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This site has been initiated for the betterment & information of all the Employees of Pakistan. This site covers a great portion for the Federal Govt Employees but a little of Provincial Employees due to a distance from Provincial Employees. Now we want to decrease this distance with your help. Please send us the latest information about the Provincial Govt Employees as well as the Federal Govt Employees to make this site more effective and beneficent to all Employees of Pakistan.


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email ID: [email protected]

Send us Documents/Notifications:

Send documents, court Decisions and Notifications at [email protected] for the info and guidance of the employees.

Contact For Pension Matters

Important Note before Contact: 

1- Plz only email me Pension related cases. Pay fixation cases and others be sent to Admin Galaxy World. .

Phone Calls may NOT be Made After 1700 hours

2- “Calls may kindly be made preferably before 1700 hours.  Calls after that time are disturbing.  Better send an email first before calling”.

Moreover, I can give my opinion and advice better if I have all the requisite particulars and figures before me.  Hence, emails be kindly sent to me first, showing

  • Date of birth
  • Date of retirement
  • Government from which pension is being received
  • Gross amount of pension, and
  • %age of pension commuted

Calls may be made if no response to email is received within 3-4 days.


Mr. Amir Agha

[email protected]