Financial Assistance Package 2018 Balochistan Govt Employees

Government of Balochistan, Finance Department has issued Notification on 07-05-2018 in connection with Financial Assistance Package 2018 Balochistan Govt Employees who die while in service. Detail is as under:

In continuation of this Department`s circular No.FD.SO(Reg-II)/VII-II/ 2015/294-493 dated 15th April, 2015, the Government of Balochistan is pleased to enhance 50% of the existing rates of Financial Assistant Package in respect of bereaved families of all the employees of the Government of Balochistan who expire during service due to natural death as per following rates w.e.f. 01-07-2017:-

Basic pay Scales Existing Rates Revised Rates
1-4 Rs.400,000/-

(Four Lac)


(0.6 Million)

5-10 Rs.600,000/-

(Six Lac)


(0.9 Million)

11-15 Rs.800,000/-

(Eight Lac)


(1.20 Million)

16-17 Rs.1,000,000/-

(One Million)


(2.40 Million)

18-19 Rs.1,600,000/-

(1.6 Million)


(1.6 Million)

20 and above Rs.2,000,000/-

(2 Million)


(3.00 Million)

  1. This will be in addition to other benefits to the family of deceased government servants as admissible under rules.
  2. Administrative Departments/Appointing Authorities will issue sanction in individual cases. All the cases initiated by or under process in the Administrative Departments are to be disposed of accordingly.

Special thanks to Dr. Muhammad Umar, Quetta for sending the copy of the Notification of Financial Assistance Package 2018 Balochistan Govt Employees.