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This site has been initiated for the betterment & information of all the Employees of Pakistan. This site covers a great portion for the Federal Govt Employees but a little of Provincial Employees due to a distance from Provincial Employees. Now we want to decrease this distance with your help. Please send us the latest information about the Provincial Govt Employees as well as the Federal Govt Employees to make this site more effective and beneficent to all Employees of Pakistan.


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Contact For Pension Matters

Important Note before Contact: 

1- Plz only email me Pension related cases. Pay fixation cases and others be sent to Admin Galaxy World. .

Phone Calls may NOT be Made After 1700 hours

2- “Calls may kindly be made preferably before 1700 hours.  Calls after that time are disturbing.  Better send an email first before calling”.

Moreover, I can give my opinion and advice better if I have all the requisite particulars and figures before me.  Hence, emails be kindly sent to me first, showing

  • Date of birth
  • Date of retirement
  • Government from which pension is being received
  • Gross amount of pension, and
  • %age of pension commuted

Calls may be made if no response to email is received within 3-4 days.


Mr. Amir Agha

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  1. Assalamualaikum sir,

    i would be really thankful to you if you could help me in LPR encashment understanding. i have recently started job in accounts department in PESSI. I want to learn about LPR encashment

    For example LPR period starts from 1 Jan-2024 to 31-Dec-2024. employee opts for encashment

    Sir at 30 june-24 the employee will get 48 earned and get them en-cashed immediately. So now credit balance in his leave account 400 leaves as at 30june-24.
    So my question is , for the period from 1 july-2024 to 31 dec-2024 (retirement) will 24 leaves will be credited to leave account (400+24= 424). if yes, then do employee has any option to get these 24 leaves en-cashed??? if no then 424 leaves will be reduced to 365 ??

    plz i need your help sir

  2. Hi. dear.
    I want to get to know about detailed job description plus last notification/orders like something of the Post of SUPERVISOR BS-14 in FBR because there are confusion about Supervisor BS-14 and Supervisor BS-16 post which is or was existed in FBR. give me brief history about this matter pls.

  3. I would like to ask if it is possible to transfer an LPR called LPR lien shift. Can an employee shift/transfer their LPR to a different station? Please provide guidance according to government rules.

  4. The Govt should At Least extend/release 03 committed salary increase in previous budgets regarding employees of Utility Stores Corporation(USC)
    what they expect in future from Govt`s announcements in this context…

  5. Sir i want to share and for help purpose of simply in short words to say that i was appointed in govt service against contract policy 2004 Phase-1 which is known as lumpsum package thn that time C.M punjab announced Regular contract employee announce after 6 years i.e 2009, but 17A employees initial date of regular date but my regular date consider 2009 which is loss my 6 years service in means loss seniority but i am senior in age , senior in date of joing date so therefore what can i do? I appeal against seniority ,department reject appeal thn not final seniority according to my appeal decesion which is pending in secretary office i put PST court case against matter my department promoted without decision seniority which law in this country?

  6. اسلام وعلیکم
    امید ہے آپ خیریت سے ہونگے۔عرض یہ کرنی ہے کہ فنانس ڈیپارٹمنٹ کی طرف سے سال2018 میں سٹور کیپر ٹیکنکل،جنرل،سٹور سپروائزز کی پوسٹوں کو اپ گریڈ کیا گیا تھا۔جس میں ٹیکنکل سٹور کیپر بی ایس06 کو اپ گریڈ کرکے بی ایس11 دے دیا گیا اور ساتھ ہی اس پوسٹ کا نام بھی تبدیل کر دیا گیا تھا جو کہ سٹور کیپر رکھا گیا۔اسی طرح سٹور سپروائزر بی ایس 09 کی پوسٹ کو بھی اپ گریڈ بی ایس 14 میں کیا گیا اور اس کا نام بھی تبدیل کرکے سینئر سٹور کیپر رکھ دیا گیا۔
    دونوں پوسٹوں کا نام بھی تبدیل ہو گیا اور بی ایس بھی اپ گریڈ ہو گئے۔جس میں آپ اور تمام یونین والوں کا مشکور ہوں۔اب مسئلہ یہ ہے کہ میں سٹور سپروائزر کی پوسٹ پر کام کر رہا ہوں اور رولز کے مطابق میری لائن آف پرموشن بطور اسسٹنٹ ہونا ہے اور دفتر میں پوسٹ بھی خالی پڑی ہوئی ہے۔دفتر عملہ میرے پروموشن کے کاغذات بھیج نہیں رہے۔ان کے مطابق نئے رولز ابھی بھیجے نہیں ہیں جب وہ پاس ہونگے تو اس کے بعد ڈی پی سی میں نام ڈالا جائے گا۔
    رولز پاس ہونے میں کافی وقت لگ جاتا ہے۔رولز جب تک پاس نہیں ہونگے تب تک میری پروموشن نہیں ہو سکتی ایسا ڈیپارٹمنٹ والے زبانی کلامی کہہ کر ٹال رہے ہیں جو کہ میرے ساتھ زیادتی ہے۔مجھے اس سلسلہ میں کوئی انفارمیشن یا نوٹیفیکشن جو پوسٹ نام تبدیلی کے ساتھ سکیل بھی اپ گریڈ ہوئے ہوں اور ان کی پروموشن بھی ہو گئی ہو۔اس بارے میں رہنمائی درکار ہے۔
    آپ کا مشکور ہونگا۔

  7. aaslamulaikum
    dear sir
    i want to get information /notification regarding Nomenclature/Up- Gradation of post
    if a person post upgraded from store supervisor to senior store keeper BS-09 to BS-14 by Finance department during the year 2018.
    question is that store supervisor have line of promotion against 20/80 quota
    after Nomenclatures change the person is eligible for next promotion. Or not .
    kindly advise or share some notification regarding promotion

  8. Salam,

    1st page of your site is ok, as we click on the 2nd page on the bottom of the site, it directly goes to old posts, please do correction

  9. Haji Umar Faraz Memon · Edit

    I have subscribed for news / latest updates, but I don’t get any mail on my email. I have resubscribe and submit my email address to get newsletter but didn’t work, I have sent you a complain email regarding this issue and also comment about this but no reply till yet.
    Kindly reply and resolve this issue as far as you can.

  10. Dear Sir,

    Its pleasure to being a subscriber of it keeps us updated about latest happening in the Government rules and policies. I appreciate your efforts as this has become possible because of You.

    I was receiving daily email from about new uploads on this website. Since last one month I am not getting this email so, I just wanted to confirm whether you have ceased that service or not?

  11. AoA , an official was promoted from B-15to B-16, after 6 months the official has withdraw his promotion and posted his substantive post B-16, please inform he can avail or not the Time Scale Promotion in substantive Post B-15. please guide in this matter, your early response in this regard will be highly appreciated

        1. i am waiting your comments kindly intimate weather the promotion reversal or not after getting the promotion. your early response is highly appreciated

  12. AoA can LDC and UDC cadres post are entitled for time scale promotion policy because the cadres of LDC and UDC were upgraded in 2017. Please clarify

  13. Assalam o Alikum its KR RAJPUT HERE FROM ZAKAT AND USHR DEPT GOVT OF SINDH, appointed through spsc on 1-7-2011 as computer operator bps -16. Upgraded to senior data processing officer bps-17 on 20 jan 2020 through sindh cabinet decision. Further i wants to know the service structure of IT CADRE posts if there is any in sindh govt dept, or kindly guide me ao that i may pursue for the service structure of such posts, 11 years of service i have. Thanks 03342621685

  14. Aslamoalaikum, kindly guide kren k stenographer ki post july 2017 mein bs-14 to bs-15 upgrade hui thi such employees ko december 2017 mein increment lge gi ya nhn.

  15. Government of Balochistan has given the 10% increase on net pension. The net pension or 65% calocated at the time of retirement not on the net pension that pensioners are taking right now.if someone who retired from govt service in 2015 , he is given the 10% increase on pension case which was calculted then, not on the net pension which he is availing on 2021

  16. Fixation of pay on promotion having special pay. PL inform whether finance department notification will apply on all servants of Punjab government ?

  17. Salaam Mr Agha Amir !
    Kya Ap Chahtay Hain K Pension News pr apky views aayen ? Mein YouTuber hn or apko apni website pr Pension k bary mein kuch bhi post krna hay or mein youtube sy apki website pr traffic laon ga ??

  18. After Completion of 20 Years Regular Service if we can Retired on Medical Ground Invalidation then i get all Pension Benefits.

    Shakeel Gul Awan, Dera Ghazi Khan.

    Mobile No. 0300-5302585

  19. I am a son of a 17th grade sindh government deceased pensioner who died on service in 2009, my mother was also retired from Sindh Government, at the moment the pension of a deceased and my mother’s pension is receiving by mother, we didn’t go yet for the benevolent fund and plot quota of the deceased pensioner who died during the service, we are interested to begin the process of getting benevolent fund and plot quota also my mother want to transfer my father’s pension to my divorced sister who have no other income sources, so please guide us how and where to start this process and with whom we should contact.

    Thank you
    Salman Ahmed.

  20. assalam o alaikum
    An employee is retiring on 31-10-2021 . can annual increment FY 2021 be part of pension and Leave Encashment calculation
    please guide

  21. I was upgraded in 2016 , I was at initial stage in pay scale chart 2016, my was fixed from 9220 to 9860 without granted premature increment. However according to office memo F No 11 (4)R-2/2013 dt 22 oct 2013 serial no 7 (b) I am entitled for premature increment. Kindly guide me about this

        1. Pay on 01-07-2016 = 9220/- BPS-07
          Pay on 30-11-2016 = 9220/- BPS-07
          Pay on 01-12-2016 =9720/- BPS-07 (Annual Increment)
          Pay on 02-12-2016 = 9860/- (Pay Fixed in BPS-09) Next Above
          Pay on 02-12-2016 = 10470/- (1 Premature Increment)

          1. But my is fixed w..e.f 1-7-2016 and fixed at 9860 on the same date…. Kindly clarify me the point no 7(b) of office memorandum (CLEARIFICATION REGARDING PREMATURE ON UP-GRADATION) gov of Pakistan finance division (reg wing) F No 11(4) R-2/2013 dated 22 Oct 2016.

  22. AoA Sir, it is requested to please tell me that if a federal govt servant desirous to posting in any other setup on Compensionate ground, then his seniority will be count from date of appointment or date of taken on strength in new setup also requested to please link the rule


    ASLAM O ALAKUM , SIR, on 08-02-2021, supreme court rejected appeal of chief secretary Punjab and allowed pay protection of contract period of employee regularized. government of punjab law and parilmentary affirs department in its letter NO. REG.3-11/2021 DATED 24 FEB 2021dated to section officer(personnel-11) SGAD ,clarified that junior clerks appointed by SGAD in 2007 and 2009 were regularised in 2009 and 2014 should be regularized from the date of initial appointment on contract bases.

  24. contract appointment policy 2004 k tahid class IV ki posts District level per advertisement hon gi ya provincial level per
    koi notification ya rules copy send karain shukriya

  25. R/Sir / Madam,

    By profession, I am serving as Junior Clerk BPS-11 in KP Police Department. I shall be highly grateful if Service Structure and Salary Structure of Police Ministerial Staff of Punjab, Balochistan, Sindh & ICT is provided to me.

    Amjad Qureshi

  26. AoA, is there any chances/ news of issuence of regularization policy by Federal Government like Provences with reference to BPS-17 & above?

  27. محمد الیاس · Edit

    السلام علیکم و رحمتہ اللہ و برکاتہ۔۔۔۔

    Kindly help me & tell me whether I am entitled for grant of premature increment or not and help me with supporting document / rule(s) please..

    I served a defense organization for 10 years as a regular Govt servant in BPS-5
    I applied (through proper channel) and was appointed in another department in BPS-12
    I applied (through proper channel) and was appointed in current department in BPS-15

    I need to know whether “Fresh Appointment” in continuous service (applying through proper channel) is also termed as “Promotion” and “Attaining Higher Post” vice-versa

    waiting for prompt action …………

  28. Salam!
    Respected Sir, Is there any notification regarding anesthesia allowance 10000Rs for medical officers working specifically in Anesthesia in primary and secondary healthcare hospitals like DHQs and THQs?

  29. mazhar Hussain Soomro · Edit

    Dear Sir Asslam o Alaikum, as I am a assistant Professor of grade 18 education department sindh and fulfil my duties at G.H.S.S Ratodero which is 30 km far from larkana,where as a toll plaza come in between larkana and ratodero rout, being a government employee and being a local (17 miles resident in between larkana and toll plaza) may I free for or have to pay toll tax at toll plaza. Thanks

  30. Dear Sir, Assalamo alaikum…….. Sir i am working in litigation of Higher Education Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and attend High Court, Civil Sectt, Session Court etc which is about 6/7 kilometer from my office, without any remuneration or allowance. Kindly give me rules/policy about intercity Taxi charges so as i could claim the same.

  31. Muhammad Salim Azad · Edit

    My pay was maximum pay scale B-17(SG-B-18) Rs.8745/- 0n 1-12-2000, Promoted B-18 on 1-12-2000. Move over allowed B-19 w.e.f 1-12-2001 Rs.8905/-and pay fixed in B-18 Rs.14570/-in new pay scale
    1-12-2001. No premature increment is being allowed under the above letter.
    My request how to fix pay and grant of premature increment in old pay scale 1994 after Move over B-19 or in new pay scale 1-12-2001

  32. AOA
    Sir, mera masla ye hai ke hamara department federal govt ke under aata tha 2011 mai 18 ammendement ki waja se sindh govt ke hawale ho gea. 9 sal sind govt ke under raha meri post UDC ki BPS-9 se BPS-14 mai upgrade ho gae ab supreme court ke order se wapis federal govt mai a gae hai ap office wale keh rahe hain ke ap ko revert hona ho ga BPS-11 mai jaisa federal mai hai pay protection ke sath. Plz rehnumae karen mai revert nahi hona chahta koi rule bata den plz.

  33. AOA. I got premature retirement from Azad Jammu Kashmir Education Department after rendering 25 years and at the age of 50 years. Can get commuted portion of my pension after 12 years retirement period or it will be due at the age of 72 years. Tks

  34. Assalam: Kindly guide me, a person having 12 years of service was dismissed from govt. service in the year, 1980 on disciplinary rules. can he now claim any benefits in light of pension etc.

  35. AoA Sir !
    I need a little clarification on admissibility of Adhoc Relief Allowance 2019.
    Whether an individual promoted from BPS-20 to BPS-21 will keep on getting Adhoc Relief Allowance 2019 @5% or on his promotion he will seize to get this allowance ?

  36. if an employee availed leaves in last year of retirement without medical and hajj leave , will he eligible for lpr encashment ?
    if yes plz quote rule

  37. Asslamualikum my name is zeeshan Ahmed, I am male Nurse of Pakistan Air Force. In paf My BPS is 07 . At other provinces or federal governments given BPS 16 . Tell me legal advice

  38. R/sir.
    Please help a widow
    Employee whose regular Service was only 05 years, is her widow entitled to get family pension.
    If you have any notification please send.


  39. An employee (regular) in wapda as vehicle driver was worked only 05 year at the time of jis natural death, is his window entitled to get pension according to rules.
    Please help her.


  40. A retired teacher (pension holder) expired on 10.07.2016 and his daughter became widow on 09.07.2019. (the pension was discontinued from his death as the wife of deceased was already died in the year 2010). Is her daughter entitled to get pension of her late father. please reply.

  41. AOA Dear,
    Can you please clarify that a person in Pakistan Navy is Federal Govt Employee.My brother died during service in Pakistan Navy as a Patty officer in Jan 2014. His family got family pension and Insurance from Navy.As per mentioned dates in Prime minister Assistance package 2014 he was eligible for PMAP-2014.but Naval officials say that this PMAP are for Federal Govt employees, and Pakistan Navy persons are not Federal Govt employees, therefore not eligible for PMAP-2014. I want to know that whether Pakistan navy persons are Federal Govt employee or Not.If yes then plz help me to find any notification.


  42. AOA

    Sir my father was Retired from Lahore Electric Supply Company (Lesco) In Position of linen Superintendent LS 1 After completion 60 years of service. i just want to know how much pension will be restored or double in number after 12 year Or at the age of 72 Year. Any Formula or Any calculation.

    Details as per under below:-

     Date Of Birth 06-dec-1947
     Date Of Retirement 06-dec-2007
     Retirement Age 60 Year
     Computation Pension increase Date :- 06-Dec-2019
     Commuted portion as per pension book Rs. 2135.18/=.
     Current Pension Rs. 20,000 (Twenty Thousand)
     Medical Allowance Rs. 3,000(Three Thousand)

  43. Please help me as im in search for a solid reference for conveyance allowance deduction because of my hostel stay which was situated within work premises. I have received different verbal thoughts which are of the view that it is not admissible on hostel stay. Please guide me

    1. The main ref is that please find/check the same at the previous bills that were used before computerized pay bills. There was to give a certificate with every pay bill that is an employee is not residing within the premises of the office.

      1. Thank you for the reply. But i never gave such a certificate to admin.
        In my understanding the deduction of the conveyance allowance is admissible to those who are living in official residences i.e, house, flats or quarters that comes under Estate for where the deduction of house rent was also admissible but in contrary a hostel room is not a facility and if I talk about my condition so my hostel was run on commercial scale means it accomodated people from outside, students and employees and were charging very high rent……..Moreover our fellow colleagues residing in hostels with work premises in provincial set up (AARI, FSD) , BARI Chakwal are still devoid of such deduction when which was probed from their management I was able to get the point that hostel and residence are two different thing. Lets take an example in my case
        1. officer residing in official residence is liable to par Rs. 8800/- as house rent + 5% tax + 5000/- conveyance allowance deductions which makes Rs. 13800/- for a specific residence including rooms, kitchen and wash rooms.
        2. In my case residing in a hostel within the same premises costs me: Rs 12000/- room rent (Non-AC) + Rs. 5000/- Conveyance allowances = 17000/- for a single room. (Is this just or don’t you think a discrimination)

  44. My querry,
    Is there any change in restriction of number of days for leave encashment if I take VR after completing 30 years of Qualifying service.

    Please clarify.

    Raju Sinha

  45. Dr. Abdullah Sethar · Edit



    I would like to bring a matter into your kind notice that Sindh Government’s University & Boards Department has issued a Notification No. SO (17) U& B/ Ph.D- Allowance/ 2018 Karachi Dated 8 February 2018 issued by Mr. Muhammad Hussain Syed ACS in which they have raised Ph.D allowance from Rs. 10,000/ to RS. 25,000/ per month only for teaching faculty of Universities in Sindh whereas Finance Department Government of Sindh”s Notification No. FD (SR-III) 5-29 2002 Karachi Dated 1st September 2015 grants only Rs. 10,000 PhD allowance.

    It is earnestly requested that Rs. 25000 PhD allowance may kindly be allowed to all PhD degree holders irrespective of their Department.

    All employees working in Sindh Government have been deprived of their right.

    Kindly consider this request and similar rate of PhD allowance which is being given to University teachers may kindly be allowed to employees working in various Departments of Sindh Government.

    I shall be highly grateful if you could kindly consider this genuine request.

    Yours sincerely
    Dr. Abdullah Sethar
    Ph.D (UK)
    Livestock Breeding Service Authority Sindh Hyderabad

  46. A O A ! kindly guide me regarding pay protection rules …. is it possible to protect pay when we shift from regular job to contract(extendible) , both selections happened through ppsc……if yes then what is its procedure?

  47. Dear sir,
    can you help men in providing me any notification/clarification that if a contract/adhoc employee of Govt. of Punjab resigns without one month prior notice which salary he will have to deposit in govt. treasury his basic pay or total salary (Basic Pay + all allowances) while in his appointment orders it is mentioned that if he/she resigns without one month prior notice he will have to pay one month’s pay before resignation.

    1. it is clearly mentioned in the terms and conditions of your appointment i.e. word salary is used or pay. if the word pay is used then it means basic pay. normally word pay is used in the terms and conditions. so read your terms and conditions again.

  48. A O A…
    I am college employee…Federal College of education, H-9, Islamabad…Single in identity…There are 16 seats of Assistant Professor (BS-18)…12 seats for promotion and 04 seats for direct appointment…75 % and 25 % in ratio…presently, 09 employees= promotion…..05 employees= direct appointment….one seat recently sent for direct appointment to FPSC and one eat is vacant…But I am elligible for promotion from last two year…magar mujay kha ja rha ha k koi seat vacant nai…What is the procedure….How to understand it…Please guide me…Thanks

      1. asslam o alaikum bhai men charge nurse hun aor men ny maternity leave li thi lekin wo ab allowances ki cutting kr rhy hen. men ny notification dikhaya to wo kehty thy ky finance departent ka notification ly kr aen kindly help me

  49. AoA. Sir,
    It is submitted that me and my others colegue appointed as LDC in a Federal Government Deptt on 16-12-2004. We both drawn Basic Pay @ Rs.14830/- per month up to 01-07-2016.
    The scale of LDC was upgraded BS-07 to BS-09 w.e.f 01-07-2016.
    Sir. my pay was fixed @Rs.15960/- after grant of premature increment w.e.f 01-07-2016, but the pay of my colegue was fixed @Rs.16570/- after grant of premature increment w.e.f 01-07-2016.
    Sir. I want to know that why my colegue is drawing an extra increment?.
    And how can i raise this point? Advise please
    I am grateful Sir.

  50. Plz let me know the status of Pakistan Post office department after issuance of notification of executive and autonomous bodies by the cabinet divn islamabad. Because PPO department is not included in boh the notifications. However the same was included in the proposal to be an auonomous body

  51. Aoa. Sir I am an employee of FGEI C/G School and was retired on 09-06-2011 in BPS-16. Then I was upgraded in BPS-17 w.e.f 01-01-2011.Now I have come to know that time scale promotion list from BPS-17 to BPS-18 (w.e.f 01-01-2011) has also been issued, but my name is not listed in the list although I am eligible. Please guide me in this matter as soon as possible. Thanks

      1. Dear Sir can you please fix my pension and arrears of pay/commutation etc. in BPS-18 for my convenience? Please let me know so that I can share my particulars with you.Thanks

          1. My particulars are:

            Date of Birth:10-06-1951
            Joining Date in Service: 15-01-1975
            Date of promotion in BPS-16 as T.G.T: 01-09-1991
            Date of retirement in as T.G.T (Completing 19 years & 7 months in BPS-16): 09-06-2011
            Date of Up-gradation in BPS-17: 01-01-2011
            Pay to be fixed as S.S.T in BPS-17: Rs.18730/-
            CA: Rs.2480/-
            MA: Rs.2810/-
            AD-2009: Rs. 3468/-
            AD-2010: Rs. 9365/-
            Teaching Allowance: Rs.1000/-
            SAR 15%: Rs.1367/-
            Adhoc 15%: Rs.1367/-
            DAR 15%: Rs.1667/-
            Adhoc 1994 Rs.634/-
            Total Credit: Rs.42,837/-


            GP Fund: Rs.1050/-
            Benevolent Fund: Rs.155/-
            GI: Rs. 182/-
            5% rent: Rs.867/-
            Total Deduction: Rs.2254/-

            Date of Promotion for Time Scale (From BPS-17 to BPS-18) : 02-01-2011

        1. Dear sir AOA
          I hope u will be fine by the grace of All Might Allah

          Sir i request you to please recommend some books to know the government rules and reuglations for the woking of treasuer office of a university or in general

  52. AoA,
    Can FG employee hire his parental house in other specified station i.e. Quetta if he is working in Karachi?

    Situation is as under: One Junior Auditor Working in FG organization in Karachi want to get house hiring but his house is in Quetta in the name of his parents.
    Can he hire his house and get the rental ceiling.
    Please specify the rules in answer or any clarification from the Ministry.

  53. آپ کے پاس یوٹیلیٹی الاونس کے حوالے سے کوئی خبر ہے کیا۔ سنا ہے کے پنجاب گورنمنٹ نے نوٹیفیکیشن کیا ہے

  54. AOA
    kindly clarify where the commute portion is restored or not for the “family” if the Govt servant is retried on medical ground. kindly guide me for this issue please

    1. AOA,an official was promoted from B-15 to B-16, after 6 months he withdraw his promotion weather he get avail Time Scale Promotion in B-15 or not kindly guide this matter please. your early response in this regard will be highly appreciated

  55. AOA
    Sir ,
    it is stated that I am employ of the University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar. i have a question that either University employee can apply for the housing Foundation scheme for plot or house allotment / Purchase. And also want to know where the University employees exists.

  56. Assalam o alaikum
    Dear sir,
    I want to ask some questions about marit criteria of CTI spaces .is a person having 81% and other with 89%marks in matric or intermediate consider at equal position in marit criteria.

  57. Please convey my message to competent authority of Sindh Government for the issuance of Special Conveyance Allowance 2000/= Per Month for Disabled Employees.

  58. Aoa
    I am Tariq Aziz Laghari working as JST in Sindh education and literacy department.
    Can I get criteria copy for preparing Seniority list of JSTs for promotion to the post of HST..

  59. @shumailakamal10 respected ma’am…. salam…. i want to ask a question…. please reply me…. i was appointed as pst post in bps 12 in elementary and secondary education department kpk on 29/03/2012…. and i served the department for approximately 2 and a half years in the said department till 31/05/2014 . As on this this dat31/05/2014 i was recuited as ct bps 15 on adhoc bases … my previous service was permanent service… i still continue this post and after 3 and a half years we were permanent from the date of appointment… now i want to ask few questions….

    1 … Am i entitle for premature increment because i took charge on higher scale?
    2…. am i entitle for back benefits as of earlier sarvices.? There is no gape in my services.. and when i was adhoc post, i took lein for pst post…

    Muhammad Ejaz takht bhai mardan..

  60. Sir mera teaching allowance nhn lag raha.TEO & DEO se form leke treasury office ke chakar 4 maheene se laga raha hun table pe clerk bhethta hi koi hall batadeen plz….

      1. Dear Sir
        Have you any update regarding Punjab engineer’s Technical Allowance, as some departments approached finance department for tendering advice that either proper sanction is required or just F.D notification is enough?
        Pls update

    1. sher afsar khan Ex ct · Edit

      AOA I was a ptc teacher in Bps 7 in edu depat kpk
      on 1-6-91 I was awarded bps 9 on FA
      and on the same date my pay scale was also revised first pay scale was revised in
      bps 7 and pay Rs 1029 was fixed as Rs1515 inbps 7 then I was placed in bps 9
      revised pay of bps 7 Rs 1515 was fixed as 1545 in bps 9
      plz guide me could/can use option first upgradation and then revision in bps 9?
      2-was/am Ientitle for pre mature inc or not?
      3- Is this upgradation or not?

  61. AOA ,I have done BS honours in English, now I want to do 2nd MA, so please guide me in which should I do 2nd MA??? Whether Pakistan studies is better or International relations…the scope of which subject is more, pak studies or International relations?? Please guide me.

  62. AOA ,I have done BA honours in English, now I want to do 2nd MA, so please guide me in which should I do 2nd MA??? Whether Pakistan studies is better or International relations…the scope of which subject is more, pak studies or International relations??

  63. My qualifications is and my mother was in special education department under Government of punjab. She was died during her service, i want to know on which scale i am eligible under 17A Rule. Please reply.

  64. dear sir,
    sorry to bother you and kindly guide me fol issue.
    I am employer of Punjab Ranger.During suty am injured in a terorist right leg is seriusly damaged.still am undertreatment.May be i have to get medical board so kindly informed me if i have to get pention after period of 11 year of service,which benifit can i avail.
    DOB is 01 may 1985
    selection date is 3 March 2007.
    I hve also requested you for posting me your urdu book on pention rules kindly dispatch me


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