Encashment of Leave Pending Retirement

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Encashment of Leave Pending Retirement

LPR and Its Encashment


  1. LPR up to 365 days, if at credit, is currently admissible as per Rule 16 of Revised Leave Rules 1980.  It may be taken on full pay, or on half-pay, or part on full and part on half.  Pay and allowances, as during normal leave, are admissible during LPR.


Refused LPR


  1. If admissible LPR is refused in cases of superannuation or completion of 30 years’ service, leave pay may be granted under Rule 17 (1) and (2) in lieu of the refused to leave. Leave pay may be paid as per Para 17 (3) in a lump at the time of retirement, or month-wise as may be opted. Only the Senior Post Allowance is included in leave pay as per Rule 17 (4).

  1. If a civil servant dies before completing a full period of refused LPR, the family shall be entitled to a payment equal to the period falling short of the full period as per Rule 17 (5).


Option to Encash LPR

  1. Rule 18-A (1) provided initially that a civil servant might opt within 15 months prior to superannuation or completion of 30 years’ service, to encash admissible LPR up to 180 days by undertaking to perform duty in lieu of. The number of days for this purpose was increased from 180 to 365 with effect from 5 March 1990.  A civil servant retiring from 1 July 2012 onward, who does not exercise the option within the specified period shall be deemed to have opted for encashment of LPR.   As per Rule 18-A (2), leave pay may be claimed at any time at a pay rate admissible when leave pay is drawn.

  1. If leave is granted on medical grounds or for Hajj during the period, cash compensation of leave pay shall be reduced by an amount equal to the leave pay for the period of leave so granted, as per Rule 18-A (3).

  1. Rule 18-A (5) provides that payment in lieu of such leave is to be made (a) at pay applicable on the date of drawing leave pay,  (b) at any time for the period for which duty has been rendered; and (c) by including only the “Senior Post Allowance” if any.

  1. Leave pay for encashment of LPR shall be computed under Rule 18-A (6) at pay and allowances reckonable towards pension as per the last pay certificate of a civil servant.


Invalidation / Death During Service

  1. Rule 19 (1) provides that in case of retirement on medical grounds or death during service, lump payment equal to leave pay for leave admissible, up to 365 days, shall be paid to the civil servant or his family as the case may be. The amount of Senior Post Allowance only, if any, will be included in the leave pay as per Rule 19 (2).

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Encashment of Leave Pending Retirement

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