Complete Income Tax Slabs 2019-20 for Salaried Persons

I am here sharing the Complete Income Tax Slabs 2019-20 for Salaried Persons for their information. Tax range is 5% to 35% that has been covered into 11 slabs as given in the table.

If an employee gets salary 600,000/- per annaum and average 50,000/- per month or more then he is eligible for the new income tax rates 2019-20.                   Further details are available at the copy of the table submitted by Mr. Muhammad Adnan Tahir.

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  • Will the teachers enjoy 40% tax exemption after this budget or the exemption has been abolished? Plz, reply

    • rebate is amended and it is reduced from 40% to 25% in finance act 2019 for the teachers. Now the teacher will pay 75% of total income tax rather then 60%.

  • I think the new income tax slab will work as follows:
    For example, monthly income of a person is 60,000, now how to calculate monthly income tax, let us see:

    Monthly income: 60000
    Yearly income: 720000 (600000x12)
    Amount exceeding 600000: 120000 (720000-600000)
    Annual Tax: 6000 (5% of 120000)
    Monthly tax: 500 (6000/12)

    So, if your monthly income is 60000, monthly tax will be 500.