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  1. Hi, I m working as office superintendent in FBR Bahawalpur.I want notifications for time scale promotion as I completed 10 years regular service in BS-16. Notification required O.M.No.01(2)/2022-05/2024 dated 22-1-2024.

  2. I will request all pensioners to start a campaign to convince the federal government that all pensioners are already passing their days from hand to mouth. The annual increase in pension is 5 to 7 percent. The government should immediately stop deducting Debit Card Fee and Federal Excise Duty and bank statements. This is injustice. At least, the pensioners should be given relief.

  3. plz let me know that the kia G.PFund advance refundable ki sanction one installment men ho sakti he. authorities ka kahna he k hum sanction 02 installment men karen ge but DAO office men computer 01 sanction ko accept karta he. plz koi notification is k bare men ho to btaen.

  4. Ashfaque Ahmed Shaikh · Edit

    please guide ,if an employee appointed to an other department through proper channel and he appointed for higher post will he get annual increment form lower to higher grade please guide

  5. Respected Madam
    I am working as Assistant in BPS 16 by virtue of Time Scale Upgradation. The post was upgraded to BPS 15. Due to upgradation of post one increment was admissible to those who were drawing pay in BPS 14 but this benefit was admissible to me if yes please mail copy of letter of Finance Division. Thanks

  6. I need expert advise on pay fixation, please help me. Actually I am wanted to know what effect occurs on medical allowances and other allowances when a person promoted from lower to higher grade.

  7. will an employee of Federal government receive annual increment in december when he is appointed in a higher scale and joins his new job in august

  8. Assalamualekum
    aisa platform ist time mila jis me ooron k allawa labour brothers ko b kuch dekhne ko milta ha.
    Oor labours b apni dil ki baras apke through suna sakte han.
    Tnk u v v much.

  9. Dear Sir,
    An employee of karachi metropolitan corporation working in BPS 05, having MBA finance degree, need help for promotion or any type of benefit.

  10. Dear Sir,
    An Employee of Federal Govt. (PAF) retired from service on 09-06-1999 on the bais of Pay Scales-1994. He opted for commuting half portion of his pension at the time of retirement. Ultimately 50% pension was granted to him. His restoration of surrendered portion of pensin is due in November, 2026. All annual increases in pension were granted to him on his half pension except for the increase-1999 (It was 25% on the net/full pension).
    Will this employee get:-
    1. All increases on the half portion of surrendered pension also.
    2. Will his pension be almost double (excluding the Medical Allowance) on restoration?
    Please guide in this matter. Bundle of thanks.

  11. aoa
    i often visit your site and found perfect by all means.
    i have some issue about promotion after getting revised designation post of store keeper BS-09 to BS-14.
    My promotion is due as assistant.
    can you send any clarification regarding that matter please
    highly thankful for your quick response

      1. السلام عليكم سر ایک انفارمیشن چاہئے
        کلاس فور ملازمین ان سروس پرموشن %20 کوٹہ کے تحت جونئیر کلرک پرموٹ ہوتے ہیں انکے لیے تعلیم انٹرمیڈیٹ چاہئے یا میٹرک اور سکیل ایک سے چار یا ایک سے آٹھ مہربانی فرما کر بتا دیں شکریہ
        محمد ندیم محکمہ صحت ساہیوال
        [email protected]

  12. Respected Sir Aslamoalaikum !

    1. If a person is regular employee through PPSC already and he wants to apply for a contract post through PPSC, how will it affect his benefits during the period he is a contract employee?

    2. Will he be required to complete the contract period to be regularized again?

    Wasalam !

  13. If a person is working in BPS 16 and gets Time Scale Promotion BPS 17, in that case he will be entitled to TA/DA rate BPS 17 or BPS 16?

    اگر کوئی شخص BPS 16 میں کام کر رہا ہے اور اسے ٹائم سکیل پروموشن BPS 17 ملتا ہے، تو اس صورت میں وہ TA/DA کی شرح BPS 17 یا BPS 16 کا حقدار ہو گا؟

  14. Special Allowance 2022 @ 15% from 1st March 2022 in Punjab Province as per notification is granted on running basic pay of Scale 2017 or initial basic pay of Scale 2017? Please guide on this matter.

  15. Aslam o Alaikum!

    Urgent Please

    Please clarify the rule “FR.53(b)” that under suspension employee will be entitle to his full pay and other benifits provided under contract of service.

    Whether the salary of suspension period will be paid to concerned employee before or after regularization of suspension period.

    However employee Re-instated into service after re-joining the duties w.e.from re-joining date and suspension period will be regularized after reciept of final order of court in criminal case.

    email/[email protected]

  16. Well-articulated! Love everything you write. I just loved it! Very well written. You’ve explained it better. What perfect writing! Such a great piece!

  17. Dear admin Aslam u Alaikum
    Sir mein punjab police mein as constable 2006 mein bharti huwa later on 2017 mein education department mein as EST bharti ho gya proper channel from bps 7 to 14 and from 16450 to 15180 basic pay Sir my question is that can I avail any pay protection I’m from punjab

  18. Aftab Ali Shaikh

    if there is any Computer Operator (BPS-16) in Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences (LUMHS) Jamhsoro, University. who wants to come to Peoples University of Medical & Health Sciences for Women (Shaheed Benazirabad) Nawabshah, then contact me. I am Computer Operator (BPS-16) at Peoples University of Medical & Health Sciences for Women-Shaheed Benazirabad-Nawabshah (SINDH).
    Mobile No: 0303 3359230

  19. AOA
    Fixation of pay on promotion having special pay. Letter/notification of finance department punjab dated 18.9.2018 is available on your website.
    With best regards
    Fazal Ur Rehman

  20. Respected madam,
    Pl refer to finance department Punjab notification dated 18.9.2018 regarding fixation of pay on promotion having special pay.
    I want to know either the said facility is limited to section officers or applicable in all other cases of similar nature?
    Thank you.

  21. Dear Admin Asslam o Alikum.
    I am a permanent PST at High School
    I am doing my Ph.D. 2nd semester
    I have applied for NOC
    Principal forward to DEO SE, DEO SE forward to DEO EEM but DEO EEM refused to give NOC FOR Ph.D.
    He said that permission was not allowed to any candidate over 60 KM distance.
    it is the order of Secretary South Punjab.
    Have we any right .
    Please send me the notification in the favour of DOING Ph.D., NOC, and Study Leave.

      1. ” same post but higher scale issued ”
        I’m imran from rwp
        Sir me federal government k military department me as a civil driver bps4 2015 me bharti howa 2021 me scale upgrade hokr bps5 ho geya ab meny federal government k aik or department me same post civil driver bps4 k leye through proper channel apply keya tha un k benefits in sy bht achy hen good salary pkg hy in k nisbt ab mjy wo interview k leye bula rahy hen lkn military waly kehty hen ap bps5 sy bps4 me ni ja skty sir yaha meri salary bht kam hy or me waha jana chahta ho plz kindly help me give me guidelines and legal rulling

          1. Mam my parent department insist you have any rulling give him then he give me relieving order. Or jb meny kaha ap k pas koe rulling hy jis me kaha geya ho k ap lower scale me good salary pkg pr reappointment ni ho skty tu dekha dy mjy mam yh mjy wohe same or higher scale wali rulling dekha rahy hen jis ka reappointment sy koe lena dena ni hy. Now he can’t listen my any talk. its not fair mam so plz give me a legal guideline

  22. mohammadayaznizami · Edit

    madam/محترم سر!
    ہماری جناب سے درخواست ہے کہ برائے مہربانی ہمیں گائیڈ فرمائیں کہ اکاونٹ ریلیتڈ پوسٹ نوٹیفکیشن مورخہ۔ 2018/12/14
    پنجاب فنانس لاہور۔ہم اکاونٹس کلرک بی-ایس۔08 میں1995-03-28 کی جائینگ ہے 2022-03-27 کو ہماری سروس پورے 27 ہوجائے گی۔جبکہ اکاونٹس آفس نے ہمیں سکیل۔ 08 سے سکیل۔11 دیا ہے۔ جبکہ ہوم ڈیپارٹمیںٹ لاہور کے ڈیٹا انٹری آپریٹر سکیل ۔12 جائینگ تاریخ۔2009-10-14کو 08 سال سروس پر سکیل12-سے 15 مورخہ۔ 2018/12/14 میں 14اپ گریڈ کردیا
    اسی طرح دیگرکئی ڈیپارٹمیںٹ میں اسی طرح اپگریڈ تاریخ اۤغاز ملازمت سے کیا گیا۔اسی طرح مورخہ۔ 2021-12-06 کو لاہور ہائی کورٹ نے ایڈوائس فار گرانٹ آف ٹائم سکیل پروموشن / اپ گریڈیشن بی-ایس ۔16 آن کملیشن 08 سال سروس کیمپوٹر آپریٹر بی-ایس۔14سے بی-ایس۔16 مورخہ۔ 2018/12/14 سے کردیا ۔جسکی تاریخ اۤغاز ملازمت 2009-02-28 ۔ جبکہ ہماری سروس 2022-03-27 کو پورے 27 سال مکمل ہوجائے گی۔ کلئیرفیکشن کے مطابق ریگولر ہر 08 سال سرس کے حساب سے تو ہمارا 16 سکیل بنتا ہےہماری پوسٹیں بھی نان پروموشن پوسٹیں ہیں۔ اسی طرح ہماری پوسٹ اکاونٹس کلرک بی-ایس۔08 ( ڈائریکٹ ریکریومنٹس پوسٹ)ہے جسکا پروموشن چینل نہیں ہے۔ اسی طرح فنانس ڈیپارٹمیںٹ لاہور کے نوٹیفیکشن نمبر۔ایف۔ڈی۔پیسی۔40-12/2017(20/11) مورخہ۔2020-02-03 میں بھی واضح ہے کہ نو اپر ٹائر/لائن پروموشن اور اسکے 02 موڈ وہاں بھی ابتدائی ملازمت درج کیا۔ جہاں اپرٹائر نہیں ہے وہاں پےرا نمبر۔1(11) کے مطابق خود اکاونٹس آفس کرے۔ سر مہربانی فرکر گائیڈ فرمائیں کہ 27 سال سروس پر ہمارا سکیل 15-16 بنتا ہے اور ہمیں ےہ بھی بتائیں کہ ہم کیا کریں کہ اکاونٹس آفس کو یقیں آجائے.
    Email.Address.mohammad ayaz [email protected].

  23. i am working under Ministry of Science & Technology in an autonomous organisation as KPO (re-designated as DEO) I am looking for the promotion Stages of DEO I have been working for the last 15 years as KPO being appointed as LDC and redesignated as KPO facing huge financial loss

  24. Assalam o alekum,

    I am searching a Ministry of Finance notification No. F.2 (5) R-I/97 dated 02-02-2007 contained information of Fundamental Rules information, can you help me.

  25. Respected Sir/ Madam

    This is to inform you that please update on this website All Nursing School of Punjab BScN 4 Year Program Merit list 1st and 2nd in here.

    Thanks & Regards

  26. Respected Madam
    post of Field Assistant Agriculture Extension Department upgraded on 30-11-2008. kia premature increment mil sakti he agar mil sakti he to annual increment bhe milay ge please guide me thanks

  27. AoA Sir, it is requested to please tell me that if a federal govt servant desirous to posting in any other setup on Compensionate ground, then his seniority will be count from date of appointment or date of taken on strength in new setup also requested to please link the rule

  28. Please updates about Health Department Punjab-Lahore that how’s upcoming notification about this. because health system is very strong and no updates about for it. which very necessary action.

  29. Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I was promoted from LDC to UDC on the basis of seniority cum fitness and having qualification Master degree before promotion. Sir, Am i eligible for advance increments as per Federal Government rules and notification. Please reply Yes or No regarding increments and If yes then how much increments will be allow me ?


  30. Sir
    I was appionted as EET BS 14 w.e.f 14/9/1995 and promoted as SST w.e.f 4/5/2012 Now I got proforma promotion w.e.f 13/03/1999 . I submitted the revised pay slip case to DAO with chsrge report at. existing post w.e.f 13/3/99 but DAO says that authority should also issue postig order for the period 13/3/99 to 8/5/12 against vacant post , and you submit charge report for that post.If any notification or court order relating the case. Plz send me

  31. if an employee avaied earned or casual leave for 10 days in the last year of retirement and his balance earned leave is 210 days. Is he eligible for Lpr encashment ? if yes how and plz quote the rule plz.
    In my department many similiar casses are pending plz help me.
    Amir Mohammad kalwar
    Deputy Director Medical Admin
    SESSI Karachi

  32. Mahtab ahmed Dhamrah · Edit

    Asslam o alaikum.
    Medical charges A01274.
    Govt officers bps 17 out door patient apni bill 9500 kese claim kare .
    District accounts officer wali non availability certificate ki demond kerte he civil surgeon civil hospital ka issue kerda.
    Problem ye he k civil hospital wale issue nahi kerti ye keh ker k un k pass medicine available he.
    Aap se guzarish he k koi aesa notification ho jo hum un ko dekha ker apna kaam ker wale thanks. Regards Dhamrah Mahtab

  33. Assalam Alaikum Galaxy Members

    I pray to Allah for specific blessings for you.
    Your services are really helpful.
    Providing required papers in time without cost is prayers
    May God bless u for the same.

    I hope such policy will continue for welfare of needy in future

    I remind ur services that u r late in uploading interest rate of GPF for 2019-20

  34. Request for Provision of Copy of the Notification for Ration Allowance and SPL (CONSOL) Allowance 40% for Federal Employees.
    Dear sir, I am serving as Sepoy (BPS-05) in Federal Levies Force at District Killa Saifullah.

    Sir, 1st I would like to thank you for speedy response to me last time and further request you to kindly share a copy of Notification for the subject Allowances, please so I may attach with my Arrear bills and get it signed from the DDO.
    Your kind and prompt action in this regard will highly be appreciated, please
    Send copy through this email ([email protected]).

  35. Assalam o Alaikum Sir, I am working in BPS-17 in a Public Sector University. I was appointed on contractual basis initially and after working for 3 continuous years i was appointed on permanent basis through selection board on same post. I want to ask that in this case am i eligible for Pay Protection or not? as my institute started my pay from zero stage and removed the increments which i availed during my contractual service. Please guide me. Thanks

    1. Syed Faraz Gilani · Edit

      As salam o alaikum sir. Hope you are fine .
      Sir I was working in federal government departments in BPS-07 and I applied through proper channel for the post of BPS-11 and have selected. would I get pre-mature increment through proper channel or not ? And kindly if do you have any documental proof or notification regarding this matter . Tell me dear bro

  36. Habib Ullah Waseem · Edit

    sir, My brother on LPR from 16 Mar 2020 and his promotion has comes as head clerk on 14 Apr 2020. He is defence paid employee. Question asking is as under:-

    1. What can a promotion during LPR (any rule)?
    (Kia LPR kay Doraan promotion ho saktee ha ya nahi)
    2. if vacancy is held where he appointed then transfer to other station or adjusted him.
    (Age vacancy khali ha to kia transfer / posting ho gee ya us ko osee station per adjust kia jaay ga.)
    3. what resume the duty is necessary for promotion or not. (
    ( Kia promotion kay leay duty par hazir hona zaroree ha ya nahi)
    IS baray main rahnomai farmain . Shukria

    please give me guide line for this issue.

    Thanks in advance

  37. Kindly guide me regarding rules of cancellation of extra ordinary leave (EOL) that is there any rule(s) available for cancellation of EOL or not?

  38. An employee has been promoted from bps-02 to bps-03 on 15th June 2014. His pay has been fixed after allowing annual increment of 01-12-2014 in lower pay scale i.e bps-02 . Subsequently authority has allowed one premature increment from 1-7-2014 to the employees in bps 1 to 4. Can we allow him that premature increment after pay fixation in higher pay scale from 2-12-2014?

  39. i need Decion no of multan high court about Grpoup insurence case.in which justic jawad hassan orderd to give Grpoup insurence to retird petitioner within 30 fays

      1. ok.
        if there is any steno typist (BPS-14) who wants to come to Islamabad from Hyderabad, Karachi then contact me. I am steno typist in Ministry of Planning & Development.

  40. I was federal government employee and employed by organization under ministry of defense got retirement in dec 2016 after more than 15 years of service after attaining the age of 60 years I was employed during this period on contractual basis but but was not regularized during my course of employment ,there are many employees are regularized from contractual to regular although I was promoted to the post of director during this period ,I was not given retirement benefits like pension etc .Is there any rule i can ask them to regularized my services so that I can claim pension benefits etc please also reply on my email

    1. there is no such rule to regularize services of an employee after its attaining the age of superannuation. You would do the same before age of 60. although you may knock the court’s door for the subject purpose which is also NOT 100% guaranteed, if in such condition if your bagemate was regulaized after court’s order.

  41. A.A Sir!!
    i want to ask about Marketing Posts i.e Marketing supervisor, Marketing inspector etc in PHA ( Parks & Horticulture Authorities) is there any notification regarding these post service structure etc because basic JD is to collect Publicity tax, outdoor advertisement tax i.e banner, streamer, hoarding boards etc tax, PHA’s basicly gave marketing supervisor bs 07 which is unjustice to employee having BBA hons in Marketing which iis minimum level off marketing specialiazation which is also 16 year of education. kindly guide me how to pursue this matter because there is not any kind of employee association related to these posts. how could i resolve this matter to upgrade scale as per Rules. ??

  42. Dear Sir kindly guide me about the following case:
    An Officer proceeded on extra ordinary leave without pay for three years during the month of September, 2016 and joined back his duty during July, 2019. Is he eligible for grant annual increment for the year 2016 or not?

      1. Sir to know your expertise please guide me that under which rule he is entitled to receive increment of 2016. Further it is to add that the incumbent has not completed 6- months in a financial year.

  43. What’s the federal govt policy regarding charge allowance? Is there any notification about it? In one department, some are getting this but few are deprived of this. PL help about this.

  44. Dear sir, what are latest news about upgradation of UDC, LDC of federal government. Is there any suggestion in federal budget 2017-18 regarding​ upgradation of these posts from BP’s 9 to 11 and BP’s 11 to 14

  45. Respected Sir/madam
    I want guidance in the following
    An employee who rendered 12 years regular service in a govt department applied through proper channel in another govt department. He got selected on regular basis and was placed on probation for a period of One year. The parent department granted him lein on his former post for a period of One year. Afterwards he withdrew his lein and tendered resignation from his former post. I want to know guidance in the following matters.
    1. Whether his service will be regarded as continued service?
    2. Will he be given Pay protection in the new post?

    1. If employee selected through proper channel then he not need to resign from his previous post.
      Secondly, if he was selected through proper channel then his service would be counted and pay protection would be applicable on his pay.

      1. Syed Faraz Gilani · Edit

        As salam o alaikum sir . Same case with me in federal government but same department. Do you have any notification regarding this matter send me kindly.

  46. we have been waiting the time scale promotions of teachers scale in f.g cantt and garrison since 2014 where as teachers of islamabad fg already availed and enjoy the time scale promotion…what do u think /comments for our time scale promotion?

    1. there is no promotion rule in estacode for promotion from the post of LDC to the post of Steno typist. If you will appoint like this way then your appointment will be consider as fresh appointment on initial stage. But your previous service will count for pension purpose only.

  47. Dear, sir/madam
    pre mature increment upgradation per kesay lagta hai difference of pay agar next scale k increment se kam ho? or agar differnece kam ho to kiya 2 incrementa lagyn gy, and kindly send notification regarding pre mature increment when pay differnce is less than next scale’s increment

        1. if an employee appointed to an other department through proper channel and he appointed for higher post. what is process of pay fixation of previous pay case submitted to CMA please guide in detail with documents

          1. It is simple. The employee should attach last pay certificate, Relieving, joining, appointment letter, NPC along with Pay fixation ferforma. The pay will be fixed next next above and one premature increment if eligible.

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