Pay & Pension Commission Proposals on Pay, Pension and Allowances

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Pay & Pension Commission has announced consultations / Proposals on Pay, Pension and Allowances from the side of employees registered bodies/groups, etc. The details of the same are as under:

Pay & Pension Commission Proposals on Pay, Pension and Allowances


The Commission has initiated consultation and hearings. These Consultations will include discussion with all stakeholders, ministries, divisions, registered employees bodies/associations.

Employees registered bodies/associations/groups (Serving/pensioners) may approach pay & pension commission with their proposals/grievances on salary, pension, and allowances in the following format.


Formate Proposals for Salary and pension


  • Name of Association / body/group
  • Registration Status
  • Federal/provincial
  • Represented to Number Employees/Beneficiaries
  • Proposals/grievances with its financial implications
  • Names and designations of the representative body
  • Focal Person and contact details



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Please send your proposal soft copies to the focal person PPC before July 15, 2021.

Yasir Ishaque Lashari

Director / Focal person PPC Government of Pakistan.


Why Commission?


The Finance Division has given a big task to pay & pension commission. The government of Pakistan cannot bear the burden of huge pension payments. There are also issues regarding the difference in salaries of the employees. To uniform all these pay and pension the Finance Division wanted to constitute the commission. Finance Division has already issued a Notification regarding the constitution of the pay and pension commission 2020. The P&P Commission is working for a long to create a uniformity of salaries and allowances among the employees. The other task of this commission is to introduce pension reforms. These pension reforms will reduce the burden of pension for the Government. Many months have gone but the employees have still awaited the recommendation of the pay and pension commission.



Pay & Pension Commission Proposals on Pay, Pension and Allowances

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2 thoughts on “Pay & Pension Commission Proposals on Pay, Pension and Allowances

  1. I am a retired/ pensioner ( retired in January 2013,PAEC). I am regularly getting my pension:
    1-Rs 78600 pm
    2-Rs 3,000 pm (Orderly Allowance)since 2013.
    We don’t get Medical Allowance but if we go to doctor for treatment, we get prescription. Then we buy medicines from pharmacy shop.
    Finally we put up a note/ calim to Paec office
    ( enclosed dr consultation fee, cash memo of medicines) for reimbursement.( in my case it’s Rs4500 pm for Grade 19). So it’s proposed that:
    1)To increase orderly allowance from Rs 3000
    to Rs 6000 pm(( gr 20 r getting Rs17500pm)
    2)Medical Allowance @Rs4500 pm be paid along with monthly pension


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