Notification Extension Honorarium Teachers NCHD and BECS Sindh

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Government of Sindh, School Education & Literacy Department issued Notification Extension Honorarium Teachers NCHD and BECS Sindh on 11-08-2022. The details are as under:

Extension Honorarium Teachers NCHD and BECS

Consequent upon decisions of the Cabinet Government of Sindh in its meeting held on 07.07.2022. The Honorarium based engagement of teachers of the National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) and Basic Education Community Schools (BECS) will continue via the signing of service agreement with “2962” NCHD and “1463” BECS teachers specifying job specific requirements, code of conduct and setting forth the terms and conditions w.e.f. 01.04.2022 as below;


Terms and Conditions


  • NCHD & BECS Teachers are allowed the extension of their services on fixed remuneration of Rs.25,000/- per month with a 5% annual increase till they attain the age of 55 years.
  • Casual leave of two days in a month and Earned leave of 24 days in a year, the teachers will get without leave encashment. ‘
  • Paid maternity leave of 90 days and paid sick/medical leave up to 15 days in a year, for the female teachers can avail.
  • Medical reimbursement of up to 6 times of monthly salary on account of hospitalization and notified chronic diseases the department allows in a financial year.
  • The department will make the evaluation of the performance of the teachers on set assessment criteria.
  • Services will be liable to termination on account of unsatisfactory service on one month’s notice. There is a provision that competent authority shall give written notice and opportunity of a personal hearing before passing the order of termination/discharge of service.
  • The services of these teachers are not pensionable and the Government will not regularize them.
  • No increase in salary or allowance other than a 5% annual increase they will get.
  • The salary for a period of unauthorized absence from duty, the finance department will deduct.
  • Continuous absence from duty for more than 90 days shall render their services liable to termination.
  • The terms and conditions of service shall not be called in question in any court of law. No one will be eligible to go to a court of law for matters related to the terms and conditions of his/her service.


Maximum Age Limit to Terminate Service


The Honorarium-based post of the teachers will automatically stop/be abolished as the teacher reaches 55 years of age or expires.

The authenticated teachers of NCHD and BECS who have drawn their 09 months remuneration @ Rs.25000/- from the government of Sindh are eligible to continue their honorarium based engagement on the terms and conditions mentioned above and will be paid their monthly stipend @ [email protected] 25000/- out of the Education administration Budget – SC21150 (150)-A03919-Payment to others for Service Rendered.


Notification Extension Honorarium Teachers NCHD and BECS Sindh

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