Head of Account for Grant of Planning Performance Allowance @ 150% of Running Basic Pay P&D Board BPS-17 to BPS-20

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Government of Pakistan, Controller General of Accounts Islamabad issued a letter on 25-01-2023 in connection with the Head of Account for Grant of Planning Performance Allowance @ 150% of Running Basic Pay P&D Board BPS-17 to BPS-20.

Head of Account Grant of Planning Performance Allowance @ 150% of Pay


Punjab Government, Finance Department has already issued the Notification on 02-12-2022 in connection with Planning Performance Allowance 2022 for the employees of BPS-17 and above. Now, the Controller General of Accounts has guided regarding the head of an account for this allowance.


Government grants Planning Performance Allowance


Controller General Accounts writes to Additional Director (Budget), Mr. AMJAD HASSAN, Finance Department, Punjab Government. CGA directs the said personality about the grant of Performance Allowance. The letter of the Controller General Of Accounts about the Grant of Performance Allowance is as under:


Subject: Grant of Planning Performance Allowance  @150% of the Running Basic Pay for The Officers of Planning and Development Board Punjab (Grade 17-20)


The undersigned is directed to refer to Finance Department letter nom B1-27(299)/2022-23 dated 20-01-2023 on the subject cited above to state that the relevant head of accounts as per details given below is already available in the chart of accounts which can be used for looking of expenditure on account of Planning Performance Allowance granted to the officers of P&D Board  (Grade 17-20);


Major Object A01 Employees Related Expense
Minor Object A012 Allowance
Detailed Object A0123U Planning Performance Allowance



PPA for Scale BS-17 to BS-20


As per the letter, Punjab Government is granting Planning Performance Allowance. The  Department allows this Allowance to the officers of the Planning and Development Board,  Punjab. The department will provide the said Allowance to Officers of BS-17 to BS-20.


Head of Relevant Accounts


The Department refers to the Finance Department on the subject of Grant of Planning Performance Allowance. The Accounts officer,  Controller General of Accounts states that the relevant head of account. The Accounts officer also provides details about the relevant head of accounts in a chart which is valuable for booking expenditure on the account of Planning Performance Allowance.


How much will be the Planning Performance Allowance useful?


The Planning Performance Allowance is a good initiative by the Government of Punjab. It will make the employees enhance their performance as much better as they can. The employees shall get motivated in order to gain the Allowance.  It will bring positive impacts on the performance of the Department as well.


Before this Finance Department Punjab also issued a Notification of an Increase in Special Allowance  0.75, 1 and 1.5 times of basic Pay for the employees of BPS-01 to BPS-20 of the prosecution department.



Grant of Planning Performance Allowance @ 150% of Running Basic Pay

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