Enhancement Sum Assured Group Insurance Scheme Sindh 2021

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Government of Sindh, Finance Department has issued a Notification on 07-06-2021 in connection with Enhancement Sum Assured Group Insurance Scheme Sindh 2021.


Revised Rates Sum Assured Group Insurance Scheme Sindh 2021


  1. I am directed to state that the Government of Sindh are pleased to make the following amendment in the Sindh Civil Servants Welfare Fund Ordinance, 1979 vide Finance Department’s Notification of even number dated the 7th June 2021:-
  2. In sub-rule (1), for the figures brackets and words “Rs.4.75/- (Four Rupees Seventy Five Paisa)”. The figures and words “Rs.7.43/- (Seven Rupees Forty Three Paisa)” shall be substituted.

The amount of existing sum assured and on the enhancement of sum assured shall be as under:-


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Table of Enhancement Amount of GI Sindh 2021


Civil ServantsExisting sum assured (Rs.) before 01-07-2020 Payable on death only.Enhanced sum assured (Rs.) from 01-07-2020

Payable on death only.

BS-1 to 4300,000375,000
BS-5 to 10350,000437,500
BS-11 to 15600,000750,000
BS-20 and above.2,500,0003,125,000
  1. Apart from the above enhancement of the sum assured, the coverage shall also continue to remain extended to five years after retirement on superannuation, on attaining his/her age of sixty-five years or five years after retirement, whichever is earlier. The Government Servant retiring on or after 01-07-2020 shall be covered for the revised sum enhanced assured (as per Column-3 above table) while Government Servant of Sindh who retired between 01-07-2011 to 30-06-2020 shall be covered for the existing sum assured (As per Column-2 above table).
  2. The annual and monthly premium for the revised sum assured, in respect of different Civil Servants of Government of Sindh from BS-01 to 20 and above will be paid from their salaries, shall be as follows, with effect from 01-07-2020:-


Annual and Monthly Premium


Civil ServantsExisting sum assured (Rs.) before 01-07-2020 Payable on death only.Annual Premium @Rs.7.43%Monthly Premium (Rs.)
BS-1 to 4375,0002,786232
BS-5 to 10437,0003,251271
BS-11 to 15750,0005,573464
BS-20 and above.3,125,00023,2191,935
  1. I am also directed to request that necessary instructions may kindly be issued to all Drawing and Disbursing Officers of your department/Attached departments/Field offices to ensure that deduction of Group insurance premium is made according to new rates as shown above table w.e.f. 01-07-2020. The arrears of balance premium for the months from July 2020 to June.2021. may be deducted in easy installments within the next six (6) months.
  2. I am further directed to request that apart from the cases of death during services, claims of retired Government Servants may also kindly be ensured to be lodged with State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan, in case death occurs within five years after retirement applicable from 01-07-2002.


Special Thanks: Mr. Muhammad Yousif Unar



Enhancement Sum Assured Group Insurance Scheme Sindh 2021

Revised Rates Group Insurance 2021 Sindh

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