How to Maintain Service Book?

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Service Book is an essential part of the documents of a employee. It is the soul of all the service of an employee. Every major activity or event related to service of an employee is entered here in the service book. It goes throughout all the service of a non-gazetted employee. It is necessary that there must be made two copies of the service book. 1st copy must be in the custody of the head of the office and the other be handed over to the individual. The individual should refresh the service after every year or at the time of his/her transfer.

How to Start Service Book

Whenever an individual enters into Govt service as non-gazetted, it is necessary to maintain his service book. It is necessary that the service book be bind in a well manner as it has to go with the individual throughout his/her service. On the first page the individual’s bio data is entered. Thumb impression is very necessary on this page and at the end of this page the head of the office must sign.

Entries into the Pages of the Service Book

Fist of all I would like to mention the entries on the left page of the service book. Suppose Mr. Muhammad Akram has been appointed as MTT vide ltr No. 04/12 dated 10-08-2012 then we write on this page at the first time it is mentioned that the individual has been appointed as MTT vide ltr No. 04/12 dated 10-08-2012 and joined his duty on 12/08/2012 if the individual joins the service on 12-08-2012. At the top right side of this page his/her basic pay is mentioned.  The entry of the annual increment also entered at this page showing the amount of the increment and the present total basic pay. If the individual is promoted then the entry of the same is also made at this page also showing the new pay fixed in new pay scale. The entries of the advance increments and any other entry related to his/her pay is made at this page.

The right page is for general entries

It is mostly for the service verification after every year. If the employee gets earned leave its entry is also made at this page. The entry of transfer/posting is also made at this page.

Cares to be taken with service book

Suppose an employee is transferred from an other institution to present institution on 10-08-2012, and the ex-institution verifies his service upto 10-08-2012, then the present institution must verify his/her service wef 11-08-2012 whether he join the present institution on 11-08-2012 or later for the benefit of the employee. This mistake may cause a trouble for the employee at the time of his/her retirement.

The service book must verify after 5 years from the CMA or District Account Officer. When ever an employee transfers to other place his/her service also be verified from the concerned CMA or District Account Officer.

If the above mentioned precautions be taken, then I hope the individual will not suffer any trouble in future in his/her service life.

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam!

    I want to know that “which types of causalities should be entered in Service Book? Furthermore, what about allces entries in Service Book i.e charge allce, danger money allce, tool making allce, conveyance allce etc.

    Please guide me alongwith rule.


  2. Madam
    I hope u will be fine and happy
    Plz explain it for public convenience that the post of SCT BPS 16 in education department kpk is gazetted or non gazetted.

  3. how to calculate recovery on pay
    i am in bps 14 and
    7 august 2015 my permanent approval issued.
    so 7 august 2015 up to now how much recovery. Due to pay back account office.
    Please help to me


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