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Government of Pakistan, Finance Division has issued an Office Memorandum on 29-09-2021 in connection with Increase Tenure Track System (TTS) Pay Package 2021. In the same way, Higher Education Commission has also issued its Notification on 30th Sep 2021.

In pursuance of the instructions contained in letter No. FD.PR-10-18/72, dated 09/10/1975 read with letter No. FD.PR-10-18/72(P), dated 04/08/2017 and Notification No. RO(Tech)/25564.FD.2-2/2018, dated 09/09/2021 issued by the Government of the Punjab, Finance Department, Lahore, the following Daily Wage Rates…

Government of the Punjab, Finance Department has issued a Notification on 09-09-2021 in connection with the Schedule of Wage Rates 2021 Punjab. The details of the same are as under for the info of the concerned.