Advance Salary for Federal Government Employees on 20-12-2022 (Christian Community)

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Government of Pakistan, Finance Division issued a Notification on 15-12-2022 in connection with Advance Salary for Federal Government Employees on 20-12-2022 for those who belong to Christian Community. The details are as under:

Advance Salary for Federal Government Employees on 20-12-2022 (For Christian Community)

The Deputy Secretary (Exp-CGA) writes to the Accountant General, Pakistan Revenue Department,  Islamabad, the Military Accountant General,  Rawalpindi, and the Chief Accounts Officer Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad. By writing to all these mentioned personalities,  the asks them to distribute the salaries of employees before Christmas as per rule. The said personalities can distribute the salaries of Federal Government Christian Employees before Christmas in advance.  But they are restricted to distribute the salaries earlier than 5 days before the date of Christmas.  These salaries were to be distributed on 1st January 2023. But now, Federal Government Employees of the Christian Community shall get their pay and allowances in advance before Christmas.   The Government informs the authorities about the decision.  It asks them to make necessary arrangements for distributing the salaries. The arrangements are to be made by 20th December 2022. After this, the salaries should be provided within 5 days before Christmas to the Christian Community of the Federal Government.


December and Various Events

The Month of December brings a lot of joy. It is a month of Holy celebrations of Christmas. After the end of December, everyone celebrates new year’s eve with zeal and joy.  They get together and present gifts. The winter vacation also falls at the end of December.  People go to meet their beloved ones and also go on tours for enjoying vacations.  All such situations make the employees harder to manage their salaries at the end of the month. Taking into account such situations and for enhancing the joy of Christmas, the Federal Government takes a favorable decision for providing the salary in advance.

This shall allow them to meet their extra expenditures on Christmas and New year as well. This is a good action by Federal Government.  This also represents a good picture of Pakistan.  It represents equality in Pakistan among all religions.


Advance Salary for Federal Government Employees on 20-12-2022 (Christian Community)

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