Assistant & Welfare Packages for FG Employees

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A brief description of all the welfare grants to the federal Govt employees is as given below: These packages include Marriage Grant, Stipend Award to the Children of F.G Employees, Farewell Grant, Exemption from Funds of FGEIs and Employees of Ministry of Defence:  

Welfare Packages for F.G. Employees

Marriage Grant

A sum of Rs. 50,000/- will be paid to the serving, retired or deceased employee on the marriage of his/her one child provided the marriage takes place on or after 21st April 2011. If the marriage took place before 21st April 2011 then a sum of Rs. 10,000/- will be paid to the employee or the next of kin of the employee.

Stipend Awards to the Children

Stipend Award to the Children of Federal Govt Employees is granted who are studying in various schools, colleges or universities.

Farewell Grant

Farewell Grant that is equal to one month basic pay last drawn by the employee is granted at the time of his/her retirement from service after completing 20 years continues service. Employees who retires from service less than 20 years service is not eligible for this grant.

Exemption from Payment of Fee and Funds

All the children of FGEIs (C/G) and the children of employees working in Ministry of Defence are exempted from all kind of funds. How ever they will have to pay Fee or Government Revenue Receipt. These funds are only exempted for the children of employees who are studying in Federal Government Educational Institutions. The employees of these institutions will get proper sanction from the Dte and once the sanction is granted it will continue as long as the student is studying in the FGEIs.

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21 thoughts on “Assistant & Welfare Packages for FG Employees

  1. A.o.A
    Mdm g Kia Hal hyn..?
    Mdm g mery father Pakistan railway sy 1sal phly retired howy hyn mdm g hm 4 Bhai or 2 sisters hyn Meri 2 sister ki shadi ho chuki hy plz mjhy apni shadi k liye marriage Grant mil skti hy…
    Plz zror reply kijye ga

  2. Aoa….I am student of dvm…my father recently retired from ogdcl… there any chance for me to get educational stipend?if yes then please guide me how….

  3. AOA! my father is government employee.i submitted benevolent form, they replied that you have less than 75% marks.. but now i get to know from some where that there is another form which return fee, not based on your marks, name as benevolent form. please guide me if there is any form.. thank you!

  4. Dear Madam

    i applied for marriage grant, my father died during service and we are 5 brothers our mother also died earlier, other payments are made under the succession order of the court to my younger brother, now i apply for marriage grant, on the name of my younger brother, the administration department raised a question whether he is eligible for marriage grant? they want to consult with audit department. you are requested to tell us legal position in our case. earlier my younger brother received all the payments on his name after the death of my father.

  5. AOA
    shumaila hope you are fine..
    in last month i applied for benevolent fee expenses are Rs.244200..
    but they return me only Rs.126320
    can u tell me what the criteria behind that because i am too much worried after that..kindly help me
    i shall be really thankful to you for this act of kindness

    1. Dear Nabeela I am not fully aware of the ruling of the Benevolent Fund. However You must submit an application along with the copy of your expenses and the amount they passed. Just ask them the reason. I think there are good persons in BF Branch and they will give you a suitable answer of the same. Thanks

  6. Aoa shumaila,
    Is marraige grant only provided to the FG employees for their children ?? is there any grant for the marraige of the employee him /herself 😛

    1. 25 years say less retirements bohat sari hain. 1 wo jo 35 years say above age main age relaxation lay ker retire hota hay. Doosra medical basis per retire hota hay etc. Third Allah na karay agar kisi ki death 9 saal aour 6 maah baad ho jai etc


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