Time Scale Personal Upgradation Officers BPS-16 and Above UAF

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The University of Agricultural Faisalabad, Directorate of Human Resource issued a Notification on 30-12-2022 in connection with Time Scale Personal Upgradation Officers BPS-16 and Above.

Time Scale Personal Upgradation Officers BPS-16 and Above University of Agricultural Faisalabad


Consequent upon approval of the Worthy Governor/ Chancellor with regard to the adaptation of eight notifications of the Finance Department, Government of Punjab,  for application in the up-gradation in next higher scale is allowed to following University Officers of B-16 and above from the date as mentioned against each name in the column meant for the purpose:-


Sr. No Name of Officer & Designation Present BPS Date of Appointment/ Promotion/ SG on regular basis in the present scale Time Scale personal up-gradation in Next Higher Level With effect from
01 Dr. Waseem Mushtaq

Dental Surgeon,  Staff Dispensary  (Died on 05.06.2020 in service)

BPS-18 01-12-1994 BPS-19 01-02-2019
02 M. Inam Qadir Khan, Deputy Registrar,  O/O the controller Examination BPS-18 05-03-2008 BPS-19 01-2-2019
03 Mr. Tariq Mehmood Gill, Deputy Registrar O/O the Registrar BPS-18 04-03-2008 BPS-19 01-02-2019
04 Mr. Muhammad Imran Saleem, Mass Media Production Officer, Institute of Agriculture,  Extension,  Education  & Rural Development BPS-7 09-02-1995 BPS-18 01-02-2019
05 Mr. Muhammad Saeed Akbar, Admin Officer,  Academic Section BPS-17 20-12-1997 BPS-18 01-02-2019
06 Mr. Shahid Ayyaz Wahla, Shop Superintendent,  Deptt. Of FMP BPS-17 07-052001

(5 years & 52 days on EOL)

BPS-18 01-02-2019
07 Mr. Muhammad Ilyas Saleem, Assistant Executive Engineer  (Electrical), ECD-m (Retired on 31-10-2021) BPS-17 10-07-2007 BPS-18 01-02-2019
08 Mr. Ashiq Rasool, Assistant Director Sports, Directorate of Sports BPS-17 19-07-2007 BPS-18 01-02-2019
09 Dr. Tahira Altaf, Woman Medical Officer, (Mechanical), ECD-M BPS-17 28-01-2009 BPS-18 01-02-2019
10 Mr. Muhammad Ikram, Assistant Executive Engineer (Mechanical), ECD-m BPS-17 24-09-2010 BPS-18 24-09-2020
11 Mr. Shahzad, Accounts Officer,  O/O the Treasurer BPS-17 01-11-2010 BP17S-18 01-11-2020
12 Mr. Shahzad Mahmood, Estate Officer, Deptt. Of Estate Management BPS-17 30-05-2011 BPS-18 30-05-2021
13 Mr. Azmat Ali, Artist, University Books & Magazine BPS-16 30-03-2006 BPS-17 01-02-2019
14 Mr. Muhammad Asif, Artist, University Books & Magazine BPS-16 05-04-2006 BPS-17 01-02-2019
15 Mr. Muhammad Ikram, Superintendent Farms, Deptt. Of Forestry & Range Management BPS-16 11-09-2011 BPS-17 11-09-2021
16 Mr. Zulifqar Ali Rana, Superintendent Lab, Deptt. Of Computer Science BPS-16 10-10-2007 BPS-17 01-02-2019
17 Ms. Shakeela Jabeen, Superintendent Lab, Institute of Home Sciences BPS-16 08-05-2008 BPS-17 01-02-2019

This was issued with the approval of the Vice-Chancellor.


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Time Scale Personal Upgradation Officers BPS-16 and Above UAF


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