Modules Uploaded on SIS (E-Transfer, E-Retirement, E-Seniority, E-Leave, E-PER)

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Directorate of Public Instruction (EE) has issued a letter on 11-11-2021 in connection with Modules Uploaded on SIS for implementation in letter and spirit (E-Transfer, E-Retirement, E-Seniority, E-Leave, E-PER).


Modules Uploaded on SIS (E-Transfer, E-Retirement, E-Seniority, E-Leave, E-PER)

As you are well were that school education department has taken a number of IT intervention of facilitating the teaching & Non-teaching staff of School Education Department. The new modules have been upgraded in the system. All the upgraded modules are reflected hereunder:-


Sr. No. Module Detail
1. E-Transfer All kinds of transfer of teaching staff as well as Posting on Promotion.
2. E-Retirement Retirement, Sanction leave encashment, G.P, Fund and grant of LPR
3. E-Seniority Seniority List of all teaching cadre
4. E-Leave All kinds of leave i.e. Earned leave, Medical leave; Ex-Pakistan Leave (Hajj/ Umara / Private affairs), EOL, Iddat leave, Maternity, and Paternity leave
5. E-PERs Ignition and countersigned of PERs by respective authorities.
  1. CEOs(DEA) are directed to ensure that in the future all correspondence relating to transfers, retirement, leave encashment/ LPR, maintenance of the seniority list, all kinds of leave and initial, reporting, and countersignature of PERs are to be processed through HRIMS only.
  2. The module of PERs is live now, all teaching and non-teaching staff can submit the PERs online through HRMIS Portal w.e.f. 15.11.2021.
  3. it is pertinent to mention here that in the future no manual correspondence, sanction, notification, etc will neither be entertained.


Modules Uploaded on SIS (E-Transfer, E-Retirement, E-Seniority, E-Leave, E-PER)

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