around 4500
    Net increase = 1000 Rupees mean lullpop....
    Anyhow ager sarkari mulazim k juice se new Pakistan banta hay to we are
    Lashari zz

  8. Yes, I agree with you mr. Khan. Till 2016, there is issue of M.s and M.phil. Finance division says both degrees are not same. This is so much shame for HEC, that they introduced such system that Govt is not accepting their degrees nomenclatures. Shame on you Finance division and on your goofiness ( jahalath). What can you expect in such country.

  9. Sallam to all respected employs.

    Confirm news is only 10 %, yes there is 100% chances in increase in taxes and outragousness. As you saw today petrol exceed from 105 to 116. So, dont worry you will get nothing. Whereas, utility allowance is only for secretariate not for all departments. Because secretariate employs have very less saleries ss compared to others. This is pakistan and in naya pakistan or purana pakistan all of the employs will cry instead of scretariat. This is vission of new pakistan


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