Up to 10 Million Loan Amount Through Punjab Employment (Rozgar) Scheme 2023

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The residents of the province of Punjab can get now up to 10 Million Loan Amount Through Punjab Employment (Rozgar) Scheme 2023. The loan purpose is for the start of business and trade.  The total allocated amount is from 50 Crore to 3.5 Billion.


Get a Loan through Punjab Employment (Rozgar) Scheme 2023


You can see the features of this loan scheme are very attractive. The details of the previous loan amount and its easy procedure will really attract your attention.


Successfully Distribution of loans of 5 billion Rupees


For the development of PAKISTAN and for the promotion of business Government of Punjab announces the Punjab Employment Scheme for the citizens of Pakistan. Because of the severe economical situation, the citizens of Pakistan are facing financial difficulties.  Hence, the Government of Punjab announces the different loan categories for their progress.


Punjab Employment Scheme for Development of Economy


The Government of Punjab is going to provide loans to unemployed persons in Punjab. This loan scheme determines to improve economic conditions in Punjab.  So, the loan will allow our Human resources to work in an efficient way and increase income. They can start businesses and trade. This shall help them to establish a livelihood within their ability and qualifications. It will also increase the employment chances for other unemployed people in Punjab.  The loan scheme includes different programs. Let’s check out the categories and details.


Categories of Loan Scheme


The details about the categories are as follows:


Sr. No Name of category Loan Amount
01 Agriculture occupation 1 billion
02 Small and medium enterprises 3.5 billion
03 Green development 50 crores

There is also a good announcement of an Interest-Free Student Loan Scheme through various banks. The students can check its latest status if available now.



As you can see, the Government of Punjab provides a large amount for loan schemes. The scheme will help the people expert and skilled in business.  They can start or enlarge your business for your betterment with these schemes.


Loan Categories


The details of the loan categories are as follows:


  • Clean loan of rupees 10 lacs with only a 4 percent yearly markup rate.
  • Secured loan of rupees 1 million to 1 crore with only a 5 percent yearly markup rate.


Necessary Conditions:


  • These loan categories are only available to the citizen of Punjab.
  • The age limit for the loan taker is 20 to 50 years.
  • The loan will be for 2 to 5 years only.


There is also available PM Youth Loan Scheme for Business and Agriculture for the residents of the country Pakistan. This loan has also a very low markup. If you have eligibility for the said loan you can try to get the same loans for business and agriculture etc.


Upto 1 Million Loan Amount Through Punjab Employment (Rozgar) Scheme 2023

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